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An Afternoon Start to the Evening News

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It seems we’re all affected by something I call “time creep.”  Everything is starting a little earlier these days, and that would include 10 on your side, which has just launched a 4pm newscast.   It’s an early appetizer of the days events, and news happening now.  I couldn’t resist snapping off a few behind the scenes photos.  See you at 4! 

The gang is ready for WAVY News 10 at 4pm

The gang is ready for WAVY News 10 at 4pm

The Newsroom’s Top 5 at 5:

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10 on your side troll sees all

We call it ”The Live Center:”  A bank of monitors and equipment used to “tune in” live reports from our various crews in the field.  It’s also commonly referred to as the “Troll.”  It’s the electronic brain for a square of scanners, televisions, desks, computers, and cables–the true nerve center of the newsroom.  It is here assignment editor Typhanny Wiggins calls out the nuggets of information which are woven together into a developing story.   There’s something more urgent about the human voice calling our attention, than a silent top-line alert on our individual screens.  The former is a call to action, while the latter can get lost.   We compete for your attention everyday,  just as the voice from the assignment desk commands our focus for breaking news.  Here are my 5 stories to  watch starting on WAVY News 10 at 5.  

1.)  Winter Storm Warning for Dare County.   All eyes are still on the skies as our meteorologists track that winter storm moving into Virginia and North Carolina, with the Outer Banks in line for possible snow.   Our latest weather blogs show Hampton Roads may dodge a real blast from winter.      But tracks and temperature forecasts change often enough to warrant your tuning in at 5 to get the latest information.                   


WAVY-TV Assignment Editor Typhanny Wiggins

2.) North Carolina Governor declares state of emergency.   Which brings us to an ounce of preparation, or should we say 1500 tons.   That’s how much salt’s been laid by NCDOT crews in anticipation of what could be a 1-2 punch storm.  Governor Pat McCrory says the goal here is to be “over prepared.”  Sounds like the drill everyday in the WAVY newsroom.

3.) Will Atlanta slip again?   Nature has been merciless on those areas least prepared to deal with her cold shoulder.  Who could forget the miles of interstate stilled by ice and snow in Atlanta.  Stephanie Harris will tell us if the Peach state can keep its balance in this next go around.

4.)  Sinking the floating junkyard.    Anita Blanton is on your side following the progress of a Norfolk family and their fight to have abandoned boats removed in a waterway near their home.

5.)   Police scam.   Portsmouth police are warning the elderly and others of a trusting nature to watch out for someone posing as a police officer and public official asking for donations.   One phone call cost a 73 year old woman $81,000. 

Typhanny will of course shout out any other story that breaks between now and 5.  Remember, you heard it here first.

The Newsroom

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NewsroomSmall.jpgSo much of what you see between 5pm and 6:30 on WAVY-TV is the result of many minds and hands working feverishly behind the scenes.  As one of the anchors of the evening news, I work with a stable of talented reporters, producers, editors, photographers, directors, and the list goes on.   WAVY.com has a small but dedicated staff feeding a digital beast with an insatible appetite for content.   So, whether you download an app, log on, or hit the remote at 4:58 PM,  here are five things to look for in our 90 minutes of news.

Our 5pm producer Stephanie Duke is watching two monitors at her desk, and warns me not to take her picture.  As she juggles the show rundown, Stephanie barely makes eye contact with me, as she says “we’re hearing from a lot of parents in Virginia Beach over those school snow days.”   Erin Kelly is working on a follow-up to a decision to have students go to school on Saturdays following last week’s bout with winter.  I’ll only say it has a religious tone.  (That’s what we call a ”tease.)   As we talk about those unlucky students, a bulletin comes in about a commerical plane landing in Turkey following a bomb threat tied to the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Laura Mammarella has taken the reigns of today’s 5:30 show, and tells me my co-anchor Nicole Livas,  is working the story of the recent coal ash spill, and why it may be worse than we first thought. 

WAVY producer Laura Mammarella

WAVY producer Laura Mammarella

Jessica Ross produces WAVY News 10 at 6, and talked about three new arrests in the death of a police officer, who disappeared five days ago.   Also,  Newport News police picked up more than two dozen people for participation in the world’s oldest profession.   Now it’s time for the afternoon meeting.  I’ll see you at 5!

Health Screaming! (I meant: SCREENING)

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HEALTH SCREENING on the job? Bring it on! It should be no problem, but, What if…?Health Screening images I try to stay in shape with my little daily routine- push-ups, stretching, squats- in between sprints to the coffee machine(and bathroom). But I still felt a little STRESSED OUT-because, I do wonder: will the wrong numbers JACK UP my premiums?! THAT could cause a heart attack!! I later found out it won’t.

SO, after the NOON show-basically the end of my  330a-1:30p workday (that’s another post)- I start to get a little “tight.”  I begin to OVERTHINK this thing: Flashbacks to EVERY “bad” item I recently ATE (An ALMOND JOY I snatched from my grand daughter’s T-O-T bucket; a slice of cheese PIZZA from Costco (Hey! We do get a MINUTE to get out!!) and the ONE-AND-A HALF-CUPS OF COFFEE……. okay, okay…. AND hot chocolate mix-YUM! (busted). It’s from the *New* instant brewing machine in the green room. The boss had it installed 2 DAYS AGO! Hmmmm: new coffee machine on Monday- health screening on Wednesday… DID THEY CALIBRATE the caffeine content? – those beans were kinda dark? And, WHY WERE TWO OF THE HEALTH SCREENING *TECHNICIANS* IN THE GREEN ROOM, NEAR THE NEW COFFEE MACHINE, *AT *THE *PRECISE *TIME *I WALKED IN??

Okay,okay,okay… breathe in… breathe out… nice and slow. Gotta get the blood pressure down. IX-NAY on cup #2.5. Time to GIT-R-DUN.. do NOT run up the steps- it’ll increase my heart rate. Drink water- YEAH! That’ll dilute the ALMOND JOY. “Poink!” …blood test done. Yes, mine is RED despite my affinity for STAR TREK. Blood pressure? Hold up, wait a minute- IT *WAS HIGHER than usual!! See? What did I say?? CHOLESTEROL: UNDER 180- BAMM!!! And then, she “RED-FLAGS me- for, of all things, my WEIGHT! “What-chu-talkin-bout, Willis?!” A buck- 70 at 5′ 8″ AND-A-HALF. She said I was OVERWEIGHT!!!! SAY WHAT?!? I almost had a HEART ATTACK! …until she came back with the caveat- “That’s okay for a guy- we allow a little extra poundage for muscle.” AW, YEAH! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! “Honey, I’m on my way home! FIRE UP THE GRILL, GET THE CHITTERLINGS READY!”

It Keeps Getting Better

August 4th, 2013 at 7:53 pm by under Interns

These past two weeks have been very busy! I have been working all day spending time in news and promotions and it has been so exciting. My time in news continues to teach me new things everyday.

Throughout the past two weeks in news I have been able to shadow very talented reporters. I have followed Anne, Lauren, and Jason on many stories. They are all so amazing at what they do! They help me with shooting standups, read packages that I write, and the photographers help me to edit my stories. I was even able to follow Jason on a breaking news call! It turned out that the scene wasn’t serious but I got an awesome standup out of it!

I also followed Furland, a photographer, for a day. This was really fun because I was able to go with someone who acted as a one man band, which is what I would normally have to do. This day we covered a story about a murder suicide. This was a huge learning experience for me.  The police officer let us take a few video shots of the scene and then we went back to another place to interview him. The interview was tough because they really couldn’t tell us a whole lot of information but I learned how to approach those types of situations. After this story we got a call to go help cover another breaking news situation! A truck had turned over and spilled asfault across the interstate, shutting it down! I was even able to shoot a “live shot” at the scene! It was kind of nervracking because I really only had 5 minutes to do the shot so I really had to think on my feet. However, I did it! I was able to get a very unique shot for my reel and I am so excited to use it!

Working nightside has just been so much fun. I have had anough time to write and edit packages for my reel and have had great feedback from reporters to help me improve. I was also able to do a mock news show one night with another intern, Taylor. This was so awesome because it gave us a chance to anchor. The interns also got together to produce and perform a Hampton Roads Show! This was a very fun experience! It was really neat to be on the other side of the set!

Before going to news in the afternoon, I have been spending my mornings in promotions. It really is cool to see our promotions department in action! I came at a perfect time because I was able to help with getting things ready for the Face of Fox43 live show and also help with promotion shoots for the new morning news promotion commercials- They really do so much! I was also able to write a press release for the department, which is something I have never done before!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I have learned through this internship. I can’t believe that it will be over in less than a week. But like all good things, it must come to an end sometime. However, I will make use of every last minute during my last few days at WAVY and take in all the information I can! I know I will learn so much even in my last few days!(:

Just Keep Practicing!

July 20th, 2013 at 1:28 pm by under Interns

I was so excited because this week was my first week in the news department! I had definitely been waiting for this all summer. This week has not let me down at all, it has been amazing. I went out with reporters everyday this week and they have taught me so much already. I’m learning how to shoot and use different camera angles, how to present myself better while on cameras, and I am learning a lot to improve my writing skills.

Being able to go out with the reporters has been so much fun and very helpful. They have all been so nice and willing to help me out. In just this week alone, I have already shot standups for four stories. I also put together a package and learned a little bit about editing! I feel like I’m learning something new everyday and I cannot wait to do even more news stories.

It’s crazy to think that the summer is already over half way done but I will continue to gain as much experience as possible while I’m at WAVY. I look forward to trying to improve a little more everyday; I can’t wait for another week in news!

Talk About Learning

July 6th, 2013 at 3:20 pm by under Interns

Wow, I can’t believe the summer is already half way over. My time at WAVY has been amazing so far and I cannot believe it is going by so fast! I learned so much this past week! Being sales is definitely a whole different world. I was really worried because I’m not good at math and I thought sales was going to be crazy hard, but I realize it’s not what I though it would be. There is so much that goes into sales and I never truly realized how important it was. I sat in on a few meetings, observed Ashlee make cold calls, and learned the steps to go through when looking for prospective clients. This week was kind of short due to the holidays so I am looking forward to doing even more stuff next week!

Now That Wasn’t So Bad!

June 29th, 2013 at 11:15 pm by under Interns

This past week was definitely an experience! I got to try some things that I was not sure I would do very well at…. I was in the production department. This department made me the most nervous because I had nearly no idea what I was doing! Not to mention the equipment is crazy expensive so you don’t want to mess up and ruin something. However, even though it did make me nervous, I tried everything. I worked cameras which was fun because they were robotic. It really was just like playing a video game! And after I learned how to read the rundown as a camera operator, it really wasn’t that bad. After camera’s I was able to try out the new chyron system. Now this system confused me a little but I got the hang of it eventually. Then I shadowed the technical director. This is the job that intimidated me the most. There were what seemed to be a thousand buttons in front of you… all that had a specific person. Now I am the kind of person that has tousle playing video games because I can’t remember if my finger is on X or Z…so yeah, it was intimidating. However, it really all makes sense. Everything is put in a specific place and follows an order. While I certainly am no where near an expert, I did leave learning a lot about technical directing and the pressure that comes with the job! I was also lucky enough to press some buttons and make some things happen during the show, which was very exciting! Then my last stop was prompter. The job is easy, scroll the script while the anchor reads. What I never thought about was anchors ad-libbing or stories getting skipped or getting lost in the script. Luckily, none of these things happened to me but they were good scenarios to hear about and for me to know in case I needed to be prepared! I felt very comfortable on prompter and even got to do a few blocks myself.

For only having one week in production I sure did learn a lot. I am definitely leaving with much more knowledge on how everything works and tons of respect for all the people helping the show to go on. It was a lot of fun and I will get to go back soon but until then, I can’t wait to see what I will learn in my next department…..sales!

A Whirlwind Of A Week

June 21st, 2013 at 7:34 pm by under Interns

This last week working with The Hampton Roads Show has been a whirlwind of excitement! For the first few days this week I was in the booth watching how the show was directed and paying attention to what Susan did during the show. Being in the booth is stressful and takes a lot of work… not to mention they had just switched to a new system. It was pretty overwhelming and definitely helped me appreciate everyone in the booth even more.

After working in the booth I got to help Susan with the show for the next day. I helped to write teases, intros, and put in interview questions. I’m learning to become more creative with my writing. All the producers I have met are so good at thinking of creative things on the spot that make stories seem so interesting! I have enjoyed being able to help write for the shows because I know that writing is so important in this industry and I want all the practice I can get.

Once we hit half way through the week I got to floor direct all by myself! Stephanie was out for the morning so there was nobody to help me floor direct if I really messed up. Who would have thought that I would have been so excited though! I was not nearly as nervous as I would have been weeks before. The headset is not nearly as intimidating and I have learned that I actually enjoy floor directing! The show was a pretty easy and relaxed one so it did run smoothly which also made me proud(: Then, after the show I got to help with the Face of Fox top 20 auditions. It was so interesting to see how Stephanie kept everything she does so organized (binders) and how she kept up with all the work! Time management is seriously key. No to mention there were so many exciting personalities in one room!

Then Friday came… my last day on rotation with The Hampton Roads Show. I was able to help floor direct again and the show was interesting. After the show is what was really exciting though! After we finished the show we got to go on a shoot at Ocean Breeze Waterpark! Once again, Ariane keeps saying “it isn’t always this fun” but I still don’t believe her. The shoots went so well and everyone thought of some really creative ideas! I have observed many creative ideas for shooting stories while on these shoots that I really think will help me in making my own stories more creative.

While I am very sad to be leaving The Hampton Roads Show, I am super excited to see what production has in store for me!

Ready, Set, Edit!

June 12th, 2013 at 8:26 pm by under Interns

For the past week and a half I have been helping floor direct THRS. It is so much fun and very fast paced. I am learning how to be quicker at the job the more I do it! The show has definitely taught me to always be at least three steps ahead and always know what is going on at that exact time. I have become extremely more comfortable with floor directing compared to my first day. I do not feel nearly as intimidated by doing it by myself anymore.

After floor directing THRS today I was able to learn yet another thing or two at WAVY…editing! Now, editing is something that I am pretty familiar with. At school I had to use FinalCut Pro to edit packages, vo’s, sot’s, and even a documentary. However, the editing software was slightly different and the looks of their products was so clean and unique. I sat in and watched Pat do some editing while he explained different things to me and I asked questions and tried to remember it all. His editing skills are phenomenal. He taught me so many tricks to editing that were so helpful. Not only did he talk to me about it all but he also let me try it on my own! Having the hands on experience really helped me to grasp everything we had been talking about. I felt very accomplished after helping start a package and I look forward to learning even more!