Runners- Are You Ready for Boston Week? We are- “On The Run!”

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On the Run with Sportswrap running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Boston M Finish Overhead Boston M Finish

Hey Runners-  Monday is the third Monday of April, always meaning it’s time for the Boston Marathon.

We have been doing a little homework and a little tease for you for the next few days.  check it out:


Check back Thursday for our first segment here on WAVY.com with Women’s Elite Marathoner, Hampton Roads’ Kris Lawrence.

It’s Thursday “On The Run” here on WAVY.com.  See you soon!

We're On The Run!

We’re On The Run!

On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding.



Runners rejoice! We Are Back…”On The Run!” for 2015

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On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter,  Jon “Flex” Leiding

The Latest Running News, Notes, and Stories in Hampton Roads

Ready to Go "On The Run!"

Ready to Go “On The Run!”


Hi Running Friends!  Hope your training is going well for you.  We are back for 2015 and ready to go.

Whether you have been doing this for a long time or you made a New Years Resolution to be active, we hope you check us out as a source for results and stories about great people to inspire you.


Let’s get the obvious story of the off-season out of the way- Weather.

Winter was a tough one with the snow and chased many of us inside.  Thanks to Don Slater,  Jeremy Wheeler, and the Rest of the crew at the WAVY Weather Center, temperatures are on the rise.  That means outdoor fun is waiting…On The Run!

We’ve got our Video blog for the week ready below.  Check it out:


Hope you like it.  We’ve got plenty of great Running stories to share.

Keep checking back on WAVY.com for new posts.  We’ll keep them coming and hopefully keep you On the Run this season.

Fell free to leave us feedback.  we always like story ideas.

‘Til next time, I’ll be looking for you….“On The Run!”

See You Soon..."On The Run!"

See You Soon…”On The Run!”


On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding on WAVY.com





Enough To Shut Us Down, But Not The Big One

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The opportunities for further big snowfall are rapidly dwindling. For most of us, we’ll still see some sleet…changing back over to snow…but the amounts should not add up to too much more than we’ve already gotten.

I have revised the forecast snowfall amounts downward throughout the region for the most part. It is a significant snowfall for our part of the world…certainly enough to close schools, etc. for Tuesday…but for the vast majority of us, I don’t see any significant accumulation added to what we’ve already gotten.

Additionally, the sleet has been knocking down the existing snow cover. There could be an hour or two of light rain over the south side Hampton Roads Cities; that would knock the snow cover down to just a little slush.1889039_1099616370065285_3075772450993985539_o

Three Musketeers

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former WAVY TV Public Affairs Director

former WAVY TV Public Affairs Director

     Connie Allen was the “senior” member of WAVY -TV’s famous THREE MUSKETEERS: Connie, reporter DEREK ROSE and me. What? You, uh, haven’t heard of us? Well, just about EVERYBODY outside our tight circle hadn’t either. Let me explain. We shared something special- our birthday: August 26th. Yeah, it’s the craziest thing. And, DEREK and I even attended the same college in Baltimore. But I digress.

   The second thing we shared is even more personal than that. Moisturizer. PLEASE let me explain: I was on the set, just seconds away from the start of recording the public affairs’ show BOTTOM LINE, when executive producer, CONNIE ALLEN, stopped everything. “Hey Director, graphics operator, audio technician, camera, and master control room operators – STOP THE SHOW.” The problem? CONNIE could see, through the 12″ monitor in the control room, that my hands were nearly WHITE- from ASH. Let me repeat: CONNIE ALLEN stopped the show – because my hands were “ashy.” Now, for an African American child from “back in the day” ashy skin was a NO-NO! I guess it implied that you did not bathe. My mother would not allow me to be caught DEAD in the street – with ashy- ANYTHING- face, hands, legs, any exposed skin. Where’s

Don Roberts and Derek Rose sharing a birthday.

Don Roberts and Derek Rose sharing a birthday.

 the VASELINE? SPLAT! I guess ashy skin reflected badly on a  mother’s parenting skills. For me? Cold air and blowing vents dry me out, big time. And, in the WAVY house, CONNIE was like my TV mom- just looking out for me. She was NOT going to allow me or DEREK, or AVA HURDLE, on the air with noticeably ashy skin. Thank you, Connie.

Speaking of the BOTTOM LINE, that public affairs sit-down-with-guest-in-studio-interview show- started back around 1980. It aired every week, then, once a month. I hosted it in 1980-81, then again in the early 90′s, until Connie retired. I must have recorded 300 shows under Connie’s direction. The point I want to make is that-as executive producer and community affairs director, Connie had to know what you, the viewer, wanted and needed to see. She hosted forums, attended community meetings, banquets, luncheons, religious services, you name it. After that input, she booked guests to talk about needs and concerns. She pulled in HUNDREDS of politicians, social and civic leaders, clergy, educators, and “just plainfolk” to address community concerns. It seemed, a frequent topic was depression, 3 or 4 times a year. Connie, for some reason, had a special sensitivity to the issue. Fact is, she knew people suffering from depressions need help -  and we may be the catalyst for it.

Connie also initiated a show aimed at children. We called it KID TALK. I, along with Kerri Furey, hosted.  What great fun it was. For each show, Connie and her staff arranged for a school to bring about 20 children for the studio audience. An adult guest also added some expertise. I encouraged the children talked about whatever was on their minds. But before each taping, CONNIE, the mother, would read them the riot act: “Don’t swing your feet and bang the boxes your sitting on! Don’t talk out of turn, Raise your hands!”  Over the several year run of KID TALK, we had HUNDREDS(if not THOUSANDS) of children- in our “house”- representing every school district in our viewing area. For one week (plus reruns) children and their schools- were SPECIAL! It was great to later hear from parents, teachers and children, who were excited about being on the show. They just wanted to say to Connie: Thank you!” 

Connie reached out to children in another key way with a program called YOUNG ACHIEVER. She encouraged you to nominate an outstanding child for a very public award. And the child usually was NOT a star athlete. Not only would the student get to tell their story, on air, some won scholarships through the Y-A program. Hundreds of children, families and communities were touched.

If I recall correctly, Connie was never a “guest” on any of these shows or segments. If you ever saw Connie ON TV, it was probably a “mistake” -or, in a crowd shot. She was content to shine the spotlight on others, stay in the background, and just get the job done. The job was to help that leader or just-plain-folk “get the word out,” fill a community need, offer a helping hand, or receive a pat on the back-thank you for your service.

Hey Connie, here’s your pat on the back, your bouquet of flowers, your Academy Award.  Thank YOU, for the the great shows, the stimulating guests, the Young, Achieving, Child stars. And, let me not forget: the birthday phone calls and cards, and most important of all, the moisturizer.

Through all the stress and strife, the headaches and hard work, the happy times and sad, You made a difference.

And that’s the Bottom Line.

Waterspout In North Carolina Earlier Today

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Here’s a link to a waterspout today over the Pasquotank River in North Carolina. A big thank you to Justin Creef!

What A Way To Start The Weekend!

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Temperatures should continue to plummet overnight, then bottom out at around 20 inland to about 28 at the shores. Winds will continue out of the NW at 15-25 mph within about 20 miles of the Coast & Bay…less wind inland fro9m there.

It’ll be a cold & windy start to our Saturday. The wind should drop off in the afternoon, but the cold air remains! Highs only around 36 to 40.

Sunday looks mostly cloudy and a little warmer with highs around 46 to 50.

Rain Sunday night and Monday. The rain could end as just a little snow on Monday afternoon…Stay tuned on that one!

The Accuracies and Inaccuracies of Forecasting Light Snow

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The first picture is my final snowfall prediction from Monday night’s forecast. The second (blue-ish) picture is a radar estimate/depiction of the snow that actually fell; the darker the blue…the heavier the snow.

I spoke about this a couple of times on the air today. I basically talked about the accuracies, but also the shortcomings of snowfall forecasts. The snow forecast for last night and this morning can be considered a pretty good one; We generally got the areas of heaviest snow in the right places. And we didn’t see any big surprises. In other words, no bigger than expected snow amounts. The prediction was for a dusting to two inches for the vast majority of the area (see 1st picture) and that’s pretty much what we got.

The only real tangible mistake on the forecast was that I predicted 2″ to 3″ of snow for much of the Eastern Shore…and that just didn’t happen. To understand my thinking from last night regarding heavier snow for the Eastern Shore, look to that area over the water…in the lower Bay (2nd picture). At the time that the forecast was put together, I was concerned about a heavier slug of snow (2″-3″) for the Eastern Shore. It was close, but no cigar! Only about a half mile west of Cape Charles over the water…but that part of the snowfall forecast was indeed a little off. The Eastern Shore generally got 1″ to 2″ of snow and NOT the 2″ to 3″ that was predicted.

There’s one other thing to note. On the forecast graphic you will note that snow totals are a bit more “broad-brushed” than the reality shown in the second graphic. This reflects the realities of forecasting snow…especially relatively lighter amounts. We simply cannot predict all the smaller details and variabilities that you see on the second graphic. It is simply the “state of the art”.

All in all, though…I was pretty happy with the snow forecast. A big thanks to meteorologists Tiffany Savona and Jeremy Wheeler for their collaboration and hard work. I hope that you were able to make good use of the snow forecast!

Short Update On Upcoming Snow

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The forecast models have come into better agreement as to the snowfall for Monday night into Tuesday. As you’ll see, the models are not in complete agreement quite yet…but it is reasonable to expect that we will see accumulating snow into the region. Virginia’s Northern Neck and Accomack County on the Eastern Shore are likely to receive the most snow (possibly 5″ in northern Accomack). Areas along the western and southern shores of the Chesapeake Bay are likely to receive 1″ to 3″ of snow. We’ll be able to fine-tune this a bit better as the storm draws closer tomorrow. As I mentioned yesterday, this is not likely to be “the big one”, but there is likely to be enough snow to affect traffic and may close businesses and schools.

Yesterday, the EURO model was predicting huge amounts of snow for the Eastern Shore (7″-9″!) and more significant amounts for the Hampton Roads cities, too. In my blog post yesterday, I had pointed out that the EURO was an outlier–predicting too much snow–and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Well, today the EURO backed off considerably for our part of the world. Here are two screen-grabs of the EURO…one fairly local and another for the Northeast U.S.:


E COAST_EUROYou will note that the New York and Boston areas are just gonna’ get hammered with snow (24″+).

Here’s a look at the GFS model on a regional, then East Coast scale:

GFS18GFS_EASTYou will note that the GFS has a greater concentration of snow for areas west of I-95 and on into the Charlottesville area. It also has less snow for the Eastern Shore. The wider view shows Boston getting hit with heavier snow (18″-24″), but New York getting around 8″ to 10″.

While the forecast models are not yet in total agreement, they do agree on a couple of things:

(a). We’ll see some accumulating snow.

(b). For the vast majority of us, the total accumulated snow will be a relatively small amount (dusting to 2″).

That’s still enough to “shut us down”, though. Stay tuned!

Now Comes Monday Night And Tuesday…

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Well, we made it through Saturday with just a few sleet pellets mixing in with the rain. Sunday promises to be a much nicer day. Sunshine, light winds, and afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 50s.

Monday looks to be a cooler day with highs around 48. Scattered light rain is likely.

Monday night into early Tuesday, we’re looking at measurable snow into the region. At least a light accumulation of snow is likely. However, the forecast models present a great deal of variability (thus uncertainty!) as to how much snow we’ll actually get. There’s everything from a light dusting…all the way up to enough snow to shut down the northern portions of our area!

Here’s the worst case scenario first from the European model:

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 6.03.05 PM

It’s showing anywhere between a dusting in North Carolina…to 2.5″ to 3.5″ near the Bay (Hampton Roads cities)…all the way up to over 9″ for the Eastern Shore. It’s a good forecast model, but likely overdoing the snowfall amounts substantially! Don’t believe it yet, but keep it in mind as we work our way through a few other models.

GFS18ZThe above is a screen-grab from the new GFS model initializing (gathering 1:00 PM data) at 1:00 PM Saturday. A color code is not needed here…because the light pink color is obviously indicating the lightest snow over our area (.50″-1″ at most) while keeping heavier areas of snow well to the north.

Here’s the Navy model (GEM) initialized at 7:00 AM:

gem12It likewise shows very light snow into most of the area. It does however, show a bulls-eye of 1″-2″ over Accomack County on the Eastern Shore.

Finally, here’s the NAM which initialized at 1:00 PM:

NAM18The color-coding on this one shows a dusting to a half inch in the light pink area…and a half inch to one inch in the darker pink area. Northern Accomack County again gets more snow…in the 1″ to 1.5″ range.

The models do have a very general agreement in that they intensify a low pressure center off the Eastern Shore, thus drawing in cold air and moisture (snow!) on the west side of the developing storm. But the one outlier here is the Euro showing greater intensification of the storm and just as importantly, holding the storm just off the Eastern Shore for a greater period of time.

The chances of at least a light dusting of snow are very good. But beyond a light dusting, the forecast models are just not coming together on a common solution regarding snowfall amounts. You’ll want to watch the situation over the weekend and into Monday (especially if you live near the Bay!). Forecast snowfall amounts will gradually become more apparent. The time frame for snow right now looks to be from after midnight on Monday night through around noon or so on Tuesday.

No Snow For The Snow-Lovers…Sorry

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A couple of pictures here. The first shows a time-line of what we can expect for Friday and through the overnight hours into Saturday morning.
Temperatures on Friday will likely top out at around 42 to 45. Rain begins toward the dinner hour on Fri. evening with moderately heavy rain from Friday evening off & on through around 4:00 AM Saturday. We’ll also see stronger southerly winds on Friday night which could actually warm things up to around 50 overnight. On Saturday, we’ll see a few scattered lighter showers mainly during the morning. It’ll be cool again with highs in the low 40s.

The second graphic shows the amount of rain that we’re likely to get between Friday evening and Saturday. Again, most of that rain should fall between Friday evening and Saturday noon.