Tuesday Takes: Final Edition

December 9th, 2014 at 6:45 pm by under Interns

No it’s not my final blog post, but it’s the final Tuesday Take :/. This week everyone’s seen me a lot more. Welp, at least you know school’s done (until January…). I was way too nervous the first couple of weeks here, but then it was like I flipped the switch on and I felt like I was at home. The reality is that I am at home. The past five months have been nothing short of realizing that 1.) I love these hours, it doesn’t fee like work and 2.) I know I want to report; I love telling stories and presenting it to viewers.


A big shout out to the sports department for letting me shoot the Morgan State vs. Hampton game yesterday. I got my first real look at how it feels to be on the clock. Using judgement is key if I have any tidbit of advice. You stay until late in the second half if you want to, you may just miss that 10:44 deadline.

Not going to give my thank you’s yet because I’ve got 3 1/2 more days left and I’m always adding people and reasons to say thank you! See you on Saturday, hope you enjoy the post, and the pictures :)


"The Intern" feat. Nicole Livas

“The Intern” feat. Nicole Livas

"He Knows How To Get The Job Done" feat. Nathan Epstein

“He Knows How To Get The Job Done” feat. Nathan Epstein


Tuesday Takes: Holiday Edition

November 25th, 2014 at 5:07 pm by under Interns
The beautiful lobby tree at WAVY!

The beautiful lobby tree at WAVY!

In the home stretch! The semester has been a killer,but I’m still standing! Definitely will say the internship through three months has been spectacular. The fall has shown why it’s been my favorite time of the year for sports for so long. We get high school football in late August, Hockey starting up, baseball ending, college football and the NFL in full swing, and of course college hoops and NBA are under way.


I lost count of how many stadiums and arenas I’ve been to this semester but each one I walk in is like a huge candy store for a kid! I made my way to my first William & Mary game last week and got my first shot at shooting by myself.

Shooting the Howard vs. William & Mary hoops game.

Shooting the Howard vs. William & Mary hoops game.

I had a blast and the game wasn’t a complete runaway so it provided for some good moments late in the second half. That was the end of a great week before I headed to Michigan.

Taking the weekend to watch Michigan Football

Taking the weekend to watch Michigan Football!

Rewinding to before the weekend, on Sunday the ODU Men’s Soccer team captured their first Conference USA Championship, and it was their first season in the conference! Nathan captured the story and after the game we caught the celebration and talked to Coach Dawson.

Nate and I (What am I looking at?)

Nate and I (What am I looking at?)

The Monarchs beat Saint Francis Thursday but lost in the last seconds at Georgetown this past Sunday. Great season for them though! So now we’re entering the heart of the high school football playoffs and ODU basketball is 4-1 with VCU week here. Uh-oh! See you next week.

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Tuesday Takes

November 11th, 2014 at 5:21 pm by under Interns

Last week was mid-term elections. One word to describe that night: AWESOME. I saw faces I haven’t seen often and a lot more hands on deck than your regular Tuesday night. There was pizza (delicious) for the staff and everyone was in high spirits.

I’m sure it’s easy for people to get stressed at this time of the year but the way WAVY kept it together and ran the show was amazing! In my eyes it was overwhelming, seeing all the different tasks that had to be completed, need I mention under the clock? The Sportswrap is about to wrap up, and there’s confusion on what the direction is coming out of the break, but the way Dana and Brian handled that was an example of how to get things done, quick.

I’ve got about a month left before I have to turn my badge in :( ((. But I plan on making the most of every day, every situation, and every moment.

Tuesday Takes Vol. 5

November 4th, 2014 at 5:43 pm by under Interns





Hey folks!

Sorry for the missed week last week. It was a hectic week here and I actually came in on Monday instead of Tuesday last week to help out for the Sportswrap. One word describes the last two weeks here; hectic. A lot of sports have been going on and I’ve been trying to help in any way possible. It’s been cold too! Definitely fall weather but the fun has outweighed the coldness. I’ve gotten a lot of experience with the camera and I feel that I’m comfortable shooting games. It really does pay off to watch a ton. I’ve observed the smallest of details and now when I go out on my own it makes my job 10x easier. We’re in November so the Holidays are fast approaching! More fun to come.


Mitchell shooting action at the Grassfield vs. Indian River game


Tuesday Takes: Vol. 4

October 21st, 2014 at 4:32 pm by under Interns

So I’ve been here for two months and I think this video above can show my progression. Definitely a ways to go. I think my success is attributed to my news fam here at the station, but also because we critique each week, and I come back each Tuesday with ways to improve those mistakes.

Interesting Story of the week: What a Saturday Nate and I had. Oh boy, words don’t really do it justice. We started before noon, headed to Hampton for the Battle of the Bay and that was quite the experience. I’ve been teased the past two weeks; go to Norfolk State and see all of the homecoming food, and then Hampton has the smell of  fried fish wafting through the rafters. We shoot that game, then we head back to the station, the 6 PM is supposed to happen…it doesn’t. So then we head out to the Scope and cover the Admirals game (best media room food I’ve ever had). Hockey is a challenge to shoot; the action never stops! Finish that, head back to the station and take care of the Sportswrap and the 11 PM, and we’re done! A long but unforgettable day!


Until next week…

Tuesday Takes Vol. 3

October 14th, 2014 at 8:06 pm by under Interns, Uncategorized

The weeks continue to fly by and I continue to learn more. I’ve gotten another shot at being on set and I corrected some things but I’m glad I keep seeing the small things. That attention to detail is definitely something I’ve grown fond of. I make mistakes, which are so infuriating but when everyone’s so supportive it makes it easier to keep pushing forward and learning!

The camera is definitely becoming a friend of mine. I used to think it was super heavy but now it’s like carrying a suitcase, just a little more pricier ;) . That’s kind of how the whole internship goes; you’re overwhelmed and nervous at first, but after awhile and some reps, you start to feel a lot more confident in the things you’re doing week in and week out.

I do think being 100% comfortable in front of the camera is a ways away, but I think the progress being made is good. Nate and Brian always tell me reps are going to make you more comfortable when the cameras on you.

The newsroom is full of energy! Everyone works long hours yet they still find ways to bond and have fun with each other (even if you get hit in the head with some over-sized hackey sack).

Once again, it’s a new week, with new goals. Can’t wait to cross them off the list.



Tuesday Takes Vol. 2

October 7th, 2014 at 5:42 pm by under Interns

Last week was crazy. Usually when you say that it means something unfortunate, but what I’m talking about is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

So a week ago, I was SUPER stumped by Newscutter, iNews, all that jazz. Fast forward to last Friday, and the progression started. One thing I love about this business is everything is fast paced *snaps fingers repetitively to emphasize*. I’m an on the go type of person and I love moving.

So Nate and I headed out to Oscar Smith for some Friday Night Flights footage and I got a little time to work with the camera. All I was hoping to do follow the play and do it correctly but then I ended up getting a Top-10 play which meant a ton to me! Every week has been a progression, which leads me to Saturday.

Saturday hits, big game against Marshall on ODU’s campus, Nate is in Charlottesville covering the UVA game, Bruce is out for the weekend, so it’s Brian and I. When I say I grew so much in eight hours?! It was a work filled day; I made some demo reel content, which I produced on my own. It was so relieving to utilize the training I’ve been getting for the past month and use it without much supervision.

Looking forward to some more interesting stories! Stay tuned, I’ll be back next week with another edition of Tuesday Takes!


Intern Chronicles: Tuesday Takes

September 30th, 2014 at 5:55 pm by under Interns


If you haven’t met me by now, my name is Mitchell Brown, Mitch, the intern, whatever you prefer. I’m elated to be here and it feels like the first day every time I get here! With that being said, I love to write, especially about sports. But I thought it would be great to give an introductory post to my journey.

I’ve been here for roughly a month, but the experiences I’ve gotten so far will surely last a lifetime. The whole station’s mantra is work hard, but have fun while doing it. Just take a walk around and you can wind up having a full-fledged conversation with someone you just shook hands with.

The sports guys are amazing. I’ve already learned the difference between being good and great. Nate, Brian, Bruce, and Chris all go above and beyond to bring quality reporting and content to your television and computer screens, EVERYDAY. There’s not a day you would come in to this station and see them taking it easy. They believe in perfection and that’s the kind of attitude you want to be around. Their attention to detail is starting to rub off on me and when I make the smallest of mistakes, I’m making sure it doesn’t happen again. Even when I make a mistake, they’re not bashing me, they’re showing me the right thing to do so that I don’t go somewhere else and make the same mistake in the future. It’s the small things like that that are going to make me a better intern. Each week I set goals and since I’ve been here, I’ve progressed each time.

I can sit in the sports cave for hours and not be bored at all. Granted I’m still learning and figuring out how this works (which is frustrating at times) and how to make it work for me, I know this is where I belong. The first time I realized this is FOR SURE what I want to pursue as a career is when I went out to the Western Branch and Oscar Smith game and the atmosphere put a smile on my face that these words can’t even describe. A lot of people want to cover pro sports, which is perfectly fine because I do to. My point is that I’m just gracious to be here and being able to see the passion that I have for sports be shared by everybody I encounter at these games or stories in Hampton Roads is me fulfilling a dream.

I like to tell stories, and I like to get creative, so my blog will take some different directions (nothing crazy, don’t worry) but I just like to give good content, and I hope that my journey will display the beauty of chasing a dream. Thanks to everyone and I look forward to growing some great relationships!

To everyone in the newsroom: Let me know if you need any assistance, I’m in Sports, but why not learn as much as I can?







Final Thoughts

August 8th, 2014 at 4:33 pm by under Interns

It is hard to believe that my experience with WAVY has ended. I anticipated having an internship ever since the end of last summer! I remember vividly sending out my cover letter, resume, and letter of recommendation so I could have a chance to work at WAVY. I waited anxiously until May and got the word that I would be an intern on The Hampton Roads Show during the summer. I was excited, but also nervous for what the summer would hold. Would the employees at WAVY be welcoming to a wide-eyed and aspiring journalist? Would my nerves get the best of me? Would I be able to properly enter the gated parking lot? As you can tell, I was quite worried.

However, I learned rather quickly that all of my worries were misplaced. I got to know all of the incredible talent, producers, and crew of the Hampton Roads Show. Aubrey Aquino, the newest member of The HR Show crew, was a natural fit for the show. She is energetic, joyful, and a lot of fun to work with. She is also a pleasant, sweet, and nurturing person as well.  Chris Reckling is quite a lot like myself. He is goofy, positive, and has a unique sense of humor. He is also a Virginia Tech alum, Let’s Go Hokies! Behind the scenes, producer Susan DeShazo, executive producer Stephanie Cooke, and Director Kyle Bloom worked tirelessly to make sure the show went off without a hitch. I appreciated Susan’s great sense of humor and Stephanie’s ability to make anyone laugh. I also enjoyed getting to know all of the technical peeps from the show, including Antonio, Christina, Kiniesha (sorry if I misspelled your name), Craig, and James. Finally, thanks to all of the people in the newsroom who made The HR Show interns feel welcome. And finally thanks to my fellow interns; Chris, Skye, Megan, and my partner in crime, Elise McGlothian. I had a great time working with Elise! She is hard working, kind, caring, and kept me on my feet when the going got tough. Without her, this internship would have been a lot harder. I know all of this thanking sounds like an Academy Award acceptance speech, but my experience at WAVY was particularly great due to all of the great people I met. I really felt like part of the team, not just an intern.

An internship is not any internship without gaining experience that will be valuable towards one’s future career. Throughout the summer, I had the opportunity to learn how The Hampton Roads Show works. I learned how to run the floor, produce in the production booth, and work with our guests to make sure they were prepared to speak on camera. Working with the guests was one of the most  important aspects of my job because it forced me out of my comfort zone. I needed to gain confidence in my ability to interact with complete strangers on a daily basis. This summer, I also worked occasionally with the news department. I thoroughly enjoyed going out with reporters on shoots and writing stories for newscasts. As an aspiring reporter, I appreciated the advice the reporters had for me. Finally, I enjoyed learning how to use the editing software to put together the Empty Mansions series. This fall at Virginia Tech, I will be a producer for a show on Virginia Tech Television. I will definitely use the editing experience I gained at WAVY to my advantage at school.

So after two and a half months, my experience at WAVY has come to close. It is an experience I will keep close to my heart twenty years from now working as a prime time anchor, hopefully. Thanks again to all of the people that made this experience so memorable! Jacob Clore, signing off!

The Beginning of the End

August 5th, 2014 at 6:51 pm by under Interns

The past few days at The Hampton Roads Show have were absolutely incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my last week interning at WAVY! Hopefully the next two days are just as incredible!

On Monday, we had an incredible show due to the great energy in the studio! We welcomed Duck Donuts into the studio to begin the show’s Outer Banks Week! The donut shop originated in North Carolina and has spread to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg as well. The whole Duck Donuts crew basically made the kitchen into a Duck Donuts store; complete with t-shirts, warm frosting, toppings, and fresh donuts. As part of their cooking segment, they gave Aubrey and Chris the opportunity to make their own donuts! They also showed off some of their own signature creations, such as the maple bacon and the orange creamsicle donuts. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Duck Donuts crew because they were camera ready and full of positive energy! They also brought a whole bunch of donuts for us to eat after the show; I personally had the maple bacon and orange creamsicle, which were amazing! As you can see, it did not take long for the HR show crew to devour these incredible treats!

IMG_1442 IMG_1443

Today, both Elise and I stayed after the HR show taping to help out with the Face of Fox 43 reveal show. For the past few weeks, the interns helped select clips from the top 5’s promotional events to put into the promos for the show. We also helped set off the confetti when the Face of Fox 2014 was announced! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole show and mingling with guests and the talent at the reception afterwards. Be sure to tune in to Fox 43 at 8 tonight to see who will be the next Face of Fox 43!

IMG_1447 IMG_1446 IMG_1445

All in all, I could not have asked for a better start to my last week here at WAVY!