One Incredible Journey

August 7th, 2013 at 11:27 am by under Interns

Just because it’s my last week at WAVY doesn’t mean I havent been busy! I’m back in the promotions department and am still learning each day. On Monday, I got the chance to work the Face of FOX43 Live Announcement show, and it was a really exciting experience for me! Ariane Aramburo and Nicole Livas hosted the show, and the winner of the Face of FOX43 was announced! Ariane and Nicole did a great job hosting the show. I couldn’t help but think how good they are at what they do! Their ad-libbing skills are awesome, which is something I personally need to improve on. They also did a great job at interacting with the audience and the top five Face of FOX43 contestants. My job for the evening was to help with the seating chart and make sure everyone was seated correctly. Everyone needed to be strategically placed for camera shots – especially the sponsors of the contest! I have been following the Face of FOX43  throughout my internship at WAVY and have worked several events with the contestants, so it was exciting to be there when the winner was announced. I am so happy for the new Face, Andria Lea! She’s from Kansas City, Missouri, so she’s my fellow midwestern girl! I know she’ll do an awesome job! I wish I could stay at the station and see her in action, but I know I can keep up with her online.

On Tuesday,  I returned to the promotions department for my final two days at WAVY. I was able to write a press release announcing that Andria Lea is the new Face of FOX43, which was really neat! I’ve had some experience with press releases, but have never actually gotten to write an official one on my own. It was great experience for me, as well as fun to write! I also got to dig into the “WAVY-TV Toy Chest” and pack bags for sales clients. It was quite a job – I filled 150 bags full of Hurricane Guides, WAVY-TV 10 pencils, and W82TXT car stickers. It feels good to be back in promotions. I love working with everyone in the department – they always give me a good laugh.

Today is my final day at WAVY and to say I’m sad would be an understatement. I know I say it in every blog, but this experience has been truley amazing. Not only have a met wonderful and talented people, but I have learned far beyond my expectations. I’ve been exposed to so much! Whether it was shooting stand-ups with reporters, floor-directing the Hampton Roads Show, or going out on sales meetings – I was always learning something new, and having a blast in the process. The skills I will take away from WAVY-TV 10 are crucial to becoming a good journalist. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity, and for all the great things I experienced during my time in Hampton Roads. Working with each department in the station has really helped me understand how a television station works as whole, like a great big team. There was not a moment where I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, and I can’t believe this journey is already over. I will always remember my experiences at WAVY-TV, the wonderful people I met, and the skills I learned here – I know they will help me succeed.

It Keeps Getting Better

August 4th, 2013 at 7:53 pm by under Interns

These past two weeks have been very busy! I have been working all day spending time in news and promotions and it has been so exciting. My time in news continues to teach me new things everyday.

Throughout the past two weeks in news I have been able to shadow very talented reporters. I have followed Anne, Lauren, and Jason on many stories. They are all so amazing at what they do! They help me with shooting standups, read packages that I write, and the photographers help me to edit my stories. I was even able to follow Jason on a breaking news call! It turned out that the scene wasn’t serious but I got an awesome standup out of it!

I also followed Furland, a photographer, for a day. This was really fun because I was able to go with someone who acted as a one man band, which is what I would normally have to do. This day we covered a story about a murder suicide. This was a huge learning experience for me.  The police officer let us take a few video shots of the scene and then we went back to another place to interview him. The interview was tough because they really couldn’t tell us a whole lot of information but I learned how to approach those types of situations. After this story we got a call to go help cover another breaking news situation! A truck had turned over and spilled asfault across the interstate, shutting it down! I was even able to shoot a “live shot” at the scene! It was kind of nervracking because I really only had 5 minutes to do the shot so I really had to think on my feet. However, I did it! I was able to get a very unique shot for my reel and I am so excited to use it!

Working nightside has just been so much fun. I have had anough time to write and edit packages for my reel and have had great feedback from reporters to help me improve. I was also able to do a mock news show one night with another intern, Taylor. This was so awesome because it gave us a chance to anchor. The interns also got together to produce and perform a Hampton Roads Show! This was a very fun experience! It was really neat to be on the other side of the set!

Before going to news in the afternoon, I have been spending my mornings in promotions. It really is cool to see our promotions department in action! I came at a perfect time because I was able to help with getting things ready for the Face of Fox43 live show and also help with promotion shoots for the new morning news promotion commercials- They really do so much! I was also able to write a press release for the department, which is something I have never done before!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I have learned through this internship. I can’t believe that it will be over in less than a week. But like all good things, it must come to an end sometime. However, I will make use of every last minute during my last few days at WAVY and take in all the information I can! I know I will learn so much even in my last few days!(:

Learn as you go

August 2nd, 2013 at 7:20 pm by under Interns

To say I’ve been on the go this week would be an understatement. During my last week in the newsroom, I’ve been shadowing reporters and photographers, shooting stand-ups and teases, helping write scripts, and watching video editing. It might sound like a boring routine, but each day is a new story and a different experience. Every morning I attend the pitch meeting for day-side reporters and producers. Several story ideas are pitched, and reporters are given assignments for the day. I must say – it’s been quite a change from reporting in Columbia, Missouri. There is much more news to cover and things happening – sometimes too much to keep up with!

On Monday, I went out with photographer Walter Hildebrand. He works as a one-man-band, so I was really happy to shadow him because that’s what I’m used to doing at school. We went to Chesapeake to cover a bazaar story – a coyote had literally attacked a man’s car, leaving teeth marks in the metal and ripping rubber and plastic from the vehicle. When we were driving to the story, both of us kind of thought the guy was exaggerating about what happened. However, when we got there – we were shocked at the amount of damage the animal caused to this man’s car. Walter shot video of the damage and interviewed the owner. It was a unique story to cover, because it’s not something that happens everyday. After getting some good b-roll and sound, Walter and I headed back to the station. I watched him write and edit a package, which was really great to observe. Walter is very good at working on his deadline. He was never rushed in the field, and gave himself plenty of time to write and edit before the show. It was also good to see how he could make a simple story into a package. He didn’t have a large variety of b-roll and only filmed one interview, but he made the story interesting.

This week I’ve worked a lot on shooting stand-ups. On Tuesday, I went out with photographer Greg Gadberry. I’ve been working with him a lot over the past two weeks, and he’s been super helpful! He’s encouraged me to have more energy and confidence in my voice. I can tell I’ve already improved my performance level just over the past two weeks I’ve been working in the news department. I was also told I need to spice up my wardrobe to make myself standout! I never realized I wear so much black and white. Greg explained that wearing brighter colors will help make my reel more interesting – and revamping my wardrobe gives me an excuse to go shopping! I am so thankful to be getting hands-on experience during my internship. I’ve also anchored a few times this week, which will be great material to use for my resume tape. It’s crazy to think that at this time next year I’ll be looking for jobs. My internship at WAVY has definitely taught me a lot about this business, and how to make yourself standout from the crowd.

As for news, I’ve got to help cover some great stories! Wednesday was the very first day I got to shadow a reporter. I went out with Lauren Compton, and we covered a murder trial!  I’ve never been to court, let alone cover a murder. It was a great experience and taught me a lot about how a reporter should act in a court setting. I was also faced with a lot of challenging questions. Lauren did a great job at confronting the family of the victim, as well as the defendant. As one could imagine, the family was extremely emotional and didn’t want to comment on the trial. But as a reporter, it’s your job to get out there and ask. I realized you have to have really thick skin for this job. I need to toughen up a lot and have the courage to walk up to people – no matter what the situation is. It was hard for me to imagine how the mother must of been feeling, but I admired Lauren for the way she performed in such a difficult situation. She was very respectful, and gave them the opportunity to speak because she felt they deserved it. I was so glad I got to shadow her and see how to go about dealing with situations like this. When it came to the defendant, we had to ambush them and follow them to their car. This was also shocking to me – you have to have some serious guts to do that. The defendant didn’t say anything, but without following them and asking questions – we wouldn’t have had much to show for our story. In TV, you need sound and video to do your job – even if it’s hard to get. Covering this court case with Lauren was tough, but I’m glad I was there to take it all in. I’ll always remember how crazy it was to shadow a reporter for the first time!

I got to attend another court case this week – but it was a completely different type. WAVY has termed it “Justice for Jenny.” The case dealt with a 30-year-old girl with down syndrome, who was fighting to live with her friends rather than her parents – who wanted her to live in a group home. The case has been going on for a year, and a lot of viewers are invested in Jenny’s story. Sitting in the court room and waiting for the decision was really nerve racking. A lot of supporters were there for Jenny and the closing argument was very powerful. The decision came out in Jenny’s favor – giving guardianship to her friends for a year. I was shadowing Lauren again, and she did a great job covering this story! The whole time she was in court, she took notes and prepared questions to ask jenny and her parents. Once the case was over, we had to rush outside and wait for everyone to exit. It was very spontaneous and exciting, and it was such a neat experience. Lauren interviewed Jenny, her new guardians, and her attorney. She asked some great questions and really understood the story she was working on. I was able to snap some really great photos of Jenny after the case and sent them to the web desk! They made a slideshow with all my photos on the website and I got the photo credit! It felt great to contribute something to the story! After interviewing everyone, Lauren only had minutes until she had to go live! She did awesome at working on such a tight deadline! She was able to write a small package and did a great job during her live shot! I realized how prepared you have to be in a situation like this. You have to think ahead and know what you’re doing, because you don’t have the time to decide. It’s also important not to crack under pressure. Overall, it was such an exciting day and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. Seeing such a talented reporter work under pressure and a tight deadline was a really great experience for me! I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a business that you have to learn as you go. Actually working in the field and getting in front of a camera has taught me so much. Someone can give you tips and teach you as much as they want, but it’s not until you do it that you come to fully understand. Being able to critique my mistakes and finding what works best for me has helped my performance level advance.

Next Wednesday is my last day at WAVY, and I couldn’t be more sad. My time here has been so wonderful and I’ve learned far more than I could have ever imagined. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had will always stay with me. I am so thankful for this opportunity, and will miss Hampton Roads dearly.

Sometimes all you need is a little luck

July 26th, 2013 at 2:59 pm by under Interns

My first week in news has been great! I am being exposed to so much, and I feel like I learn several new things each day. On Monday, I went out in the field with a photographer, Rob Rizzo. We were scheduled to go get video of two different stories, but our plans for the day quickly changed! Our first story was about an old diner that was being tore down in Portsmouth, so we were going to get video of the demolition. To our surprise, the building was still standing when we arrived and there were no crews preparing to take it down. Rob started shooting video just in case the station would need it. While he was shooting, a woman pulled up in her car and started talking to me about her plan to save a mural inside the old restaurant. Rob and I ended up interviewing her and she was the definition of a central compelling character. She told us about her great memories of going to the restaurant, and what saving the mural behind the bar would mean to her. She was a very passionate person, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky we we’re to interview her. I remember one of my broadcast professors telling me that reporting can sometimes require a little luck. Now I definitely understand what he meant when he said that.

My luck continued throughout the week. I was able to shoot some great stand-ups with photographers! I did one at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach, and also at a gas leak in Norfolk at Old Dominion University. I’m so grateful for these experiences, because it’s teaching me a lot about being able to ad lib and go live. I also must admit that I’ve been so spoiled by all the photographers! At school, I’m used to being a one-man band – I shoot, edit, and write everything on my own. The news department at WAVY has a great staff of talented photographers. On Wednesday, I went out with Greg Gadberry and he taught me so much! We shot three different stand-ups and he really encouraged me to emphasize my words and perform. He also taught me how to do a five-part stand-up, and told me ways I could shoot it myself. He had some really creative ideas for me to try, and it was great experience working with him! I also went with him to do an interview, which was helpful to see what kind of questions are good to ask.

Shooting a stand-up at Virginia Beach

Shooting a stand-up at Virginia Beach

In news, I will experience several different types of scenarios, and it’s important to know how to perform in each one. I covered a fire with Rob on Monday and being on the scene was surprisingly difficult for me. There was a dog inside the building and the firemen rescued him. He had inhaled a lot of smoke, and the firefighters were trying to get him to take oxygen. Being the animal lover that I am, it was difficult for me to watch! I couldn’t help but think to myself – what if it was a person? If I am a reporter someday, I will have to experience these kind of things a lot. I realized dealing with difficult situations is an important part of the business. You need to do your job, while also treating people with grace and respect. It can also be difficult to stay composed in tough situations. While I was out in the field with Greg, we interviewed a guy who was upset and showed a lot of emotion. I though about the questions Greg asked, and how they would differ if the man was in a different mood. As a journalist, you have to understand people’s emotions and be empathetic. I’m thankful to be learning these lessons now.

I’ve also been working in web this week! I never realized how fast-paced this department is! When news comes into the station, it has to hit the web first. The people working at the web desk have a lot of pressure to get the facts right, while posting the story to the web as fast as they can! They also handle the Facebook pages and twitter accounts. I never realized how much work it is – but web is one of the most important aspects of the industry today. People look online for their news, and if it’s not there viewers aren’t happy. The web desk is also in charge of posting videos from the news online for viewers who want to watch certain clips. I’ve got some great experience in web this week, posting three AP stories to the website and even writing my own! I was on my way home yesterday, and saw an accident where a car had hit a telephone pole and the pole landed on the hood of the car. I called the web desk and asked if they had heard about the accident. I pulled over and snapped a couple of pictures and sent them to the station. My pictures ended up on the website and I even got an attribute! I was pretty excited to contribute something to the web content!

Caitlyn and I during our mock newscast

Caitlyn and I during our mock newscast

I’ve also got some great anchoring experience this week! I co-anchored a mock A-block of the 6:00 news on Wednesday night. It was really exciting to anchor in such a nice studio! It was also my first time co-anchoring, so it was a neat experience. Today, the interns got together to do our final project! We filmed a mock Hampton Roads show and I was one of the co-hosts. It was a little rough, but we got through it and had fun! I am so lucky to be getting these experiences at WAVY. Experience is one of the most important things to have if you want to work in the news business, and I’m so glad to be getting so many great opportunities. I have the world at my feet, so I want to take advantage of it. I’m in news next week as well, so I can’t wait to keep improving on my stand-ups and learn more about this exciting field.

Win-win situations all around

July 22nd, 2013 at 3:32 pm by under Interns

Working in promotions has been a lot of fun! I’m learning a totally different aspect of the station and getting to be a part of many different events. Toni Williams and I put in some hard labor moving a bunch of boxes from the garage into the station for “Operation School Supplies.” This is the event I am/was most excited to learn about because I think it is a great idea for a great cause. I attended the meeting Toni held for volunteers involved with this event and they discussed their drop off spots and such. We also talked about the four live events ,”Stuff the Bus” and I get to help out with the first one on Friday! I’m really excited about this and I wish I could help at all four of them!

Last Thursday I got to go out with Rhonda for an event at the oceanfront. Rhonda got to introduce the band and sign autographs and I controlled our station/prize wheel! All of the kids were excited to spin the wheel but they weren’t always happy if they didn’t win a football. Eventually I just started giving out the footballs because all the kids wanted to throw them around the concert. This event was packed and we gave out all most all of the prizes we brought with us! I enjoyed being down at the oceanfront and listening to the band as well so it was pretty much a win-win situation. Oh yea, Rhonda got me some free food as well =]

Taylor B. and I were “pack rats” on Friday. We had to prepare 150 bags for the Face of Fox 43 live show on August 5th. I didn’t mind this job, and the system we had going worked really well. We got those together pretty fast and then got some more give away’s together for a few other events. It was definitely very nice to have her help!

These are my last 3 weeks at the station =[ time is going too fast, I guess I’ve been having too much fun!

Just Keep Practicing!

July 20th, 2013 at 1:28 pm by under Interns

I was so excited because this week was my first week in the news department! I had definitely been waiting for this all summer. This week has not let me down at all, it has been amazing. I went out with reporters everyday this week and they have taught me so much already. I’m learning how to shoot and use different camera angles, how to present myself better while on cameras, and I am learning a lot to improve my writing skills.

Being able to go out with the reporters has been so much fun and very helpful. They have all been so nice and willing to help me out. In just this week alone, I have already shot standups for four stories. I also put together a package and learned a little bit about editing! I feel like I’m learning something new everyday and I cannot wait to do even more news stories.

It’s crazy to think that the summer is already over half way done but I will continue to gain as much experience as possible while I’m at WAVY. I look forward to trying to improve a little more everyday; I can’t wait for another week in news!

My TV Debut

July 19th, 2013 at 9:48 pm by under Interns

My last week working on The Hampton Roads Show was full of fun adventures and important learning experiences. On Monday I went on a shoot with Ariane Aramburo near Virginia Beach. She was working on an “I am Hampton Roads” package for The Hampton Roads Show. Pat also came with to shoot the video. The shoot was a really neat experience because I was able to study  the techniques Ariane uses when she interviews people. She really connects with her subjects, which helps make the interview more personal. I realized that this is a very important interview technique, because it effects the outcome of your story. When a subject feels more comfortable during an interview, their answers will reflect that. In turn, viewers are able to understand the subject on a different level and invest feelings in the story. Ariane’s package included a woman who is very passionate about her job, and that really came through during the interview. Had she not felt comfortable, the story might have been general and dull. I am excited to see the finished product and viewer’s reactions to the story. It’s always fun to see something air that you were a part of.

When I first started working with The Hampton Roads Show, April Woodard told me it would be helpful to bring some story ideas for the show each morning. On Wednesday, I pitched a story about a new website called Easynest that allows people to find hotel rooms and share with random people in order to split the price. It seemed like a crazy idea, but I thought it might be interesting to hear if people would use a service like that or not — or even consider splitting a hotel room with a complete stranger! Chris Reckling thought it was a good idea, so they used it on the show! He even gave me a shout out! It was a good feeling knowing that I contributed something to the show. Chris claimed he gave me credit so people didn’t think he was the one who came up with the strange story idea – but I was glad to take the blame! My professors in college always stress that good story ideas will help you out tremendously in this business. A story is the base of a journalist’s job – and without a good one, it’s can be difficult to perform.

Last day working on The Hampton Road Show with Chris and Ariane!

Last day working on The Hampton Road Show with Chris and Ariane!

The most important lesson I learned this week was to be aware of my surroundings. Thursday was a hectic day on set! We had two guests, a big audience, a chef, and a dog on the show! I was trying to get the pet pal situated on the sofa and hand Ariane the leash. All of a sudden I heard “TAYLOR, MOVE” loud and clear in my headset – and I realized I had stepped in front of April’s camera during The Buzz segment. I quickly got out of the way and couldn’t believe what had just happened! I was absolutely mortified and felt so bad! How could I be so stupid? I had no idea how long I had been in the shot or how much of it I blocked off – all I knew was how embarrassed I was. Apparently everyone had been saying my name a telling me to move, but I was oblivious! I was only listening to my headset and had my eyes on the dog at the couch. When we went to break, everyone started laughing and gave me a hard time. One of the camera guys said, “You’re one of us now, it happens to the best of us.” All the anchors told me they had a good laugh, so that was a relief. I was just glad no one kicked me off set! I definitely learned my lesson to be aware of my surroundings and always know what’s going on around me! Ariane joked with me after the show that I made my big TV debut! But let me tell you – it was completely on accident! The situation turned into a good laugh, but I definitely learned my lesson!

Today was my last day on the show – and NO I didn’t step in front of the camera! Comedian Tommy Davidson was a guest today, so it was a neat experience  meeting him! Blue Bell ice cream also came, and the anchors and Tommy all had a race to see who could make the biggest ice cream come in 30 seconds! It was a fun last day, and I am sad to leave! I am beyond grateful for this wonderful and unique experience on The Hampton Roads Show! I learned so much, and had a blast doing it! Next week I finally get to do something I am familiar with – work in the news department! I can’t wait to shadow reporters and learn from them! I only have three more weeks at WAVY, and I’m going to be sure to make the most of it!

Chris and April win the Blue Bell ice cream race!

Chris and April win the Blue Bell ice cream race!

The weeks are flying so fast!

July 17th, 2013 at 3:23 pm by under Interns

I’m in my second to last week here at Wavy and my internship is coming to an end. I finished my last day in Promotions, last Friday with a blast! I got to go to a Tides baseball game and hand out giveaways with Rhonda and the top 20 contestants for the Face of Fox 43. It was a great time, and I loved interacting with people and telling them why we had a table set up and where they can vote! Also, last week I started working in the Production department. My first day I shadowed Meredith in the studio who works with the cameras. The second day I shadowed a director Reba, and on Thursday, I did audio. Wednesday and Friday I was at the Tides Game and concert in Virginia Beach, so it was a short first week. However, this week, I’ve learned a lot in production and sales!

I’ve already went to a client meeting with Rachel and Kristi to speak with a company called Hercules Fence. I also did some prospecting today, and I’m going to make some cold calls tomorrow. I’ve met everyone in the sales department and got to see what each member does.

In Production this week, I shadowed Chris, who works the character generator, and watched Reba direct and do the switcher. I have also done the prompter. Krystal, who usually does it, allowed me to do a couple blocks yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t do too well and they took me off of it but it was only my first time so maybe I will learn to get better in the future if I decide to continue in production. It was alot of fun although I wasn’t scrolling fast enough!

I’m really excited to work in Sales this week and next week, and go on some more client calls and do more prospecting. I can’t believe it’s really almost over but I’ll never forget how much I’ve learned and all of the great people  I have met!

“It’s a Great Time to be an Intern”

July 11th, 2013 at 10:30 pm by under Interns

Working on the set of the Hampton Roads Show this week has been so spontaneous and fun! I’ve been shadowing the show’s Executive Producer, Stephanie Cooke, and have learned the gist of floor directing. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the flow of things each day, but don’t let that fool you – each show presents its own unique challenges. From moving furniture to wrangling up dogs, floor directing requires me to always be a step ahead and conscious of my surroundings. After watching Stephanie for a week, I’ve learned the job also means mastering the art of multi-tasking. Each show includes anchors, guests, audience members, and a chef – and sometimes even a pet or live band! Figuring out where everyone needs to be and when is one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced this week. During a live show, there is no time for screw ups! I’ve been fortunate to have Stephanie by my side during the learning process. The show moves at a fast pace, which makes it super important for the floor director to pay attention to the rundown. Knowing specifics is also important – like what microphone each person is on. I’ve also been in charge of preparing the studio for the show. Each morning I make sure the kitchen is clean and ready for the chef. I also handle bringing the guests and audience into the studio and making sure they are all seated and prepared for showtime! Floor directing is a lot of responsibility, but tons of fun! I love the thrill of working at a fast pace and making sure the show runs smoothly. Entertainment media is also one of my passions, so working with the Hampton Roads Show has catered to my personal interests as well. I am truly doing what I love, and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

Today I was able to accompany Ariane Aramburo and Craig Marble to One Life in Chesapeake Square to shoot some segments and b-roll for the Hampton Roads Show. I had an absolute blast watching Ariane do her thing! She took an exercise class, interviewed instructors, and went on a tour of the facility. It was also really interesting to see the shooting techniques Craig used, and the different shots he got. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’m also eager for the show tomorrow! It will be my first time floor directing with a live band on set! Ariane mentioned today that it’s a great time to be an intern, and I couldn’t agree with her more. I am getting so many unique opportunities that will benefit my future as a journalist. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always remember and cherish my experiences at WAVY.


July 11th, 2013 at 10:32 am by under Interns

Last night I attended a concert with Rhonda Arrington in Virginia Beach at King Neptune Park to pass out giveaways with the top 20 contestants for the new face of Fox 43. The contestants were broken into groups of 4 and had to make up a rap to perform to open the show! While they were doing that, I was at the prize wheel, helping kids spin the wheel, and passing out prizesl. One of the contestants’ husband was very outgoing and did most of the talking. He was acting like a real game show host! The concert featured Sister Hazel and although we didn’t stay around until the end, the opening acts were pretty great! Tomorrow is Tides Night with the Face of fox 43 so today in promotions I will be getting all of the giveaways set up. I’m sure that if tomorrow is anything like yesterday I will have a great time! The contestants are all very lively and friendly! I wish them all the best of luck in their endeavors even if they don’t win! They were all so nice.


-Brooke Gordon