Girls on the Run 5k – Spring 2013

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WAVY/FOX43 team at GOTR 5k

WAVY/FOX43 team at GOTR 5k

The WAVY/FOX43 team had a blast at the Girls on the Run Spring 5k Saturday (see pic)!

This was my second year as the emcee of the event and I was so impressed by the growth year to year! My history with the organization started by chance. Last year, the emcee had to cancel at the last minute and I was the fill in! I remember the race started behind the MacArthur Center in downtown Norfolk. And though the girls were just as excited, the venue was smaller and indicative of a start up.

Not this year.

GOTR of South Hampton Roads has a new executive director and she brought the event to Town Point Park. The venue was fabulous. Zumba teachers were giving free lessons on the stage, runners and their families got some grub at the Pita Pit food truck, and every school had meeting places denoted by signs in the grass.

I don’t know the official numbers but it seems like there were at least double the participants. I saw Portsmouth Mayor Kenny Wright cross the finish, and I heard Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms also ran the race! That’s right we’re big time now!

I adore this organization because it actually works! All the girls are assigned running buddies to help them complete the course. All of the money goes right back to the girls in the form of scholarships. But more importantly, GOTR gives the kids someone to look up to, someone to talk to and someone to show them incorporating healthy habits into your every day life can be fun.

At the race, our photographer interviewed some of the girls about why they love GOTR. Here is what they said:

“It’s about getting girls up in motion and how to respond to like, bullies and stuff…and the lessons behind it are very important.”

Another girl told our photographer this: “You talk about how to deal with bullies and friends and making the right decision.”

Not to mention some of these girls can really run!

The first female to cross the finish line was Isabella Cooke. Isabella was third overall. Oh, and did I mention she is just nine years old! Isabella ran with her dad and they got a time of 22:30. That’s 7:15 min/mile! After the race, I ran into them and asked her dad if she is into running. His response? “No, but she plays soccer.”

Cross country coaches of Hampton Roads…consider yourself warned!

See the story that aired on the 11pm news! Click here:

When all is said and Dunn…

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ou won’t find a more committed guy than Jimmy Ray. This is the 20th time Eagle 97.3′s morning man-child has gone the distance for the March of Dimes.

Tackling #20

This is the 10th time I’ve joined him and after a decade I’m still impressed. I just wanted to start this day one recap by saying Jimmy Ray Dunn is a fine human being. I give him a hard time, it’s part of our “bit” but I love this guy for who he is and what he does.
Of course neither one of us could pull this off without the support of our respective stations and of course local law enforcement. Today a member of the media followed our convoy because they saw all of the security and thought I was Dr. Jill Biden. The Vice President’s wife was supposed to be on the peninsula today, but the mix up does go to show how seriously our friends on patrol take the responsibility of making sure Jimmy and I get along with the commuters!
When we started at the Williamsbug Club, James City County Officers Jackson, Pinero, Belote and Bowan took the first watch. Then when we hit the Newport News City Line and Officers Falero, Pointer, Westrick, Davis, Hale, Hollers, Tully and Davis took over.
Officer Rick Davis is seven thousand feet tall, or maybe it just seems that way. 
Most of these officers volunteer for the March of Dimes walk every year.
The walk itself was perfect, we made good time, had great weather and enjoyed the honks and waves from folks offering their encouragement. We covered twelve and a half miles today. Fifty seven and a half to go!
“Miracles this way.”
 Our last steps of the day were through the NICU of Riverside Regional Medical Center. It’s the only neonatal intensive care unit on the peninsula, and sees many cases of the March of Dimes’ nemesis: prematurity.

born at 25 weeks, just over one pound

Jimmy and I stood at this little baby’s bedside while the NICU nurses told us what it has taken to keep him alive since he arrived extremely ahead of schedule. His road is still long, but Jimmy asked if he would have even survived his first few days without the techniques researched and developed by the March of Dimes, and without needing to think about it, both said “No.” 
I don’t know his name, but I don’t think he will mind a few more prayers.

Eagle Walk: Day 1

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It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since the last Walk for Babies, but here we are again ready to walk 70 miles from Williamsburg to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

While Jimmy Ray and I are on the road, people passing by are always asking what are you doing this for? and really it’s an awareness-raising stunt so people will want to learn more about the March of Dimes.

We are both so grateful for the healthy babies in our lives and WAVY TV and Eagle 97.3 and all the organizations that support the walk want to do everything we can so that all babies have that chance at a healthy start and hopefully when people see how much fun Jimmy Ray and I have fun walking together they will want to find a walk in their community and also pitch in to help the babies.

This year is Jimmy’s 20th walk and my 10th and it’s also extra special for me because a few days ago I found out I’m going to be an Auntie. Because there is a possibility of some complications my little niece or nephew may be born a little early, it’s a concern but not as scary as it would be without the March of Dimes. Knowing that because of this organization doctors will know what to do if this little baby can’t go full term is a comfort to my brother, his wife and our whole family.

Over the years, we’ve met many families with a story like that and we look forward to hearing their latest chapters again this year.

Make sure you stop and see us along the way!

My pal Jimmy!

Check out my Twitter page for updates throughout the walk.

Marathon Hangover…”On The Run!”

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The Latest News and info in Hampton Roads from Sportswrap running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On the Run Again!

Blowing in the Wind

Nearly 7000 finishers raced along the Oceanfront for the Wicked 10K this past Saturday. Among the thousands of costumes, speed was not disguised. Friend of The Blog, Ryan Carroll continued his Southside stronghold, posting another impressive time, 33:39. Not far behind, Masters standout, Pete Gibson, who we’ve featured her, was second in a blazing 36:21. Renee High was putting in another speedy effort, finishing Top Ten overall with a 37:40. Always happy to see her back to doing what she does well!

Epic Runs at the Monuments

The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington featured a little snow the day before, then decided to chill the runners on race day with temps at the start in the 30s. Some great efforts came shining through. Congrats to Michael Wardian, who we’ve featured and seen here locally, finished second overall in 2:23:46. Drew Carey, comedian and TV host of “The Price is Right”, completed the run in 4:37:10. The race featured a 90 year old and a 14 year old celebrating their birthday that day. Locally, Justin Turner was the fastest from Hampton Roads, 29th overall with a super 2:39:41. Two Familiar Steves- Steve Speirs and Steve Patterson both broke the coveted “Sub Three” mark, with 2:53:53 and 2:57:20, along with Hampton’s Adam Pegues racing an amazing 2:48:49. Congrats to all of you that took the 26.2 mile trip!

On Your Mark…

For those of you taking on the New York City Marathon, my very best wishes to you! For the rest of us, maybe a little local action will get your blood pumping. The Race for Breath 5k takes off from the Oceanfront, while the Taste of Town Center 5K beckons with the very popular “after party”, including several of the restaurants in the area. If you wanna go further, the Yorktown Battlefield Ten Miler is always a jam packed race. Sunday, the Peninsula Town Center hosts the Anything is Possible 5K, while walking is on tap as well at the Oceanfront with the Walk In Their Shoes event. To find out more, visit,, or

And Now, Something Different!

The Soggy Bottom Boys have pieced together an event on Saturday where you’ll use a compass, follow directions, and maybe even some adventure along the way as you hit checkpoints around Virginia Beach. They’ve called it the Urban-O-Meet, complete with two courses.

Reflection Time

I had a great time meeting SO many Runners at the Marine Corps Marathon. Reconnecting with some and creating new friendships is always a refreshing experience. It’s a great “destination run” I will do again. Here in the “757″, the local races still get it right, with their “after party” attractions. We are fortunate for what we have here.

Gotta go, so I’ll make it quick! If you have a story idea, or just want to share some news, hit me up at Be on the lookout for our weekly Running Blog here on Thanks for all your input and efforts. We can’t do it without you! Maybe, I’ll see you soon…”On The Run!”

See You On The Run!

On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Great Strides “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running News for the “757″ by Sportswrap, Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run For Fall!

Away We Go!

With a Big weekend on the horizon, we’ll speed through last week’s events and say congratulations to all our winners.
The Stewarts 5K and 8K on the Peninsula were a big success. First, Sam Jasinski, a 15 year old from Gloucester, was the overall winner in 19:11, while Newport News’ Sheila Scottiwas the Fastest Female in 21:34. The 8K was swift as well, with Karla Havens leading the Ladies in 36:33 and Doug Marshall finishing first with a 31:18.

The William & Mary Homecoming 5K went to “Friend of the Blog“, Karen Terry. the Newport News standout rocked to the finish line in 18:45. Blaine O’Reilly, from Richmond, was the Overall Champ, setting the course on fire in 16:38. Deborah Zies made the Run with the Law 5k all hers, posting a 23:33, while Aaron Simpson took the title in 19:13.

Last, but certainly not least, the Sunset Six K was an evening of speed. just ask Erik Bates, who won in 21:22. The Ladies were well represented with Virginia Beach’s Stephanie Smith-Olansen winning in 22:49. That’s a lot racing for one weekend! We are lucky to have SO many good Running Groups putting on multiple races.

Looking for Some Motivation?

A couple weeks ago, Fauja Singh completed the Toronto Marathon in over eight hours. Here’s the part that’s hard to imagine- he’s 100 years old! Or so he claims. The Guiness Book of World Records says they need to see a birth certificate to prove it. Nicknamed “The Turbaned Tornado”, he could be the first centenarian to do what he did. Looking at his picture below, he looks pretty good. I also found a man, Buster Martin, who’s 101 who will run the London Marathon for charity. If you reach 100, my guess is that a marathon is not on your “bucket list”. Good for them!

On The Record for a Century!

Busy Weekend Coming!

Where to begin? How about the Pumpkin Chase 5K in Matteson Trail, in Hampton this weekend. For Costumes and a “Spooky” good time, the Wicked 10K races down the Oceanfront. Jerry & Amy Frostick, great Friends of the Blog, always throw a great event. Last year this SOLD OUT! The Costumes people wore were amazing! Keeping in the festive theme, check the KidsPeace Foster Care 5K Trick or Trot 5K and Sunday, go to Downtown Norfolk for Survive: Zombie Adventure Run.

For those of you hitting up the Fifth largest Marathon in the US, a BIG “Good Luck” at the Marine Corps Marathon. 40,000 people are set for this run through Washington, D.C. on Sunday but, it has alot of local flavor. Many familiar faces and names I’ve written about will be there, including MCM Hall of Famer, Mel Williams. I posted his interview last week from 2010. Not only is he in their Hall of Fame, he is one of only four runners who’ve run ALL 35 past marathons. He once ran 2:34:49 there and has won his age group several times. I saw him a few weeks ago and he still looks strong at 73. If you get a chance to see or interact with him, you’ll be inspired too!

Time is always a winner. In Running, you can’t cheat it, turn it back, or pause it. When it comes to this year’s marine Corps Marathon, time will be in the hands of some friendly faces. Our friends at Kale Running/ Mettle Events will be manning the Time Mats at 30K, 35K, and 40K marks. Ann Hupp and the crew will be there. Just to refresh your memory, here’s an interview from the Summer:

I’ll have my camera with me and see if we can get an interview or two!

Time To Go!

What a great experience you let me have: I write and talk about what you like to do. Thanks for all the feedback, cool comments and wonderful emails. If you have an idea for a story, or want to share some running info, hit me up! Email me at here’s to “Fast Times” this weekend. Maybe, I’ll catch you… “On The Run!”

See You On The Run!

“On the Run” with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Runners Rule The Road “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running news in Hampton Roads from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Taking it On The Run!

No Stopping the “757!”

In case you hadn’t heard, Hampton Roads’ Lashawn Merritt has been cleared to defend his Olympic Gold medal in the 400M for next year. Unlike alot of news, that’s a positive. we wish Lashawn the very best and hope we get a chance to interview him as he preps for London. The world will be watching…

There seems to be a buzz in the air this month. Fall Marathons must be near. Gearing up for them, Hampton Roads Runners have been cracking off some speedy times. Congrats and many thanks to those of you who hit the Oceanfront for the Susan Komen Run this past weekend. With October being the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, it was a wonderful event. That said, Jennifer Quarles, of Williamsburg was the Fastest Female in the Run for Breast Health 10Kwith a 39:59. Skeeter Morris was the Overall winner in 33:35. “F.O.B.s” ,Friends of the Blog, Todd Kessler and Greg Dawson were in the Top Three.

The ODU Accounting 5K left no numbers to be crunched. Chesapeake’s Geophrey Mills was the Champion in 16:36, while the Ladies Winner was Jacquelyne Chantry from Williamsburg sparkled with a 19:10. Coincidentally, her Father is Masters Running Standout, Stephen Chantry. That’s a lot of speed there…

On the Peninsula, the Noland 10K went to JR Cruz, of Yorktown, with a 37:01. the Fastest Female was Diane Haupt in 43:19. Not done yet, until we mention the Grunt Run 5 Miler, won by Virginia Beach’s Chad Shroy with a swift 36:11. Another friend of the Blog, Elizabeth Campos topped the Ladies column in 44:48.

Now, Let’s Race!

This Saturday, you can’t throw a rock in any direction without finding a race. In Fredricksburg, check out the Run with the Law 5K or get ready for the Tribe’s Homecoming weekend with the William and Mary Homecoming 5K. You want something different? Cross the Gloucester Bridge to hit up the 4th Annual Bobby Stewart 8K & 5K in Mathews. Closer to my home, head to 17th Street for the De-Feet Domestic Violence 5K. The Sunset Six Race takes off from Little Neck Swim & Racquet Club for a very cool evening run Saturday. There’s “opportunity”, as my wife calls it, to get two races in one day.
In Norfolk, get in the Halloween mode with From Here to Eternity 5K starting at the Elwood Cemetery in Norfolk. Like that old 1980′s Rockwell song, you might feel like “Somebody’s Watchin’ Me”….

To find out more about all the races around, check out,, j&,, and

Speaking of Spooky

Next weekend, our great friends at J & A Racing have the Wicked 10K, with more costumes than you could shake a skeleton with. Jerry and Amy Frostick are back at the Oceanfront again with another sold out race. Be prepared for speed. Wonder if the Ghostbusters car will again lead the race? Who knows….

Going Long and Going Strong

Over the next few weeks, Runners in the “757″ will travel to New York and Washington, D.C. for the New York City and Marine Corps Marathon, respectively. Familiar faces will be everywhere in Washington. Our friends from Kale Running/ mettle Events will be handling some of the timing mats as runners speed by. You may also remember that last year, Norfolk’s Mel Williams,73, a great Friend of the Blog and Tidewater Strider Hall of Famer, has run all 35 MCMs in D.C. In case you missed an opportunity, check last year’s interview and also a preview of the 50 miler he has planned in December:
I’ll try to catch him in Washington. Maybe another interview? Who knows?
We wish Mel and ALL runners at the Marine Corps and New York City Marathons “Good Luck!”

Choices, Choices, Choices

The second week of November offers up three very cool races, all the same weekend. Right up I-64, the Suntrust Richmond Marathon & Half Marathon blaze through the state capitol, saturday, the 12th. Down in Carolina, the Outer Banks 8K and Buccaneer 5K run Satruday, with the Outer banks Full and Half Marathons on Sunday, the 13th. In Norfolk, the inaugural Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon is on the same day. This area has SO MANY options. I guess we are lucky Runners in Hampton Roads.

Time to Fly

Thanks for all the feedback and emails. Can’t do this without you. If you have a story idea or questions, drop me a line at You can always find my Running Blog, weekly here, or at Good luck with your training and who knows? Maybe I’ll see you soon… “On The Run!”

See You On The Run!

On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Another Crazy Week “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running News and Notes from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run- Old School!

We are Everywhere!

There we plenty of familiar faces at the Suffolk Ten Miler, where Geophery Mills was the Overall Winner in 57:39, while Hollie Heimer won the Women’s Title in 1:16:55. Friends of the Blog“, Todd Bibb, Billy Chorey, Elizabeth Campos, and Michelle Harden- Smith were Top Five finishers. Congrats and Thanks for spreading the word.

Just down the road in Smithfield, The Hog Jog 5K went to 32 year old, Victor Fleming with a 16:39 effort, with Hampton’s Karen Terry posted a swift 18:38 to be the Ladies Champ. We mentioned so many races last week, both day and evening. Some people took advantage of “Doing a Double”.

Porstmouth's Ryan Carroll

First, the All American Beach Ford 5K at Kingston Elementary went to the the Southside Speedster, Ryan Carroll took the race with a swift 15:36. Wonder where he keeps all those trophies? Stephanie Smith-Olansen was the fastest female in 19:02. The One Miler went to Josiah Ramsawh and Madison Keough for the Boys and Girls. That night, the All Access 5K was also won by 29 year old, Ryan Carroll with a 15:49, while Renee High showed she’s back and strong, posting a 17:49.

Up the road in Williamsburg, the Crapolfest 5K featured NEW course records. In 2010, “Friend of the Blog“, Karen Terry broke the course record in 19:01, but Jennifer Quarles, of Williamsburg took it even lower, with an impressive 18:49. Still with t Ladies, 70 year old,Joan Coven, of West Point
set an all-time Colonial Road Runners 5K record for women’s in the 70-74 age group. She took three minutes off the previous record by Nancy Patron,28:44, throwing down an awesome 25:42. WOW!!!

Also at this race, Good “F.O.B.’s” Daniel Shaye was the Overall Winner in 16:58, while Greg Dawson posted a Top Three Finish. Nice work, Guys!

Taking a Bite out of The Gingerbread Man

At Alanton Elementary, i watched the One Mile Race from the front! I was the pace setter on the bike. Youth was on the menu as 13 year old, Travis Redmond won the Men’s race in 5:25, while former Alanton student, Madeline Woods raced away from the Ladies with victory in 5:56. What’s really amazing was the time of the youngsters there. Impressive!

Going Really Long

As I was out for my long run this past weekend, the Gibbet 50 Mile race took over the First Landing State Park. Great Friend of the Blog, 45 year old,Steve Speirs was the Overall winner and by the picture below at the 49.9 mile mark, didn’t look winded at all after 6:56:52. He continues to amaze! Great work, Steve!

Steve Speirs in the Gibbet 50 Miler

Ready to Go For It?

The Susan Komen Run returns to the Oceanfront Saturday, with proceeds going towards Breast Cance Research. Our friends on the Peninsula also have their “Pink On”, with the Warhill Sports Complex Run for Breast Health 10K. Wanna go “Off Road?” Check out the Noland Trail 10K & Mariner’s Museum 5k, starting at the Mariner’s Museum Saturday. If “Getting Dirty” is your thing, then head to the NSA Northwest Annex in Chesapeake for the Grunt Run Five Mile Run. Sunday, the Heritage Half Marathon, 5K, and Miler takes off in Haymarket, VA or head back to school for the ODU Accounting 5K. As usual, you can find out more at,,, or

Thanks for All the Feedback and great info. We couldn’t do this without you. Look for us weekly here on, or old posts at See you next time… “On The Run!

See you On The Run!

On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Hampton Roads Runners Are Always “On The Run!”

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The Latest News and Notes from around the “757″ with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon”Flex” Leiding

On The Run Again!

Here’s To The Winners!

With moderate temps this past week, Runners in Southeast Virginia blazed the local races. The Hillton 5K Ladies champ was “F.O.B.” – Friend of the Blog, Susan Hagel with a 21:26. Geophery Mills was the Overall Winner in 16:21. That’s Fast!

Moving to Farmhouse 6K, Chesapeake’s Brian Jastrebsky sped away with the 20:24 win, while Rachel Wigton posted a strong 23:22 for the Women’s Title. In Norfolk, th RATs were on the loose in Larchmont! The 30th Annual RAT race, that is. Nicole Dewel, of Norfolk, captured the Women’s 5K title with a very speedy 19:04, while Suffolk’s Quinn Beers finished First Overall in 17:47. More swift RAT action was seen in the One Mile as 13 year old Travis Redmond won the run in 5:29, while the young Winner was Madeline Woods in 6:01. That event was packed for the run and a lively after party!

The Oceanfront was the place to be Saturday for the Neptune Festival. Great Sand sculptures, the parade, and vendors were a big hit as usual. The Neptune 8K and 5k races featured great times as Keith Gray from Buxton, NC 18:29 took the 5K title. For the ladies, Sika Henry was on her game, covering the 3.1 mile course in 20:37. The 8K was more of a family reunion as Masters greats, Pete Gibson and Steve Speirs posted a Top Five Finish. Renee High, on the comeback trail, posted the always impressive run, winning in 29:24. Arlington’s Gregory Mariano was the Overall Champ in 27:17. Weather provided many with “PRs“. If you set a new “Personal Record” recently, Congratulations!

Congrats to Williamsburg’s John Piggott for a Top Ten finish in the Capitol ten Miler in Richmond, posting a fast 59:33. Regardless of your speed, it’s the run that makes it fun.

So What’s Up This Weekend?

How many local races can happen in Hampton Road for one weekend? Just take a peak and you’ll see Eleven! Running is strong in this area. Let’s start Saturday with ten races and a chance to “do a double” with the evening All Access 5K in Virginia Beach. Our “Friend of the Blog“, Ryan Conrad, tells me the “Moe’s Challenge” is back again this year. Imagine running a mile and a half, then stopping to eat a burrito, then get going again. This is an evening race, so if you dare take the challenge….Come Hungry!

The morning is a buffet of fantastic races. The Suffolk Ten Miler & 5K is back again. “Right down the road a piece” is the Smithfield Hog Jog 5K. It’s a great race well worth the drive. Got to give up the “Running Love” for the Peninsula with the Monitor Lodge Child ID 5K in Hampton, then in Poquoson lace ‘em up for Mackenzie’s 5K Run/Walk. Rick Platt, another “Great Friend of the Blog”, has the Colonial Road Runners ready to host the Crapolfest 5K in Williamsburg. This is a standout race, so bring your best!

Wanna go “Off Road?” Check the Nelson County Blue Ridge Burn 5Kand 10K Trail Run. There’s a race for everyone this weekend! On the Southside, the All American Beach Ford 5k and One Mile Run will bring some speedsters too Kingston Elementary as the One Miler, according to my sources, will be loaded.

Sunday, there will more racing at the schools for the Alanton One Miler. That should be enough but, Saturday runners can go “Really Long” with the Gibbet 50 Miler at First Landing St Park. I’m already tired for just naming them all. If you are out this weekend, “Good Luck!” For more info on all these runs, check out,,, or

Feedback Time

Thanks for all the wonderful emails and messages, along with the kind words you send my way. It does not go unnoticed. If you have an idea for a great story, email me at You can always look for this segment weekly right here on Have a great week. Maybe I’ll catch you…“On the Run!”

See you On The Run!

“On the Run” with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

We Never Stop- We’re “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running News and Notes in the “757″ from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run Again!

More, More, More

The “Holy Grail” of Marathon Running is the Boston Marathon. For over a century, this popular race requires that you qualify by running a previous Marathon at a certain speed based on your age. Here in Hampton Roads, many of you qualified had applied to be part of next April’s event. The registration is now SOLD OUT. For those of you lucky enough to be accepted, “Best Wishes!” I was lucky enough to make the trip in 2009. It is truly an experience you won’t forget.

Many of you have run Marathons, but how many of us can say they’ve gone longer? Say 12 or 24 Hours? This past weekend, the DC Ragnar Relay brought teams of up to 12 runners to go for 24 hours. Locally, some of our “F.O.B.“s, Friends of the Blog took part. Congratulations for going the distance.

Speaking of Distance, the 12 Hour Adventure Trail Race in Prince William a few weeks ago, also boasted local flavor as Virginia Beach’s Steve Speirs notched 65 miles (Wow!) with a Second overall Finish. The Masters Runner always seems to “bring his best” with each effort. Congrats again, Steve!

Closer To Home

Port'smouth's Ryan Carroll

This past weekend, Portsmouth’s Ryan Carroll was at it again, fresh from his Rock and Roll Half Marathon efforts, winning the Run/Walk with the Law 5K in 16:44. Lauren Emery captured the Ladies title in 25:50. Chesapeake was where the action was as the Chesapeake HS Invitational Cross Country Meet. Princess Anne’s Matthew Schwartzer, along with Abby Motley from Kellam were the Top Winners.

The Mulberry Island Half Marathon featured more winner that are Friends of the Blog, or “F.O.B“. Congratulations to Justin Turner and Kris Lawrence, the Men’s and Ladies’ Champs, while the 5K made winners out of Nate Wallace and Mae Winchester. It was a wet weekend for sure, so if you were out there, you’re a winner to me.

Ready to Run?

Friday, Madness will hit the Streets as the Larchmont RAT Race takes off across from Larchmont Elementary, by Old Dominion University. The 5K is a great run, but seeing the throngs of kids for the One Miler is amazing. Saturday, the speed switches to the Oceanfront with the Neptune Festival 8K and 5K races, while Richmond offers the legendary Capitol Ten Miler event. The Crab Festival 8K in West Point races away the same day and features a One Miler as well. Then, to cap it off, The Hilton 5K at Hilton Village in Newport News highlights the one of the Peninsula Track Club’s Feature races. If you still have some energy left, Sunday the Winged Foot Scholarship 5K in Williamsburg should be part of a great race weekend. I have already asked WAVY’s Don Slater to bring us some cooler temperatures. He has high hopes this will happen. If you are racing this weekend, “Good Luck!” To find out more about these races and more, check out,,, or Between these great groups and other events, there is always something “On The Run” in Hampton Roads!

Next Week, There’s a Challenge!

I am going “Old School” with last year’s interview from Ryan Conrad of the All Access 5K. Listen to the “Moe’s Challenge”. They are doing it again this year:

This year, the event is Saturday night, October 8th. I hear there are a few spots available.

Time To Fly!

Thanks for ALL the positive Feedback and encouragement you send me. People I have never met have referred to me as the “On The Run” guy. Thanks for the kind thoughts and words. If you think you have a story idea to share, hit me up at Look for our weekly blog here on Hope to see you out there, this weekend…”On The Run!

See You On The Run!

“On the Run” with Sportswrap Running reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Runners Keep Moving “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running News, Notes, and Info around the “757″ from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run Again!

Soggy Spashy Fun

Wet conditions this past weekend couldn’t dampen the competitive spirits of Hampton Roads Runners. The Sandman Triathlon at the Oceanfront was a huge success. Lauren Frisk was the Women’s Overall Winner in 1:03:27, while Eddie Hill captured the Men’s Title 58:14. On the Peninsula Saturday, the Fit to Worship 5K went off without a hitch as Ian McGee, 22, broke the tape in 19:09. Showing the “Love” for the Ladies, Victoria Ferreira was swift with a 22:48. Moving to the Queens Lake course for the Hare and the Tortoise 8K, Williamsburg’s Jennifer Quarles was the Women’s Champ in a blistering 31:28, while Daniel Shaye was the Overall Winner in 28:48. “F.O.B.s“, Friends of the Blog, Rick Platt and Greg Dawson posted a Top Ten Finish. Congratulations, Guys!

More Please!

The CNU Oyster Point 5K showed speed between the raindrops, as 22 year old, Matthew Winkler raced away with victory over the 3.1 mile course in 17:09. Meantime, the Ladies’ Winner was Brooke Rowe with in a blazing 19:42.

Over at Virginia Wesleyan, the Project Athena Races came back in town. Raising funds for Cancer Survivors and getting dirty on a Cross Country/Road Run Mix was a lot of fun as I “got wet” for the cause as well. The Top Female for the 10K event was Grace Rich in 47:20, while August Sander, 20 year old member of Hampton Roads Running, was the Overall Champ in 40:36. So many of our “F.O.B.s” were there and was good to get reacquainted.

Away We Go!

Off Road seems to be the specialty of the week as the Marymont Cross Country Series this Friday & Saturday in Richmond, Saturday, the Chesapeake HS Invitational Cross Country Meet, followed up by Sunday’s Cody’s Crew 5K up in Manassas. Downtown fun means the Run/ Walk for the Law 5K at Town Point Park Sunday. The Peninsula is hopping with the Williamsburg Landing 5K Saturday, along with the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School 5K in Newport News. Sunday offers up a “Marrow-Thon” 5K at William and Mary, part of the 21st annual Alan Buzkin Memorial Bone Marrow Drive. Let’s also mention the Mulberry Island Half Marathon and 5K near Ft. Eustis Saturday, and you have yourself a VERY busy weekend of Running in Hampton Roads.

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Feedback Time

As always, I can’t express how thankful we are you check out the Blog and share with your friends. I especially like your story ideas. Friend of the Blog, Sherry Celesia passed on info that Hampton Roads’ Pat Bowler took part in the Hallucination 100 Mile Ultra Race in Michigan two weeks ago. Bowler completed the “Woodstock Run” in 26:50:54, finishing 14th. That’s running for longer than a day! I heard conditions were wet for most of the run. I’ll try to see if I can get him to talk with us soon. Congratulations, Patrick!

With about six weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C, many of you are ramping up your mileage and wanted to remind those of you “going long” to be sure to refuel properly. Our “Friends of the Blog” recommend that for runs lasting longer than one hour, refuel every 25-30 minutes. Each person is different, so listen to your body signals so you can “go the distance”. Hope your training is going well!

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Great Runs are coming soon. Maybe I’ll see you …“On The Run!”

See You On The Run!

On The Run from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding