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Time and miles ticking away!

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this is our own "on board computer"

Just shy of 12 miles in just over three hours this morning. Along with every-runner-who-can’t- stand-not-knowing-their-exact-pace-mileage-and-time’s best friend…Jimmy and I also carried our music and kicked it to Eagle 97.3 all the way.
Colley avenue close to Norfolk General and CHKD was a great place to start, considering there’s a good chance both places had some resident babies living out their first days. Some of course spending the customary day or two before heading home, others beginning what could be days, weeks or months in the NICU because of prematurity, low birth weight or other medical difficulty.  Fortunately many more of these children eventually go home now, but until they all do, we will need the March of Dimes and the MOD will need you.
Once we hit the boulevard at the Harrison Opera House, we stayed on 58 all the way to Rosemont road. The Norfolk and Virginia Beach Police Departments did a great job managing those intersections, and folks out on the roads today showed their patience and support.
Tomorrow we’ll meet again bright and early in VB, and pretty much walk until we see water!

50 miles down, 20 to go!

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Hey everybody…just wanted to share some photos from today…Day 3…the big one…

The gang's all here!


engine/rescue 10 CVFD














Now THAT’s an escort…fire engines and everthing! Maybe  it was because Friday also always brings out a VIP guest,76th district delegate Chris Jones. We never have to worry about him keeping up, he moved like he just heard Andy Fox was coming back with more questions about tolls…ha ha ha!!!  Actually Chris and Jimmy were stopped in their tracks by the ladies from O Doodle Doo’s donuts!

Carb loading

And now for the sweetest part of our day…little Forest, who stood outisde waiting to give us a few dollars and to say “This is for keeping the babies healthy.”

Forest makes our day!


Forest and his grandmother, Linda.









"For keeping the babies healthy."

                        The one part of our walk on Day 3 we always talk about is the Mills E. Godwin bridge…you definitely have to lean into it, but the view  sure is worth the climb.

beautiful Hampton Roads

     We stopped at the Bennett’s Creek Pharmacy, where Chris and his team are close to celebrating 30 years in business, and each year since the walk began, Bennett’s Creek has handed Jimmy band-aids, water and a check for the March of Dimes.
     At Hall Chevrolet, we caught up with old friends and new…and got an in person update on one of our favorite March of Dimes ambassador babies…Virginia.

Virginia, 4 years old!

When Virginia was born she was about the size of the purse in her hand, less than one pound. She was 17 weeks early. Now she is getting ready to start kindergarten and her mother is still very supportive of the March of Dimes as the Suffolk walk coordinator. We appreciate Erin bringing Virginia each year and are so happy to see her thriving!
After our visit with viewers, listeners and lovers of healthy babies we hit the road again to cover the last 7 miles to the Mid Town tunnel. As much as we love Day 3, we really love when it’s finished…can’t you tell?
Thanks again to the officers, deputies, fire fighters and EMT’s, Del. Jones (whose baby is in college), Jim Bowles who drives the truck and takes care of business, and everybody back at the ranch at Eagle 97.3 and WAVY Tv/FOX 43


“Hale” yeah!

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With the officer’s permission of course!

Officer Hale of the Newport News police department took this picture of me and Jimmy on her trusty steed after we finished today’s 14 mile stretch!  She and her fellow officers from Newport News, York County and Hampton all did an excellent job once again. Thanks to all.

After that we headed to Langley Federal Credit Union where folks came out for Jimmy’s parody CD’s, official walk t-shirts and to just show their support for the March of Dimes.  We appreciate every single person who takes the time to let us know they understand what this walk is all about!
I’m going to keep it short tonight…I’m off to Portsmouth to serve as the emcee for the First Citizen Award Presentation, then it’s up early once again…tomorrow is the mother of all days…twenty miles from Isle of Wight County to Portsmouth. I’m sure I’ll wish I had that motorcycle at some point….


When all is said and Dunn…

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ou won’t find a more committed guy than Jimmy Ray. This is the 20th time Eagle 97.3′s morning man-child has gone the distance for the March of Dimes.

Tackling #20

This is the 10th time I’ve joined him and after a decade I’m still impressed. I just wanted to start this day one recap by saying Jimmy Ray Dunn is a fine human being. I give him a hard time, it’s part of our “bit” but I love this guy for who he is and what he does.
Of course neither one of us could pull this off without the support of our respective stations and of course local law enforcement. Today a member of the media followed our convoy because they saw all of the security and thought I was Dr. Jill Biden. The Vice President’s wife was supposed to be on the peninsula today, but the mix up does go to show how seriously our friends on patrol take the responsibility of making sure Jimmy and I get along with the commuters!
When we started at the Williamsbug Club, James City County Officers Jackson, Pinero, Belote and Bowan took the first watch. Then when we hit the Newport News City Line and Officers Falero, Pointer, Westrick, Davis, Hale, Hollers, Tully and Davis took over.
Officer Rick Davis is seven thousand feet tall, or maybe it just seems that way. 
Most of these officers volunteer for the March of Dimes walk every year.
The walk itself was perfect, we made good time, had great weather and enjoyed the honks and waves from folks offering their encouragement. We covered twelve and a half miles today. Fifty seven and a half to go!
“Miracles this way.”
 Our last steps of the day were through the NICU of Riverside Regional Medical Center. It’s the only neonatal intensive care unit on the peninsula, and sees many cases of the March of Dimes’ nemesis: prematurity.

born at 25 weeks, just over one pound

Jimmy and I stood at this little baby’s bedside while the NICU nurses told us what it has taken to keep him alive since he arrived extremely ahead of schedule. His road is still long, but Jimmy asked if he would have even survived his first few days without the techniques researched and developed by the March of Dimes, and without needing to think about it, both said “No.” 
I don’t know his name, but I don’t think he will mind a few more prayers.

Eagle Walk: Day 1

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It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since the last Walk for Babies, but here we are again ready to walk 70 miles from Williamsburg to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

While Jimmy Ray and I are on the road, people passing by are always asking what are you doing this for? and really it’s an awareness-raising stunt so people will want to learn more about the March of Dimes.

We are both so grateful for the healthy babies in our lives and WAVY TV and Eagle 97.3 and all the organizations that support the walk want to do everything we can so that all babies have that chance at a healthy start and hopefully when people see how much fun Jimmy Ray and I have fun walking together they will want to find a walk in their community and also pitch in to help the babies.

This year is Jimmy’s 20th walk and my 10th and it’s also extra special for me because a few days ago I found out I’m going to be an Auntie. Because there is a possibility of some complications my little niece or nephew may be born a little early, it’s a concern but not as scary as it would be without the March of Dimes. Knowing that because of this organization doctors will know what to do if this little baby can’t go full term is a comfort to my brother, his wife and our whole family.

Over the years, we’ve met many families with a story like that and we look forward to hearing their latest chapters again this year.

Make sure you stop and see us along the way!

My pal Jimmy!

Check out my Twitter page for updates throughout the walk.

On the horizon…

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When you look at the horizon, it seems far away, and when it comes to “the end of the earth” you can never reach it! Unfortunately, sometimes that is the way some  school children look at their future! I was proud to lend a hand to the “Horizons” program for youth at recent career fair. Norfolk Collegiate School opened its doors Friday July 29th to students from around the area, and many professionals from the community gave their time to encourage, inform and inspire.

The actual horizon may be an illusion, but “Horizons” is letting kids know that adulthood is not far away, and their goals are not out of reach. Thanks for including WAVY TV and FOX 43!

Honor and Remember

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Just wanted to share a story I did for the Hampton Roads Show a few months back.  Make it a meaningful day.


Books on Parade!

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Hi everybody! Check out these photos from Saint  John the Apostle Catholic School…they had their annual “Book Parade” Friday morning and I was thrilled to help emcee this special event once again. The children decorated giant book covers and even dressed up as some of their favorite literary characters.  Great job SJA!

See you soon!

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Saturday was the Norfolk leg of the walk…and it went great! Wonderful weather…great encouragement from folks along the way, and as always, great support from our local police forces…Sunday morning brings the last 8 miles for a grand total of 70 before we hit the ocean front in Virginia Beach for the March for Babies!  See you at 24th street park!

50 is nifty!

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What a way to start the day Friday morning….seeing this sign as I headed out to Isle of Wight County to meet Jimmy Ray for the thrid day of our walk for babies!

     The Carrollton Volunteer Rescue squad always goes all out for the March of Dimes, and for the Eagle walk…the fellas even gave me a lift to the start of today’s walk in Engine 10!

Delegate Chris Jones hung in for a few miles before he had to get back to work in the state capitol,

And then it was just me and Jimmy Ray…walking for babies! At Hall Chevrolet we were happy to see one of our favorite MOD success stories…little Virginia who ia three years ond now considering she was born weeks early!

     Thanks again to Erin, Virginia

     and everyone who came out to suuport the March of Dimes and team Eagle/WAVY TV 10!! Jimmy and I willknock out another 12 on Saturday and finish up Sunday morning!