Runners in Hampton Roads, Get Ready for the Weekend…”On The Run!”

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On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Ready to Go "On The Run!"

Ready to Go “On The Run!”

Another Busy week of Running and Races in Hampton Roads

is coming quicker than you think.  Special Congrats to all of you

who ran last weekend.  Here’s our Video Report for this week:



Hope you have a great weekend!  Great Stories are coming soon on

A reminder- If you have an idea for a great story or want to send me feedback, hit me up or leave feedback at the bottom of the page.

If you’re Racing this weekend, be “Fast and Furious!”  ‘Til Next time,  I’ll be looking for you…”On The Run”.

See You Soon..."On The Run!"

See You Soon…”On The Run!”


“On The Run” with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding, here on

Runners rejoice! We Are Back…”On The Run!” for 2015

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On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter,  Jon “Flex” Leiding

The Latest Running News, Notes, and Stories in Hampton Roads

Ready to Go "On The Run!"

Ready to Go “On The Run!”


Hi Running Friends!  Hope your training is going well for you.  We are back for 2015 and ready to go.

Whether you have been doing this for a long time or you made a New Years Resolution to be active, we hope you check us out as a source for results and stories about great people to inspire you.


Let’s get the obvious story of the off-season out of the way- Weather.

Winter was a tough one with the snow and chased many of us inside.  Thanks to Don Slater,  Jeremy Wheeler, and the Rest of the crew at the WAVY Weather Center, temperatures are on the rise.  That means outdoor fun is waiting…On The Run!

We’ve got our Video blog for the week ready below.  Check it out:


Hope you like it.  We’ve got plenty of great Running stories to share.

Keep checking back on for new posts.  We’ll keep them coming and hopefully keep you On the Run this season.

Fell free to leave us feedback.  we always like story ideas.

‘Til next time, I’ll be looking for you….“On The Run!”

See You Soon..."On The Run!"

See You Soon…”On The Run!”


On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding on





Stronger Than Ever- We’re On The Run Again!

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Stronger Than Ever..."On The Run!"

Stronger Than Ever…”On The Run!”

The Latest Running News and Notes in Hampton Roads form Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding


Better Get Going!

While most people are getting ready for Spring Break plans, Runners in Hampton Roads were tearing up the streets with some swift times.  Double knot your laces, here we go!

In Newport news, the Jamestown 4H 10k was “Fast and Furious” for 31 year old,  Todd Kessler, who kicked the 6.2 mile course in 35:17, while the  Ladies Champ,  Sheila Scotti raced away in a quick 43:40.  Good Friend of the Blog Greg Dawson, from Williamsburg, ran a great 38:31.  He’s running a big Marathon in Massachusetts, this Monday.  Another Speedy Friend,  Rick Platt, won his 60-64 Age group in 43:11. Well Done Guys!

On the Southside, the Long Distance Action was in Chesapeake at the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half  Marathon.  Maryland’s Dereie Deme was the Overall Winner in 1:04:53.  Norfolk’s Will Christian was the fastest local and just a couple minutes off the victory with a strong 1:06:59.  Rebecca Rollick of Chesapeake blazed the 13.1 mile course on hand cycles. She finished in 1:16:56 as the fastest female.  Mettle Events always throws a good party with a great race as well.

In Norfolk, Football was in the air at Old dominion University and the ODU Big Blue 5K started the day’s celebration of Spring Sports activities.  Portsmouth’s Ryan Carroll topped all racing the 3.1 miles in 16:38.  That’s an average of 5:22 per mile.  The Ladies title went to Stephanie Frenchik in 18:18 which translates to 5:54 per mile.  For both, that’s some serious leg work!

Whats Coming Up for the Next few Days

Everyone's "On The Run!"

Everyone’s “On The Run!”

While most people are enjoying the holiday weekend, there are a few races locally.  This Saturday, Williamsburg hosts the Clara Byrd Baker Relay Team 5k Run/Walk for a Cure.  In Newport News, the action is going on with JLHR Race For a Better Place 5K at the Mariners Museum.  For those who have the need to “Go the Distance”, the following week, the Virginia 24 Hour Ultra Run For Cancer goes off at Sandy Bottom Park.  I have many of my Running Friends who will run Saturday, April 26th until Sunday Morning, April 27th.  Excited for you all!



Boston Marathon Monday Comes Back Big!

Boston Marathon Monday Comes Back Big!

Patriots day is Monday and in Boston, the third Monday of April ALWAYS means the Boston Marathon is on.  With all the events of last year, this year has brought so much attention to it’s return.  Sports Illustrated has featured a cover to some key people and this year’s  race attendance is at an all-time high.  Many of you in Hampton Roads who went last year are making return trips and some new Runners will be making their first appearance.  Staring in Hopkinton and winding their way past Natick, Wellesley College, along the famed hills near Newton, including “Heartbreak Hill”, then the parade to greatness, ending on Boylston and the ultimate finish line.

We will be rooting for you all and watching the progress of so many of you.  “Shout outs” to guys like Andrew Hoffer, Vincent Ortiz, and John Adams, who ran with me the last few miles of the Norfolk Freedom Marathon.  So many stories will follow those famous 26.2 miles.  All of wish you ALL the very best!


Throwback Thursday!!!

With the Boston Marathon on Monday, I thought it would be nice to re-visit an interview with the Race Director of the Boston Marathon since 1988, Dave McGillivray.  He was also the Race director for the Run For the Dream Weekend.  Did you know that except for last years race, Dave has run the marathon course after the last finisher crosses the line.  Enjoy this “Throwback On The Run!”


Thanks for checking us out this week.  Feel free to share with your friends, or leave us some feedback.  Look for more soon.  Maybe I’ll catch you soon…”On The Run!”

On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding on

With You to the Finish..."On The Run!"

With You to the Finish…”On The Run!”




Runners! Spring Has Sprung- Now, We’re “On The Run!”

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Time To Go "On the run!"

Time To Go “On The Run!”

The Latest Running News and Notes in Hampton Roads !  We call it “On the Run’ with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Neither Rain, Snow, nor getting hit by a Car can stop me from sharing the good Running News in the “757″.

It’s true- I was hit by a driver ten days ago who was texting.  I have been rehabbing and being very careful with short runs, riding my bike, and some light weight work.  Luckily, I’m still going and happy to shine some light on what’s happening around the area.  Even though i was wearing bright clothes, the moral of the story is – PLEASE “W82TXT”.   Meantime, we’re here for the party- the Running party, that is.  So, let’s take a look around and like Marvin Gaye once sang “What’s Goin’ On” in Hampton Roads!


A Quick Look Back At some Pretty fast Times!

March 29th was speedy, fun times for Kevin White at the Colon Cancer 5K.      The Virginia Beach Masters Runner was the Overall winner in 17:23. Meantime, good friend of the Running blog, Kelly Borkman was the Ladies Champ with a 21:39.

On the Peninsula, bad weather had postponed the 2nd Annual Knights of Columbus 10 Mile Run for the Heart back in January but, this past weekend temperatures were just right.  Meagan Hutchinson took the Ladies title with a swift 1:21:09.  Douglas Marshall was the  first to the tape in 1:03:44.  Out in Suffolk, Good friend of the blog, Ryan Carroll smoke the Bon Secours 5K in 15;46.  Elizabeth Lawson was the Women’s Champ in 21:38.   Wait, there’s More!

Ryan Carroll slowed down just enough for a Picture! Ryan is On The Run!

Ryan Carroll slowed down just enough for a Picture! Ryan is On The Run!


At Chesapeake city Park, Vincente Rivera won the  CASA Superhero 5k.  his time of 21:38 was the best for the guys, while Portsmouth’s Jennifer Gildea topped the girls in 23:00.  Nice work!    Just up the Road, the 20th Annual Queens Lake 5K Run at New Quarter Park went off well this past Saturday.  Lots of your Running Friends posted “Fast Times”, like 65 year old, Larry Coley who ran a 20:39 to set an Age Group Record.  Victor Fleming blazed the 3.1 mile course in 16:24.  the always strong Runner, Pamela Lovett led the Ladies in 20:29.  Great job all around

The Purple Stride 5K this past weekend went to John Brountas , who won the event in 19:53.  Keeping the Ladies at bay was Devon McCarty  with a sizzling 22:18.



What’s on the Horizon or, what Races are Coming Up!

Wanna go Long?  How many times have we Runners heard that?  If you are wanting a great distance race, our friends at Mettle Events offer up the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon.  I always enjoyed this race.  Ann Hupp knows how to throw a good party with a thirteen mile run thrown in to make it interesting.  Check out for more.

Do you feel like hitting the road this weekend? Jamestown is the place to be for the Jamestown 4-H 10k run.  The 6.2 mile run begins at the 4-H Camp.  Also this weekend, check out a little drive to Wakefield   A week later at the Mariners Museum on April 19th,   the JLHR Race for a Better Place 5K & 8K begins at 8:30am.   The very same day, the action gets hot and heaving in Williamsburg with the Clara Byrd Baker Relay Team 5k.   You can hit the beach at the Surf’s Up 5K at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  The race starts at 17th Street.   You can always check,, and for more details.   See??? PLENTY of Great races are available to you!

Throwback Thursday, Anyone?

Many people LOVE Throwback Thursday, so for you, we pulled an interview with Michelle harde-Smith, who has run now close to 75 Marathons, including one in All Seven Continents.  enjoy the memory…”On The Run!”

Hope your training is going well.  we’ll alway try to keep you in the know for what’s happening in Hampton roads.  if you have a story idea or just want to leave feedback here, PLEASE DO!  come back and visit us here on WAVY.Com.  Maybe, I’ll catch you….“On The Run!”

 On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding on


Runners Rejoice! We’re BAAAAAACK- “On The Run” Again!

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The Latest Running News and Notes with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Neptune Agrees- It's great to be back, "On The Run!"

King Neptune Agrees- It’s great to be back, “On The Run!”


What’s the Deal with the Running Blog?

Hey Hampton Roads!  Whether you are NEW to Running or an experienced racer, it’s  cool to have you visit “On the Run”, here on   Last year, you helped make this one of the more popular visits on   Each week,  we’ll tip you to the great races and faces of Running in Hampton Roads. Not convinced, yet?

Check out our Video Blog as well:



We Missed You!

This past weekend, I was in Williamsburg and caught up with some friends who had just run the Jamestown Swamp Stomp 5k.  I had to check the results at the Jamestown HS course.  Barrett LeHardy, of  Newport News, just missed the course record by pounding out a swift 15:55.  Congrats!  Williamsburg’s Jennifer Quarles, won the Womens’ Title in 20:03.  Big “Thank Yous” to Todd Kessler and Greg Dawson, friends of the blog and age group winners of the race for getting me details.

Staying Strong at Sandy Bottom!

Also, on the Peninsula, the Joe & Sue Moore Memorial Scholarship 5k at Sandy Bottom Park in Newport News was cooking as well Saturday morning, with Spencer Mims as the overall winner in 19:04.  Meanwhile, Connie Glueck, a seasoned veteran, won the ladies title, averaging 7:02 mins per mile with her 21:49.  Youth was also on tap, as twelve year old, Morgan Merritt of Newport News was the second female, just under a minute behind in 22:40.

Southside Fun, "On The Run!"

Racing Fun, “On The Run!”


Doing it on the Southside

We keep  our eyes on both sides of the water.  The Cox Falcon 5k was fast and furious for Joshua Wilks.  The 24 year old blazed the course in 16:11.  Another showing for great young runners was Virginia Beach’s Ben Werve, speeding away with a 19:01.  Impressive for a twelve year old!  Kellie Zinchini        led the ladies with a 21:20.


What’s Coming Up

Many of you already know what this weekend brings: the Shamrock Sportsfest Weekend at the Oceanfront.  J & A Racing has a full menu of fun, starting Saturday with the 8K run.  My friend, Larry Taylor will be out there, along with plenty of new Runners as well.  In addition, there is the Final Mile for the kids.  This may be one of the best ideas for keeping youth active.  The kids have trained at their schools and put in at least 25.2 miles of training, leading up to the weekend.  Saturday, in groups representing their schools, they will storm the Virginia Beach Oceanfront for one more mile, totaling up to the 26.2 miles, the traditional Marathon distance.

Sunday, Running Goes Long, with the Shamrock Half Marathon starting at 7am.  Be aware that Shore Drive will be limited that morning.  Then at 8am, Marathoners will challenge the 26.2 mile course for the Shamrock Marathon.  I will be taking on the miles and wishing great weather and light winds to us all.  I’ll try to get a good word with Don Slater, Jeremy Wheeler, and Jeff Edmundson in the WAVY Weather Center.

That’s a Wrap!

Racing to the Finish..."On the Run!"

Racing to the Finish…”On the Run!”

This week gets us all back outside and ready to run.  We Need Your Feedback!  If you have any story ideas or want to just say hi, drop me a line here or email me at  Look for us here next week.  maybe, I’ll catch you….  “On the Run!”


On the Run is weekly feature here at  On the Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter,

Jon “Flex” Leiding


What I Should Be Telling You About The Boston Marathon…”On The Run”

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The Latest Running News and Notes in Hampton Roads – “On the Run” with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex’ Leiding

Even in Tragedy, We Have Friends "On The Run"

Even in Tragedy, We Have Friends “On The Run”

How To Describe Something Indescribable

Today I should be telling you how amazing the Boston Marathon is:  it’s history over the 117 years, some of the past winners I’ve been lucky enough to meet, and how great it was to watch the last few minutes of the race.  I should be telling you that I ran in 2009 and the feeling of joy racing down Boylston Street to the finish and setting my personal record on a historic course, making me feel like I belonged to the sport I enjoy and am somewhat successful. I should be telling you how proud we should be of our American Runners,  placing 4th and 6th place in BOTH the Men’s and Women’s Elites.

Kris Lawrence Making Strides "On The Run"

Kris Lawrence Making Strides “On The Run”

I should be telling you about how locally Kris Lawrence and Gina Slaby were so good on Patriot’s day that they finished in the Women’s Top 50, each running in the Two hour and Forty Something marks.  I should be telling you how envious I and thrilled we should be.  I should be telling you that Kris set her personal record yesterday and that we should be looking for more great things to come from these Ladies.

I should be saying how very exciting it is to run the Boston Marathon and giving “shout outs” to our local Running friends.  I should but, that all changed around 3pm yesterday.  I was handling some paperwork and my Mother calls.  “Are You Watching TV- it’s the Boston Marathon.  There was an explosion!”

Watching video after video had me thinking about all my running friends competing that day.  I watched video of the first blast showed Runners disoriented, even falling to the ground.  I saw someone pushing a stroller, like those used by several of the Fundraiser Charities racing to the side of the road for safety.  I looked the the time on the clock: Four Hours and Nine Minutes.  That’s one of the heavy traffic times through the finish for the Marathon.  From a numbers standpoint, more people are trying to break three and four hours than any other time.  I should be seeing Charity Fundraiser Runners at the finish.

My mind started to think about those who were there. I should have been writing about  John Adams, from Norfolk had run 3:10:45, even one of my friends, Thomas Hicks had run 3:14:03.  There was Brenda Kalin,  crossed the finish line Five minutes before the explosion.  First time Boston Marathoner, Trish Jones of Virginia Beach finished in 3:53:08, while her fiance’,  Bill Murray watched like others near the finish.  Our good friend, Sam Wittenberg and Jim Duffy had just finished a few minutes prior prior.  Virginia Beach resident, Lacey Baliet crossed the line in 4:09:34 .  As Chris Rupe was reveling in having finished his first Boston Marathon in 4:09, a loud blast roared behind him thirty seconds later.  He rushed toward the blast but EMTs directed him away to the medical tents.

Trish Jones at her First Boston Marathon

Trish Jones at the Boston Marathon

Over 9,000 Runners did not finish.  Susan Hagel, the Tidewater Striders Female 2012 Champion and John Price were 3/4 of a mile away, along with famed Boston Marathon Champ and writer for Runners World Magazine, Amby Burfoot.  I remembered David Mick and Dennis Welch, running with Michael Davis from Team Hoyt, all unable to finish amidst the chaos.  As Runners , we train to keep going.  Monday, the finish line had become a crime scene.  I should be writing about how inspirational all these runners are regardless of where they finish.  I should

Instead, I’m writing about how Runners turned to heroes.  After hearing of the tragedy, Runners went to the Red Cross to offer blood to help.  I’m writing about fans who lined the streets to cheer on their champions, immediately realized the troubles and didn’t run away but, stayed to help those so badly hurt.  Three people, including an eight year old who came to cheer his Dad, paid the ultimate price, while a hundred and forty others  were injured.  Cowardly as it is, no new information is available yet and the healing process will take some time but, yesterday’s race proved that in a celebration of personal achievement, our innocence was lost.   Hopefully, we catch those responsible.   I wish for us all some closure.

Leah Nyfeler, an accomplished writer wrote: “And before we put this beast on trial for punishment, I’d like to see the perpetrator have to run the marathon course so that all can witness what kind of person does this. No hiding behind a backpack, no distance between perpetrator and victim, no intellectual justification. Just 26.2 miles and seeing exactly what a person is made of”.

In the meantime, don’t quit.  Don’t stop Running or planning to run an event.  If  they were looking to test our perseverance, they shouldn’t have chosen Marathoners.  We are millions strong and unified…”On The Run”.


Look for my new Running Blog on soon.  As always, I appreciate the feedback.  See you soon!

Still On The Run!

Still On The Run!

On the Run with Jon “Flex” Leiding,  Sportswrap Running Reporter.


Spring Right In- We’re On The Run Again!

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On the Run,  Featuring The Latest Running News and Notes in the “757″ from Sportswrap Running reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

We're On the Run Again!

We’re On the Run Again!

Can’t Stop Now- We’ve Got News

A technical glitch had us away last week, so let’s give up some “luv” for those of you who hit the road last week, like the Autism Awareness 5K at Mt Trashmore.   Virginia Beach’s David Kidd was the Overall Champion in 16:24, while Lizzy Vanderbilt blazed the 3.1 mile course in 20:25.

At the Queens Lake 5K, good friend of the Blog, Todd Kessler,  from Newport News, won in17:17.  The real story on the Peninsula has been Mercedes Castillo-D’Amico.  The 55 year young, Newport News Resident, captured thhe Ladies title and set an Age Group Course Record with a swift20:29. Wow!

Can’t Forget My Suffolk Friends-  The Suffolk YMCA Run was fun for all who got out on the 5.66K run.  Also in Suffolk, the Bon Secours Colon Health 5K went to good friend of the Blog, Steve Speirs with a solid 17:28.  There is no stopping him these days… Chesapeake’s Emily Rivet was the Fastest female with a 22:10.  Races are all over the “757!”

A Duathlon combines two activities, this time Biking and Running.  The Va. Duathlon in Surry had plenty of Hampton Roads best, including Virginia Beach’s William Byland, a Top Three Finisher and Chesapeake’s Rachel Jastrebsky, the Winner of the Womens division.  Gotta give the “shout outs” to Courtney Ann Pollman of Virginia Beach, along with Lisa Armistead, who both rocked the 5K run along with the 23 mile Bike Ride.  Well Done, Ladies!

Time to Get Busy This Weekend!

Last week may have been a bit light but, what a weekend it will be!  Take your pick-  all over Hampton Roads, you can find races almost everywhere.     Saturday, the  Monarch Kids Run features a 5K and One Mile in Norfolk.In Newport News, the Earth Day 5K Races away from Newport News City Center, then go to the Southside.

The Dismal Swamp Half Marathon has become a tradition.  Love this race!  Ann Hupp always puts on a good event.  Sadly, work will keep me away this time but, I hear there are a few spots available.  Check out to get registered.

If you crave more, take a trip to the Outer Banks and you’ll find plenty of Fun with the Flyin’ Pirate Half Marathon.  My good friends, Angelo Celesia and the legend, Dr. Mel Williams will be there.  Be on the lookout for them!

No, we’re not done yet!  Up the road, the Ukrops Monument 10K is always a Big race in Richmond.  Good Luck to all of you taking the trip!

Then, Monday…..   BOSTON!

It All Starts Here!

It All Starts Here!

Many of you will are taking the trip to be part of the “Massachusetts Madness”.  This is one race that you have to have a qualifying time.

From Hopkinton, all the way to Boylston Street, over 26,000 Runners will challenge the famed Heartbreak Hill, while experiencing the worl’d oldest Marthon. There are so many stories, charities, and great people, just “amped up” to get to the starting line.  Having run the event in 2009, I send “best of luck” wishes to all of you going.

Race Director, Dave McGilivray, who is also holds the same duties for the Williamsburg Run For the Dream Half Marathon weekend,  has run the marathon each year since  1973. For 16 years he ran it with all the other runners and since he began working with the race in 1988 he has run  the course afterwards.

Two Years Ago,  I caught up with him and we cghatted a while.  Here’s a look back to give you some of the flavor that is the  Boston Marathon:    Click on this link>>>   On The Run With Boston Marathon Race Director, Dave McGillivray    <<<Click on this link

If I look a bit exhausted, I had just finished the Half Marathon about ten minutes prior. Thanks for checking out the interview!

Here’s to Fast Times a Good Breeze to take you to the Finish!

Boston M Finish

Also on the Horizon, the Peninsula Track Club will be holding a 24 Hour Run at Sandy Bottom Park in two weeks.   That should be a real challenge.  We’ll try to keep you informed.   We always appreciate the Feedback.  If you have a story idea or just want to drop us a line, please do!

That’s All for this week.  Maybe we’ll catch you soon… “On The Run!”

On the Run With Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding on


Sham-Rockin’ the Miles This Weekend… “On The Run!”

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On The Run!    The Latest Running News and Notes in Hampton Roads from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding


We're Back for More..."On The Run!"

We’re Back for More…”On The Run!”

The Calm Before the Storm!     Before we go racing into the BIG Shamrock Sportsfest Weekend, let’s look at the past weekend as so many of you are getting prepped for the big day with other races.  First,  the Cox Falcon 5K  went to Va. Beach’s Caleb Doan on Satruday, with an outstanding 15:45, while the Ladies Champ is a familiar face here and big supporter of our blog,  Renee High with a solid  18:22 for the 3.1 mile course.

This season, we’re adding “Shout Outs”, our way of spotlighting more than just winners.  let’s start with Ben Werve,  11 years old, turning in a terrific  19:07, 60year old, Carolyn Shaheen, who sparkled with her 27:00 effort.  Also in the crowd,  Triathlete,  John Lomogda  from Norfolk  “brought it” with an 18:31,  a big 5 minute PR for  Courtney Pollman , blistering the course in 21:16.     John Dicarlo, 63 of Virginia Beach gets in with a 23:36 and Dolores Ware , 42 years young rocked the  run in 19:47.

We went to the Peninsula Saturday and found  the Jamestown High School Swamp Run 5K.  That’s where 18 year old, Andrew Richards,  from Williamsburg crushed it with a 16:23.  Krissa Loretto, was the Fastest Female in a very swift 19:37.  Keeping our “Shout Outs” going, how about Carol Talley,  who at 58, set the age group course record with a 23:57! Want More?    Check out Karla Havens, also setting an age group record at 51 with a 20:57.  Also, getting into the groove are Williamsburg’s Greg Dawson with a stellar 17:46 and  Men’s Race Walker, the blazing fast Tom Gerhardt, from Chesapeake in 30:06.

Not Quite done with the weekend as we also checked out the 1st Annual Chalkboard Chase run, all around the beautiful Mariner’s Museum.  With the race approximately 3.75 miles, Newport News’ Chris Reoyo was the overall winner in 19:48.  That’s a 5:17 pace per mile!   the always speedy, Mercedes Castillo D’Amico led the Ladies in 26:16.  Even though this is a “First Time” Race, we’ll still kick the “Shout Outs” to Valerie Hughes of Yorktown, with a nice 32:41 and 14 year old, Aaron Kempf who posted an amazing 20:30.  The future of Running in Hampton Roads really does look very bright!

Going Strong and Going Long

They all Go "On The Run" this Weekend!

They all Go “On The Run” this Weekend!

The Tradition Continues!  The Shamrock Sportsfest kick into year 41.  Staring with the Towne Bank 8K, then the Leprechaun Dash and Kids Final Mile on Saturday and rolling into Sunday with the Anthem Half Marathon and Yuengling Marathon, nearly 28,000 of you will “hit the road”, while thousands more will cheer on these great people.  Runner’s World magazine, the most popular Running Magazine in the U.S., recently ranked the Shamrock Half Marathon in the Top Five of Half Marathons in the Country, based on reader response.   Great DJs and Bands line the Oceanfront course, making the miles go by quick.   The Half is SOLD OUT but, there are a few spots still left for the Marathon.

We’ll have Videos posted later in the week to get you ready for the action and maybe a surprise or two.  Keep checking here  all week long.  Last Time, we were lucky enough to catch up with Race Director, Jerry Frostick, who’s team at J & A Racing has really made this a National event and a must-do race.

Click here for the Interview>>>>  On The run for Shamrock Weekend!  <<<<<Click here for the Interview for Jerry as we chatted about the Shamrock Sports fest weekend!

As always,  “Thanks” for checking out On the Run, the Running Blog from the Station and website on your side, WAVY TV and    Maybe we’ll catch you soon…“On The Run!

Another Speedy Week “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running News and Notes in the “757 with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run Again!

Keeping the Fire Burning

Glad you could check us out. I hope your training is going well. Here in Hampton Roads, we are lucky enough to have several great Running organizations with races almost every week. That means, if you’ve been wanting to enter a race as part of your New Year’s Resolution (remember them?) you are just an entry form away from competing.

Gotta Get Back in Time!

This past weekend, the Gloucester 8K was in full force with Douglas Marshall leading the way. the Mathews 38 year old won in 30:33; a solid 6:09 pace, while Yorktown’s Kristen Frost was Icy Hot, as the First Female in 34:26.

Gina Slaby rockin’ “On The Run!”

The week before, the Virginia Is For Lovers 14K lured a huge crowd as Ryan Carroll, always a big fan of the blog, crushed the 8.68 mile course in 45:06. That’s an average of 5:11 per mile! Gina Slaby was the Ladies Champion in a strong 51:02. Slaby outlasted Virginia Beach’s Renee High, also an Olympic Marathon Qualifier for 2012. Gina, a Navy Lieutenant is not unaccustomed to running at the front of the pack. At the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon she was the first active duty woman and second woman to finish overall, finishing in 2:45:58. She also won the 2011 Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego and won last year’s Half Marathon. Nice to have her in the area!

This year, our friends from J & A Racing offered a 6K as well, just shy of 4 miles and Alexey Popov captured the crown in 22:56, while Carrie Atkinson led the Ladies in 26:46. A big shout out to 11 year old, Benjamin Werve, who finished third overall with a powerful effort of 27:13. The future of local Running looks very strong these days!

No Stopping Steve Speirs On The Run!

Many Miles to Go!

We missed the opportunity recently, to boast about Virginia Beach’s Steve Speirs. He went to Huntsville, Texas to participate int he Rocky Raccoon 100 mile Trail Race. Speirs, who never backs down from a distance challenge, finished 3rd overall under 17 hours with a 16:55:48, a new age group record for 100 miles. Most of us don’t even Drive 100 miles in a day! Amazing! one of these days, we will catch him and get an interview with the speedy Mr. Speirs.

All Day, All the Way!

Local Runner, Dennis Wayne Welch, who also coaches, will be lacing ‘em up in September for Team Hoyt’s 24 Hour Fundraiser. Dennis will be on a 24 hour run while pushing an individual in a stroller. Dennis, along with friends and supporters, will have their sights set at not only one, but six total World Records. Details to follow in the future. Great endeavor for a talented Runner. We’ll be keeping you in touch…

Upcoming Races

This Saturday, the Tidewater Striders have their 20K and 30K Shamrock Weekend prep races at the Dismal Swamp Trail. Thats’ 12.4 and 18.6 miles for those of us who aren’t exactly metric.

Sunday, the Colonial Half Marathon in Williamsburg is Back Again! This race ALWAYS beats me but, this is a really challenging 13.1 mile course. My friends from the Colonial Road Runners put on a wonderful event. This is a must do! I will be out of town and miss it but, if you crave a challenge, this is for you!

On the horizon, March 2 means the Ft. Eustis 10K from the Peninsula Track Club and Mettle Events hosts their 15K at the Dismal Swamp Trail.


That’s all this week. Can’t say “Thank You” enough to all of you who read and share the blog here on with your friends. If you have a story idea, drop me a line at Have a great weekend. Maybe I’ll see you soon….”On The Run!”

On the Run with Jon “Flex” Leiding, exclusively on

A New Year and a New You…”On The Run!”

January 25th, 2013 at 11:39 am by under Sports

The Latest Running News and notes in Hampton Roads from Sportswrap Running reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run for 2013!

Starting off the Year with a Big Win!

With limited races early in the year, many of you have gone outside the “757″ to find a great race. Virginia Beach’s Renee High went south to defend her 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon Champion and came back with another win, a faster time than last year in 2:48:30, and the title of Two Time Disney World Marathon Champ!  We had her interview last Summer at the CHKD run at Town Point Park.  For those of you who missed the interview with the Two-time Olympic Marathon Qualifier, here’s the link: Click here for my On The Run Interview with Renee High!.

Is a “Three-Peat” in Renee High’s Future? We’ll See Next Year…

Make 2013 Your Year!

So many of us make those resolutions to “get fit, eat right, or get organized” for the New Year. If you are NEW to Running, Welcome! Each of us has a starting point. Mine was eight years ago and have enjoyed almost every mile. You’ll find good information along with positive people along the way. We do our very best to share them with you.

More Races in Local Places!

The Frosty 5K at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex two weeks ago went to Nick Scerbo, from Norfolk, with a swift 17:08 for the 3.1 mile course. The Ladies were led by Asia Sorensen with a quick speed of 20:30. Our good friends at Mettle Events had their 6K Mud in your Eye Series recently and Robert Dinterman, of Moyock, captured the title with a strong 22:26. Stephanie Aurel Ingalls won the Ladies title in 24:30.

Whats Up for the Weekend?

This Saturday, weather permitting, the Tidewater Striders have their Distance Seriesplanned for the Dismal Swamp with a 15 and 25K race.  That’s 9.3 miles and 15.5 miles, in case you were wondering.  Mettle Events has their Mud in Your Eye Series 8K race finale set for Virginia Wesleyan Saturday as well.  up in Yorktown, the Knights of Columbus 10-Miler Run for the Heart will also have Runners racing this weekend.  Knowing the weather is calling for some Snow and Ice, it will be a good idea to check each race organizers website for any cancellations.

We’ll catch you “On The Run” Next time!

We always like your input!   Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.  Keep checking us out weekly for your Running info in South Hampton Roads and we’ll try to catch you or maybe your friends…”On The Run!”  Look for “On The Run here on or archived at  Happy Running!