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 If you have ever wondered what I see in Chopper 10 and how to see what it is like to come with me. Just go to There you will see around town with chopper 10 just give it a click.

You can also go to my face book page by giving the photo above a click.

See you in the skies over Hampton Roads…

Chopper John

Chopper 10 @ Festival of Flight

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Chopper 10 will be at the Festival of Flight in Suffolk this weekend. So stop by and see me and get a close up look at Chopper 10.

The Festival of Flight will be run May 22 & 23 At the airport.

You can see everything from ultralight to miltiengine aircraft.

Fun for the whole family. Kids ages 8-17 have a chance to take their first flight with the Young Eagles.

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend stop by for two days of fun

I will be there with Chopper 10 on Saturday from 1100-1400 hours.

See you there.

Chopper 10 will return!!!

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Chopper 10 is down this week for some camera tune up work. You may ask why all week?

It is not as simple as it sounds, you see the camera on Chopper 10 is a state of the art system. It is in fact a FLIR UM-III. That is made by FLIR Systems out of Portland OR.

They are the only ones that can service the camera. That means that as of this posting our camera is in OR.

After some checks are completed we will back up providing you our viewers the very best view from above.

Shoulld be back in the air by early next week.

Chopper John

Back from the Bell Training Academy

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Last week I attended the Bell Training Academy in Texas. This is for my recurrent training in Chopper 10, instrument and night vision.

What does this involve?

During this training, I practiced all the emergency procedures that I must have committed to memory.  Because in the event of an in flight problem is not the time to break out the operator’s manual. I like to say this is the fun part. I go up with a flight instructor and do all the engine out maneuvers to the ground. That means that I will roll off the throttle and land the aircraft without power. Yes, the blades keep turning even when the engine quits; this happens much like a pinwheel, the air passing back up through the rotor system in decent keeps the rotor speed at operating speed until touchdown.

All current Federal Aviation Regulations are covered as well as weight and balance and performance. At the end of that phase of the training is a check ride in the aircraft and a written exam. Both were passed without a problem. After thirty years of flying you might think I would have it down pat.

The next phase is an instrument refresher. This training is so that if necessary I am able to fly Chopper 10 without being able to see outside the cockpit.

Then, a Night Vision Goggles training refresher. Chopper 10 is the only TV News with this technology in the U.S.

That gives me the ability to conduct flights at night under the safest manner possible. The NVG are same type that the military uses and allows me to see at night under conditions that to fly unaided would not be possible.

Then two more check rides with instructors and a final course exam.

I completed all this in the time span of only one week with the best instructors and at the best training academy in the world, Bell Helicopters.

Now that I am back, look for Chopper 10 in the skies over Hampton Roads to help guide you through your morning commute and covering breaking news faster than anyone else.

See you in the sky..

Chopper John

Chopper 10 has new floats

February 10th, 2010 at 5:35 pm by under Chopper 10, Personalities

Chopper 10 has a new set of pop out floats. What does that mean? That is the float system that will allow me to land on the water in case of emergency. Always a nice option.

Coming soon at the first of the month I will be headed to Texas. I will be at the Bell Helicopter factory for training during the first week of March. There I will be doing all that pilot stuff that the FAA requires that I do in order to remain current.

I do enjoy the training because I get the latest updated information on all aircraft operations, from paperwork to Night Vision Systems.

Chopper 10 is the only TV Helicopter in the country that has Night Vision Systems that give me the ability to operate day or night in the safest manner possible.

Stay tuned for updates…….

Visit to Windsor Elementary

May 29th, 2009 at 6:04 pm by under 10 On Your Side

Today Chopper 10 visited the student of Windsor Elementary for their career day. It was pleasure to show the students chopper 10 and tell about careers in aviation.

The first group was the younger students who really seem to enjoy learning about Chopper 10 and how it is able to fly like a humming bird in any directions.

The second group was the older students that I was able to go into more in depths with in careers in aviation and how to get started. The students were able to see how Chopper 10 gives WAVY TV a unique news gathering capability. Also they learned that Chopper 10 is a two men crew.

Chopper 10  photographer Tom Marks handles all of the cameras on Chopper 10 and gives them a birds eye view while I handle the flying and the reporting duties.

Tom and I truly enjoy the time we are able to spend with students in the Hampton Roads Community and look forward to seeing them again.

AirPower over Hampton Roads

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It was a perfect weekend to see some of the most powerful aircraft in the world.

I wanted to say Thank You to all of the personal at Langley AFB and Dale Drumright for all of the help that they gave me in making this my 10th and one of the best weekend shows ever.

The following are some of the pictures from my perceptive.

I had a great time meeting everyone that stopped by Chopper 10 to say “Hi”…

 Arrival of the FlagC-5 ready for cargoFlyby Corsair and HornetThunderbirdThunderbird Team

Thanks to all,

Chopper John

BF Williams

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Just wanted to say “Hi” to all the children at BF Williams in Virginia Beach and say thank you for inviting  me out to see you last week. Here are a few pictures of the morning that I spent with you.

I am on my way to see you.....

I am on my way to see you.....

Chopper 10 at B F Williams

Chopper 10 at B F Williams

Letting you know how we use Chopper 10

Letting you know how we use Chopper 10

Here is my office.....

Here is my office.....

I had a great time and was asked some really good questions. Remember that if you want to you too can become a pilot.

The Monday Morning Storms

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Well it looks like we dodged another line of nasty storms.

John and Jermey kept us all up to date as the storms moved through our area.

Newport News did get hit with some winds that took a section of roof and some minor damage to a couple of homes.

You can tune into WAVY at five today to see the view of the damage that only Chopper 10 give you.

Take Care and be safe.


Chopper John

Deep Creek Baseball Association

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I was invited to the opening ceremonies of the Deep Creek Baseball Association on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for baseball.

I wanted to thank Jake Darrell for inviting me and say that all of the kids were great. It was a lot of fun.

Hope all the leagues have a great season this year and the kids have memories that they will cherish their whole lives.