Tropical Storm Cristobal Develops

August 24th, 2014 at 8:55 am by under Weather

At 6:20 this morning the National Hurricane Center upgraded Tropical Depression Four to Tropical Storm Cristobal. This storm has 45mph winds and is expected to get stronger over the coming week.

Christobal in the Atlantic. Maria in the Pacific.

Cristobal in the Atlantic. Maria in the Pacific.

I took this snapshot of the two large storms on either side of North America. Look on the left, you can see Category 4 Hurricane Maria. The eye is also noticeable in the center of the storm. Cristobal isn’t a hurricane, but is expected to become one by Thursday.

Tracking Cristobal

Tracking Cristobal

The National Hurricane Center has the forecast cone just grazing by Cape Hatteras on the OBX. The important part of the storm will be that turn from north to northeast on Thursday. The sooner it happens, the less likely the storm will impact the OBX. I would expect the only weather the OBX will observe is bands of clouds with some rainfall on Thursday.

Our wind will be stronger today out of the northeast. We will see a breeze at 20mph with gusts over 30mph possible today through Tuesday. With that breeze our skies will remain rain free this week.

We will continue to track Cristobal this week, Tiffany Savona will have another update this evening.

Surf Update:

The strong NE winds is going to push in a 3-4ft+ swell today. That could create head high peaks. Rip Currents will be along our beaches all day so beware of the dangers with the side and outgoing currents. Swim Near a lifeguard. The swell will keep up this first half of the week. The wind will die down on Wednesday which should mean cleaner waves. The tropical system will also push in new waves starting on Thursday. Stay tuned.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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