Some Rain Possible Today, Watching The Tropics

August 23rd, 2014 at 8:40 am by under Weather

What time did you wake up this morning? If you were up before sunrise and had clear skies you should have been able to see Jupiter and Venus in the eastern sky!

Venus (Lower Left) Jupiter (Upper Left), Moon (Right)

Venus (Lower Left) Jupiter (Faint, Upper Center), Moon (Right)

The three objects will be spreading apart from our perspective over the next week, so if the sky is clear in the morning look for the objects. For today we will be seeing cloudy skies with a few scattered showers possible.

Light Rain Today

Light Rain Today

Wind speeds will be also strong from the northeast at 15-20mph by the afternoon. Gusts could be over 25mph. This wind is going to push in a new swell where we could see 3ft waves today and 4 ft waves tomorrow at the beach. That will mean a high threat for rip currents. Tomorrow, we will still see strong winds, but the skies will be clearer. Highs will be near 77 tomorrow.

Tropical Update:

As of now, the storm system near the Dominican Republic still has not formed into a depression or tropical storm. There is a high amount of shear in the environment which has been ripping apart the storm. Shear is a change in wind speed with height. The higher the shear, the less likely a hurricane can develop and survive.

Shear Example

Shear Example

The forecast models are still all over the place. The 6Z GFS has this storm making landfall near Miami, FL. The Euro still keeps it out to sea.

SAT AM Tracks

SAT AM Tracks. (GFS = Redline, Euro = Greenline)

Notice how all of the models have it closer to land? Look at the snapshot I took yesterday:

Forecast Tracks (From Friday's Models)

Forecast Tracks (From Friday’s Models)

There is a closer to USA trend happening, also the storm is slowing down. Keep an eye on it as it may be named Christobal either today or tomorrow.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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  1. jason says:

    There are a lot more models then the ones being shown above a few of those are out wires too some models take it over Florida and up the cost line and then out to sea some other ones have it coming into NC but I think its safe to say the models are having a hard time picking up this storm because there is no center at this time so until it develops it will be hard for the models to pick up on it .

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