Possible Tornado in Capron and Virginia Beach

July 10th, 2014 at 5:29 pm by under Weather

Early in the afternoon we were tracking a storm near Emporia that was moving easterly at 25mph. This storm had a weak area of rotation, or spin inside the storm cell. There have been a few reports of a tornado in the town of Capron in Southampton County. Then, as the storm tracked from Capron to Virginia Beach it left a trail of hail. In Courtland, hail stones were around 1″ in diameter. In Chesapeake (Near the Greenbrier Mall) and also Kempsville in Virginia Beach had 1″ to 1.5″ hail. To see pictures, go HERE.

3rd Story Virginia Beach Home Destroyed

3rd Story Virginia Beach Home Destroyed

This was one of the pictures we received from the VB Oceanfront area. We also got more pictures of blow out windshields from cars parked along this street. (Near 17th St.) We did see something interesting on Super Doppler 10:

Radar @ 3:45pm

Radar @ 3:45pm

Radar @ 3:49pm

Radar @ 3:49pm

You can see over the 4-minute time span there may have been a hook echo or an area of rotation moving across this area. This could have been a tornado or a downburst of wind. Right now it is too hard to say, but the velocities, or the measurement of wind within the storm cell did increase during this time frame near the 17th street area. The National Weather Service may be sending a storm survey crew to this area soon to analyze the area to see if it was a tornado.

Funnel Cloud Video:

For the rest of our evening showers and a clap of thunder is still going to be likely. Tomorrow, we may see more thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


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  1. Mary Waicul says:

    We were traveling westbound on 58 at approximately 1:15pm, about 6 miles east of Emporia when we were forced to stop on the highway due to heavy rain. Within seconds it became large hail, and our Dodge Ram was shaking every which way. The 18 wheeler in front of us which had also stopped, was swaying and we were very fearful of being picked up and tossed. We have never experienced anything like that in our lives. The hail broke our windshield, and left hundreds of pock marks on our truck, on every side. Straight line winds would have only damaged 1 side.No one can tell me it wasn’t a tornado we sat through! Trees were snapped in every direction The trucker whom we spoke to after, said he’d never experienced anything like that in his life. He was even afraid of his truck getting blown over.

    1. Rachel says:

      My guess is that it was a rain wrapped tornado. A lot of times tornados are really obvious because they occur at the edge of a storm, where rainfall is minimal and they’re easy to see. But sometimes they occur in the thick of it, where rainfall is heavy and they are near impossible to see. I have no doubt this was a tornado, just like the building in Norfolk Wednesday that had half it’s bricks scraped off. Now, the real question is this: with at least three reports of tornados in the past two days, why did the NWS fail to put put even a tornado watch, much less a warning?

      1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

        Actually NWS found the damage in Capron to be straight-lined winds. I would suspect the same for Virginia Beach. The reason I say that for Virginia Beach is that the damage was at least 5 blocks wide and it wasn’t concentrated. If a tornado were 5 blocks wide, then folks would see it for miles away. I think this was a microburst or at least a downburst. IF there were a solid rain-foot then it may have appeared to be a tornado. There was a possible funnel cloud in the region, but I have not seen a pic of any tornado on the ground…yet. I didn’t see a lot of rotation in the Courland storm. I left before it hit Virginia Beach. Don’t get me wrong though. Just because a storm gets its “tornado” status taken down doesn’t take away from the storm’s strength. Jeremy

    2. Ashley says:

      Mary we experienced the same thing! In capron,va. Huge hail hitting our car like a sledgehammer. We pulled over, our car was shaking violently a d I knew any second we were going to be picked up and thrown! I was terrified expecting the hail to burst threw the window at any moment. The hail ended up breaking the windshield. The car is covered like a golfball in dents from hail…the hood the roof the trunk and both sides of the car, everywhere! After the hail we got back on the road and saw chaos…cops, sirens, the road littered with trees branches leaves etc. Humungous trees ripped out of the ground roots and all like a giant hand pulled them out like weeds. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life! Terrifying.

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