New Summer Edition to the Show!

July 4th, 2014 at 11:15 pm by under Interns

Time certainly has been passing by very quickly! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I began my internship at WAVY-TV 10 – I still have so much to learn before summer ends! One aspect of the show I am excited to be apart of is The Historical Homes Series, which is a new monthly summer segment on the show. The segment is based on a true story about the a house that could have been considered abandoned by it’s owner, but it was kept in pristine condition – even though no one lived there. The book is called Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman.

Empty Mansions

Stephanie Cooke, The Hampton Roads Show Producer, has decided to let this be an intern driven project. And our first Historical Home was featured on the show last week! You can check out the segment on Portsmouth Hill House here.

Inside Hill House

I learned a lot about researching, booking, filming, and putting together a package for a show. The editing program, AVID, is a bit different from Final Cut Pro, the editing program my university uses, but having the hands on experience with AVID is invaluable. When researching the Hill House, I noticed that it was really important to approach the subject with some knowledge and/or background information. Stephanie made sure Jacob and I knew about the Hill House, knew where to find information about it, and how to continue researching interesting aspects about the home. For those of you who were able to watch the segment, I hope what you find most interesting about the house is that it was left in its original condition– down to the clothes hanging in their closets. Imagine if you left your home, never returned, and someone made a museum out of it 50 years later!

I’m not going to sugar coat anything – editing this package was extremely difficult. I had to get over the learning curve of how to use AVID, and I had to try to remember what our photojournalist, Pat, took b-roll of in order to piece together what our speaker was saying about the home. Luckily, I didn’t have to do this all by myself. My fellow intern, Jacob, was right beside me and endured the same struggles. At the end of the day, Pat was right behind us in the editing bay. I have to give a shout-out to his patience with us!

I was extremely proud of the final result, and I was so glad to have played a integral part in its implementation. Right now, we are working on July’s house. We are still in the research stage of the process, but so far the Herbert House in Hampton, VA is a top pick!

Overheard at WAVY – “I thought he was saying ‘She would scold’ the children, not ‘schooled’”

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