Arthur Gains More Strength

July 3rd, 2014 at 1:34 pm by under Weather

Arthur has gained more strength.  It has increased its winds to 90mph.  The pressure has dropped to 981 mb.  It is moving a little faster at 10mph to the NNE.  The eye is still present on the radar, and the rain has already made it onto southern North Carolina.

Arthur On Radar

Arthur On Radar

There have been a couple of tornado warnings in that area as well.  There is a tornado watch up for Dare county until about 2am.   Since the sustained winds have increased already, the forecast has also increased.

Track Of Arthur

Track Of Arthur

Now Arthur is forecast to become a category 2 hurricane as it approaches the Hatteras area.  This is terrible news.  The consensus is for the system to move right over Hatteras or within 20 miles.  I have one new thought about this. If the hurricane were to move a little more to the west, then it’s possible that the water on the sounds will surge to over 4 ft.  Especially if the winds are above 100mph.  Even the Atlantic tide could see moderate tidal flooding in that scenario, but that could be a real developing problem.  So keep that in mind residents along the Outer Banks.  Especially from Kill Devil Hills southward.  I have a longer blog with more information here: AM Blog. It goes into more detail.  Be safe out there.  This looks like it will be pretty rough for folks along the Outer Banks.  Hampton Roads will have some impacts, but it would be similar to a long-lived squall line.  Stay tuned for updates!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

3 Responses to “Arthur Gains More Strength”

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi! I live in Elizabeth City and this is my first hurricane here. It’s an interesting location because of being on the Albemarle Sound and I grew up living in Moyock right on the Currituck Sound. I’ve been through plenty of hurricane’s but am not really sure what kind of impact this one will have on the Albemarle Sound and Elizabeth City, if much at all.

    Also, based on the increased strength is there any change of Arthur lingering longer? I was so hoping for fireworks on Friday.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      There will be a chance for some sound flooding Melissa. The water could rise 2-4 feet above normal. Not sure how much of that will get into Elizabeth city, but homes near the water will be affected. Especially with the more western track. The storm is still forecast to move through by late Friday morning. Jeremy

  2. John Brown says:

    Your last video on the outer banks near 630PM showed a bazarre fog just above the surface of the ocean. What would cause that fog? I know that your on-site reporter mentioned that the air temp had dropped.

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