Rain-Free Weekend Ahead

June 14th, 2014 at 9:10 am by under Weather

The rain is gone and the clouds will be clearing out this afternoon. Therefore our string of nice weather on the weekends continues! But it was a stormy night last night across the region. Check out the radar snapshot from 9 PM.

Radar at 9 PM Friday

Radar at 9 PM Friday

Heavy rain was falling just south of the state line in North Carolina and a line of thunderstorms was moving across the Peninsula and onto the Southside. This heavy rain prompted a Flash Flood Warning for Gates, Camden and Pasquotank Counties in North Carolina. There were multiple reports of flash flooding in Gates County including Daniels Road and Route 158. Most of the heavy rain fell in areas without sensors to record the rain. Heaviest rain fell just south of the state line into North Carolina. Rainfall totals are estimated by radar, so these numbers could be off a little bit, but at least the placement of the heavy rain is correct. If you have a rain total, please add it to the comments below.

Rain Estimates

24- Hour Rain Estimates

We received lots of photos of this scary looking cloud last night. This picture was taken by Mark Miller in Suffolk.

Shelf Cloud in Suffolk - Mark Miller

Shelf Cloud in Suffolk – Mark Miller

This is what we call a shelf cloud and it has nothing to do with tornadoes. This cloud is the leading edge of a thunderstorm, also known as a gust front. In a thunderstorm, rain-cooled air descends rapidly toward the ground, hits the ground and then spreads out. This cool, dense air collides with the warm, moist air ahead of the storm and forces it to rise. The air rises and then condenses forming this shelf looking cloud. The shelf cloud is often the leading edge of strong damaging winds within a storm.

There was also a report of lightning striking a home in Toano. To go along with the stormy weather, we had a full moon last night. AND….it was Friday the 13th! Suffolk Fence took this photo last night of the eerie looking sky and full moon. The next time a full moon will fall on Friday the 13th will be in 2049…that is 35 years from now. Wow!

Full Moon Friday the 13th

Full Moon on Friday the 13th

We will not have bad luck with the weather this weekend at all. Cold front is moving across North Carolina this morning.

Cooler & Drier Today

Cooler & Drier Today

A cooler and drier airmass will be moving in behind the front. High pressure will keep our winds out of the north today between 10-15mph. Dew point readings started off in the mid/upper 60s early this morning, but should drop into the mid/upper 50s this afternoon.  That means we are looking at much less humidity during the day today. I think that is the best part of this weekend forecast.

Tower Cam 10

Tower Cam 10

We are starting off with a lot of clouds this morning, but the clouds will clear out by early this afternoon, giving way to lots of sunshine for most of us. Clouds will linger across North Carolina for much of the day. Look for highs in the lower 80s. Average high this time of year is 83°. Lows tonight will drop down into the mid 60s with low 60s possible for inland spots. Tomorrow is Father’s Day and the forecast is looking terrific!

Father's Day Forecast

Father’s Day Forecast

Enjoy your weekend and Happy early Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona

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