‘Round The Block

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I did something very unusual Monday afternoon. I took a walk around the block, -with my neighbor. I’ll call him MIKE. He’s a public servant who happens to wear blue -and silver. MIKE arrived home at about the same time I was heading out. MIKE works crazy hours- so, we’ve got that in common. Another thing, he and his wife are raising a toddler, an infant, and a dog. I’ve been there, done that- flea & tick spray still in the cab. girl-on-bicycleMy kids are now grown and gone. But, they come back! And with their children! 5 of the 7 grands were with me on this day. We were headed out, the kids on bikes, for a ride ’round the block. And that’s when I saw MIKE roll up. He’s cool. But, sometimes I just don’t know. Maybe, it’s his job. Maybe it’s mine. We’ve had our moments- as neighbors will- “Breaking News again, huh, Don? Don’t you ever have any ‘good news?’” OUCH! (Here’s some good news: It’s called a “Good Fence!” ZING! ) Ha ha… yeah. I don’t believe our meeting this time was a coincidence. Considering the Breaking News of the day, I found myself looking for his piece of silver… to see if he had added another color to it – black. Not yet. Back to the task at hand, our children! They were ready to roll and set some new land speed records on this urban course! MIKE planned the same thing with his 3 year old, an adorable little girl, on a custom bike with no pedals- how cute! So, the 8 of us stormed the neighborhood! And while the kids did their thing, we, kinda did ours… two neighbors, two dads, two friends, just watching, and walking and talking. About what? What else? The weather, and our children.

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  1. Leigh Anne Bell says:

    I must say I must be a softee, because this story touched me. I am so glad that you didn’t question him about the death of the officer or ask how he felt. You just walked the neighborhood, and of course discussed the children and the weather. I am proud of the men and women who wear silver. I have two nephews and several dear friends who wear silver and used to wear silver. I pray for them every day. We have to pray that angels will protect them.

  2. Deborah Eder says:

    Awesome! I am going to chaperone my grandson on a field trip to the zoo tomorrow! I am super excited! He is non verball autistic and along with the other kids in the special needs class and the other chaperones and teachers I thing a good time will be had by all☺

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