Rain, Rain, Go Away!

May 4th, 2014 at 9:06 pm by under Weather

After a pleasant weekend, I don’t think anyone wants to hear about more rain and cooler weather back in the forecast for tomorrow. Too bad we can’t just order more days like today! :)   High temperatures on Saturday reached the mid to upper 70s and today we saw highs around 80° almost everywhere.

Sunday's Highs

Sunday’s Highs

The good news is that Monday will not be a wash-out. Most of the day will stay dry. But it will be noticeably cooler thanks to a cold front that will move in tonight. The cold front should move through Virginia before midnight and across North Carolina shortly after midnight. Once the front moves in, the wind will shift and pick up in speed. Expect northerly winds behind the front to range between 10-20mph with higher gusts possible. Cooler air will move in and temperatures should drop into the mid 50s by Monday morning. Highs will only be in the mid 60s Monday afternoon, a good 15° cooler than today. Future Trak has a stray shower possible before 5 PM with better chances for rain Monday night. Here is Future Trak at 9 PM.

Future Trak at 9 PM

Future Trak at 9 PM

The rain becomes even more widespread by midnight and early Tuesday morning. I put this graphic together showing better rain chances Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

Rain Chances

Rain Chances

Speaking of rain, here are the stats showing how much above or below average we are for this year’s rain totals. All locations are reporting above average rain totals for the year except for Elizabeth City and Wallops Island. But these 2 locations have improved greatly in a short amount of time.

Yearly Rain Totals Departure From Average

Yearly Rain Totals Departure From Average

With more rain and less wind in the forecast, the pollen count should come down a little bit Monday and Tuesday.

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona




4 Responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away!”

  1. 1981EMT says:

    From Northern Suffolk (Harbourview area), VA: We just had a very brief, but strong thunderstorm sweep through with pea-sized hail, clattering thunder and illuminating lightning. :0)

  2. 1981EMT says:

    I couldn’t identify a purple hail-core indication from TWC radar , but I heard it clanking off the gutters something fierce! lol

  3. 1981EMT says:

    Round two just started. Pea-sized hail again with cloud to ground lightning.

  4. 1981EMT says:

    These storms are really hustling!! They sweep through in about 5 minutes and just unload a massive amount of hail, rain and strong thunder.

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