Tornadoes Confirmed in North Carolina

April 26th, 2014 at 10:11 pm by under Weather

The National Weather Service is in the process of conducting damage surveys across North Carolina after the severe storms that moved through Friday evening. After today’s assessment, the National Weather Service has confirmed 3 tornadoes across parts of Chowan, Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties. Here is a reminder of what the radar looked like just after 7 PM last night. These tornadoes developed between 7:00-8:30 PM Friday night.

Future Trak at 7 PM Friday

Future Trak at 7 PM Friday

Using the information from the National Weather Service, I have drawn approximate paths of the tornadoes. The first one is rated an EF-2 with maximum sustained winds of 125mph.  The tornado developed near Macedonia and moved northeast dissipating just northeast of Elizabeth City. This tornado track was 32 miles long! Some areas affected include Chapanoke and Mount Hermon just north of Highway 17. 2 injuries were reported.

Tornado 1 Track

The 2nd tornado was rated an EF-2 also . This one developed near Yeopim Road in southern Chowan County. This tornado stayed south of Highway 17 and crossed Burnt Mill Road (Perquimans County) and Halls Creek Road (Pasquotank County). Then the tornado weakened to an EF-1 as it moved into Elizabeth City near Peartree Road. Maximum sustained winds are estimated to be around 125mph. This tornado tracked across three counties and was on the ground for 40 miles!

EF-2 Tornado

EF-2 Tornado

The 3rd tornado was rated an EF-1 and developed south of the 2nd tornado (directly above). Maximum sustained winds were estimated to be around 110mph. The path was only 6 miles long and it included a section of Nixonton Road and Body Road.

EF-1 Tornado

EF-1 Tornado

The National Weather Service plans on conducting several more surveys on Monday. We will have more updates as the information becomes available. Click here to see damage photos and video of the damage from Chopper 10.


-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona



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  1. [...] Meteorologist Tiffany Savona says the tornado in that area was an EF-2, and developed near Yeopim Road in Chowan Coutny. It crossed Burnt Mill Road in Perquimans County, and then weakened as it moved into Elizabeth City. [...]

  2. Aaron S says:

    The path of the 3rd tornado was much longer than that…the path began much sooner across the Little River into the New Hope / Woodville area.

    1. Ron M says:

      Concur, I live in Durants Neck on New Hope Road and it went through my property. My anemometer recorded wind speeds of 90 mph.

  3. [...] Last Friday we had 3 confirmed tornadoes in the region. Compared to other typical tornadoes in our area, these were strong and long-lived tornadoes that moved over northeast North Carolina.  Meteorologist Tiffany Savona did a detailed blog about them over the weekend.  Here is that blog: North Carolina Tornadoes. [...]

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