Much Quieter…How About Warmer? Plus… OBX Coast.

March 27th, 2014 at 8:46 am by under Weather

Things have really quieted down since yesterday.  The nor’easter is long gone now. Even for the northeast states. It was a monster storm that had the strength and winds of a hurricane.  Heavy snow and powerful winds buffeted the northeast U.S. coast.  Here’s an article with more information about the storm.  Nor’easter

Speaking of hurricanes.  I found another article about how the Hurricane Hunters are getting some new equipment this year to help with their communications during hurricane season. (Hurricane Hunters get new equipment).

Locally, we saw some strong winds yesterday, but then they died down last night.  The clear skies and light winds allowed temperatures to drop to the 20s in many inland locations.  As we go through the day, high pressure will provide for ample sunshine.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

Winds will be east/southeast at about 10mph.  Temperatures will rise into the low/mid 50s.  With the lesser wind and full sun it will feel much warmer today even though it won’t be super warm just yet.   Clouds will increase tonight.  Winds will be southerly.  So we aren’t looking as cold as this morning.  Lows will be in the upper 30s to low 40s.  Tomorrow the wind will be out of the south at 10-15mph with gusts up to 25mph.  We’ll have partly cloudy skies.  So high temperatures are aiming for around 70 degrees.  Late in the day some rain showers will approach from the west.  This will give us a chance for rain, but mostly for the evening.  Not so much during the day.

Future Trak (5pm Friday)

Future Trak (5pm Friday)

The rain will continue on and off into Saturday.  At this point I have a 40% chance for rain during the Tides game versus the Baltimore Orioles.  I’ve lowered the chance since earlier this morning.  It was at 60%.  I’m hoping the rain will shift inland a bit.  For now, here’s what Future Trak shows for game time:

Future Trak Saturday PM

Future Trak Saturday PM

Highs will be in the upper 60s to near 70.  We’ll cool down on Sunday.  After a few early morning showers we’ll dry out.  Highs will be in the 50s.  We are still looking warm next week.  Highs will be in the 60s Monday through at least Wednesday.

One last note before I go…. I found an interesting article about sea-level rise and how the Outer Banks is dealing with it.  This a lengthy article that talks about the local science and politics of it from Seal level rise and the Outer Banks

Whether you’re a local or a vacationer, I encourage you to read.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

8 Responses to “Much Quieter…How About Warmer? Plus… OBX Coast.”

  1. bonnie says:

    good morning,
    So the rain chances have gone down? Will we still have thunderstorms with this rain you said nothing about it in your blog.


    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      There will be some storms during Saturday afternoon and evening. I will talk about them in today’s blog. Jeremy

  2. Denise says:

    Does that mean winter weather is over for us now?

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      I think the coldest weather is behind us, but I would expect a brief cool down in about 10-15 days Denise. Jeremy

      1. Denise says:

        Thanks Jeremy.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Jeremy and thanks for the blog. Quick question when you give your forecast do you strictly use one model or a combination of models and what you think? IE do you just use the GFS or multiple models such as the GFS, CMC, UKMET, EURO and shorter range NAM? The reason I ask is because on some of the models I’m seeing precip from Friday evening all the way through Sunday. Not a complete washout but on and off. Anyways just wondered. Have a great day.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Hi Mark. I use a combination of the models. In the short-term GFS, NAM, 4km Nam, RPM, and an MM5 type model. Sometimes the HRR. In the longer term. GFS and sometimes European/Canadian. The models have stretched out the rain since I wrote the blog. I have amended the forecast since. Still hoping that we see some drying Sunday afternoon, but I’ve trended later for now. Glad you are model savvy. Jeremy W.

      1. Mark says:

        Thanks Jeremy. I love weather so I try to stay updated on everything. Let’s cross our fingers for Sunday.

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