Update on Tuesday’s Storm

March 24th, 2014 at 6:21 pm by under Weather

Meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler wrote a great blog this morning on Tuesday’s storm. I am writing a quick evening update. The overall thinking has not changed that much with the storm that will impact us tomorrow. This is not going to be a big storm for us. It will be a big winter storm for New England, specifically Cape Cod and the surrounding islands. Since the low will remain far enough offshore, so will the heaviest precipitation. Winds will be out of the southeast and the east for most of the day tomorrow. Highs will be in the low to mid 40s tomorrow afternoon. This set-up is not conducive for accumulating snow across Hampton Roads.

How is it possible for us to see wintry precipitation with temperatures in the 40s? Check out the graphic below.

Set-up for Wintry Mix

Set-up for Wintry Mix

Almost the entire atmosphere is cold enough to support snow, except for a shallow warm layer very close to the surface. This shallow layer only extends about 1500 feet above the ground. As the snow falls through this warm layer, some of the snow will melt. But some areas may see all snow for a period of time. It will be a wet snow and any snow that falls will melt on contact since temperatures will be in the 40s. Keep in mind that ground temperatures are still very warm (45-50 degree range). This will work against any accumulation. Roads should just remain wet.

Tuesday morning should start off dry with temperatures in the upper 30s. Rain showers should move in during the late morning and continue into the afternoon hours. At this time Future Trak shows a cold rain across most areas, but we could see sleet and snow mix in at times. Rain becomes more widespread by 3 PM across Hampton Roads with snow likely back toward Lynchburg. Notice that winds are still blowing from the southeast, so temperatures will still be in the 40s at this time. Even through Future Trak is showing all rain, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a couple areas seeing all snow periodically throughout the day.

Future Trak at 10 AM Tuesday

Future Trak at 3 PM Tuesday

Winds start to turn more northerly Tuesday night. This means colder air will move in closer to the surface and the chance for snow showers will go up. Rain may change over to snow late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. There will be a short window where we could see snow, and if we do, light accumulations will be possible for our northern areas. Temperatures should be in the mid to upper 30s, but will be closer to 32° north of the metro.

Future Trak at 10 PM Tuesday

Future Trak at 10 PM Tuesday

If we were to see any accumulation, it would be across the Northern Neck and the Eastern Shore. Snow would only accumulate on decks, cars and grassy surfaces and we are not expecting enough to really cause problems. Here is the latest snow totals map for Tuesday.

Tuesday Snow Accumulation

Tuesday Snow Accumulation

Meteorologist Don Slater will have another update on WAVY News 10 at 10 on FOX43 and WAVY News 10 at 11. Stay tuned!

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona


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  1. Joan says:

    When is the latest snow for the Hampton roads area. Is there a record of that kind of information?

  2. Bo Pittman says:

    Just wanted to share that it been snowing in Gates Co. N.C. for about an hour now. Doubt it accumalates though.

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