Winter Storm Watches Posted!

March 15th, 2014 at 9:38 pm by under Weather

After seeing highs in the 70s today, it is hard to talk about snow and highs only in the 40s tomorrow.

Today's Highs

Today’s Highs

There will be a 25-30 degree temperature drop between highs today and forecast highs on Sunday. A cold front will move in overnight switching our winds out of the north at 10-15mph. We are tracking a piece of energy over Texas which will combine with an area of low pressure off the coast of the Carolinas to bring us a mixed bag of precipitation across Hampton Roads late Sunday into Monday. Winter Storm Watches have been posted across our northern areas from Sunday evening until Monday afternoon.

Winter Storm Watch

Winter Storm Watch

Areas highlighted in blue have the best chances for seeing higher snow accumulations. We should see more of a wintry mix across the Peninsula and more of a rain event across the Southside and North Carolina, which would lower potential snow totals.

If you are running in the Shamrock 1/2 marathon or full marathon Sunday morning, dress for the colder weather. It will be dry, but chilly with temperatures in the lower 40s. We will start off with some sunshine, but the clouds will quickly move in by the late morning hours. Rain showers should move in after 3 PM. Any rain that tries to move in before 3 PM will likely evaporate before reaching the ground since we have a lot of dry air in place right now. Notice that the rain is mainly located across the Southside and North Carolina at 5 PM, so most of your Sunday will remain dry, but much colder.

Future Trak at 5 PM Sunday

Future Trak at 5 PM Sunday

Before midnight, the rain should change over to snow and sleet north of the Southside, mainly across our northern areas. Keep in mind that the rain/snow line could easily shift a little farther to the south or a little bit more to the north. This would have a big impact on snow totals.

Future Trak  at 12 AM Monday

Temperatures will continue to fall close to the freezing mark for areas north of the Peninsula by Monday morning. This is where the best chance will be for accumulating snow. Keep in mind that the ground temperatures are very warm, especially after a 70° day today. Jeff talked about this in his blog he wrote earlier today. So, it will be hard for the wintry precipitation to overcome the warm ground for areas south of the Middle Peninsula.

Future Trak  ar 12 PM Monday

Future Trak at 7 AM Monday

It will be a wet Monday morning commute for most people. Travel will become more difficult the farther north you go. Here is my latest thinking regarding snow totals.

Snow Totals

Forecast Snow Totals

Highest totals should still be across the northern zones with the minimal accumulations across the metro areas. This will be mainly a rain event for the Southside and North Carolina. We may see a little bit of sleet and snow mix in across the Southside at times, but I think any snow/sleet will melt on contact with temperatures above freezing. The forecast for the Peninsula is tricky because that is where the rain/snow line will be located. If the Peninsula sees more sleet, then the 1-2″ forecast will be too high. This map is subject to change. Stay tuned!

I will have another update on WAVY News 10 at 10 on FOX 43 and WAVY News 10 at 11. Make sure you tune into WAVY News 10 starting at 6 AM Sunday morning. Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson will have another computer model update at this time.

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona






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