Winter Is Not Over Yet

March 2nd, 2014 at 8:50 am by under Weather

More snow coming up for tomorrow, the latest models indicate that the precipitation (rain, freezing rain and sleet) will move in around Sunrise tomorrow at 6-9am. Snow totals could be over 3 inches in areas. Watch the video below for the latest:

Snow Totals: Monday

Snow Totals: Monday

Do the shopping today, travel tomorrow will be very difficult.

I will continue to track the latest models during the day today and will have another update coming up this evening.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

8 Responses to “Winter Is Not Over Yet”

  1. Jeff Edmondson WAVY says:

    Yes, it is possible.

  2. Jeff Edmondson WAVY says:

    That is how weather works, if a storm is about to move through an area, it usually warms up the day ahead of it. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any fuel in the atmosphere for snow!

  3. Tonya kelly says:

    Jeff how much snow could Smithfield see

  4. Pamela Sasser says:

    Is it still looking like midmorning to midday for the rain/sleet/snow to start in Va. Beach?

  5. Jack Babcock says:

    Jeff, while I realize you will be posting a new update sooner than later now that the evening is upon us…have any of the models changed the traveling outlook for the am tomorrow? Are we still expecting ice in the am?

  6. isabelle cheri says:

    is grafton middle school closed tomorrow??????

  7. Lifter says:

    You must not have lived in the Tidewater area very long We always say if you don’t like the weather stick around it changes quickly sometimes..

  8. philip emma says:

    This is the snowiest winter I have seen in the Hampton Roads in my 20 years here. The only one that compares was the winter of 2010, the Christmas night snowstorm. Is this a sign of things to come as far as going into a snowy cycle period for the next several winters? And now they are talking about an “El Nino” pattern setting up for the next winter in the Pacific. You mentioned about a change back to colder weather with wintry precip possible late next week,,,lol It wouldn’t surprise me….Keep up the good work, and the WAVY weather team. PJ Emma

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