Snow Totals + Quick Recap

January 22nd, 2014 at 12:03 am by under Weather

Here is a quick recap on the snow event this evening. It is still snowing as I write this and heavy snow is coming down in some locations. We had round 1 of snow around the evening commute. The Peninsula, Southside and North Carolina saw a mix of snow and sleet at first. That was good snowball snow, since it was sticky. We received lots of photos throughout the evening. Check out the photo slideshow here. Looks like some folks got out in the snow early enough to make a tiny snowman. This picture was sent in by Stephanie and Jonathan in Virginia Beach. The wet sticky snow didn’t last for too long. The snow quickly changed into a light fluffy snow as the cold air rushed into the region. Unfortunately this fluffy snow and gusty winds do not make for a good combination. The wind is blowing the snow all around reducing visibilities across the region tonight.

Virginia Beach Snowman

Virginia Beach Snowman

If you were watching WAVY News 10 tonight, you would have heard Don and I talking about upper level energy (vorticity maximum) which helped generate the second round of snow. This upper level feature is basically a pocket of energy with a lot of forcing or upward movement. This energy had a lot of cold air to work with, so this is the reason why we saw a second burst of snow move through the region after 9 PM. Some folks even reported hearing thunder. This is called thundersnow and it is caused when you have some instability in the atmosphere. I believe that some areas did see thundersnow since this was an extremely dynamic system. Many of the reports came from the Hickory area of Chesapeake or just south of the state line into North Carolina.

Highest totals so far are in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Elizabeth City and into Gloucester County. Here are Super Doppler 10 snowfall estimates, so they are not exact, but they are matching up with the reports that we have seen. That second burst of heavy snow produced these higher totals across the Southside and into North Carolina. These totals will likely go up by the morning. The computer models picked up on this secondary batch of heavy snow moving across the southern half of the region.

Snowfall Estimates

Snowfall Estimates

Here is the latest snowfall forecast. By Wednesday morning, the snow will be done and totals should range from 2-3 inches across most areas.

Snow Forecast

Snow Forecast Overnight

We have also received reports of nuisance to minor tidal flooding in Ocean View. Tides have been running higher than normal due to the strong northerly and northeasterly winds. High tide at Sewells Point is at 12:33 AM Wednesday morning. So nuisance to minor tidal flooding is possible for the Southside from now until around 3 AM.

The bitter cold is going to be the big story on Wednesday. Winds chills are already down into the single digits and teens right now around Midnight. Wind chills will be at or below zero as you get up for work tomorrow morning. That is why a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for the entire region until Wednesday afternoon. Plus the road conditions will likely get worse by the morning. Even the treated roads are becoming snow covered and the blowing snow is creating reduced visibilities. So be careful if you have to drive tonight or early Wednesday morning.

Meteorologists Jeremy Wheeler and Jeff Edmondson will have another update on the weather conditions on WAVY News 10 starting at 4 AM Wednesday morning.

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona


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