Mild Today, a BIG Chill Coming Tomorrow

January 5th, 2014 at 8:42 am by under Weather

For today we may see a few scattered showers after noon.

Future Trak @ 12pm

Future Trak @ 12pm

According to this latest future trak and many other models, rainfall will be very scattered and light today. Most of us it may not even rain at all today. What I would count on is a push of warmer temperatures moving in from the southeast. Winds later today should be close to 10-20mph.

Tomorrow an arctic cold front will move through which will drop our temperatures from nearly 60 in the morning to 35 by the evening. That drop in temperatures is being ushered in by a strong northwest wind close to 30mph.

By Tuesday morning, the wind will still be strong and our actual air temperature will be near 14 degrees. Combine that with the wind and we will see wind chills below zero degrees.

Tuesday Morning Wind Chill

Tuesday Morning Wind Chill

Even with wind chills near -2 in the morning frostbit is not a big concern. Frostbite occurs in under 30 minutes when wind chills are near -20 degrees. When it is near 0 degrees, it takes over an hour for it to occur. Through the cold day on Tuesday we should see our highs warm back to 24 degrees with the wind chill near 5 in the afternoon. Remember, Wind Chill is what it feels like on your skin. It does not affect pipes, car’s, but it does impact our pets. Make sure you give them a warm place to be during this cold snap.

I hope you are ready for the cold snap!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


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