The LMF Review: Jake Clemons – Embracing Light EP

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The first notes cue up, you sit back and enjoy the journey you’re about to take.  The first thing you hear on the opening track of Song For Hope is a beautiful piano from Brett Mayer which gives you a little New York State Of Mind tease then the guitar kicks in.  Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Embracing Light.  Maybe it’s in the blood from his Uncle Clarence or the time spent slinging notes on stage with one of the greatest storytellers in music history but Jake Clemons has honed in and holds his own as a great songwriter and frontman on his latest collection of songs.

Five tracks comprise this EP and each one is a unique beauty.  From the opening track Song For Hope, which blends in that great piano with a Ryan Adams-ish tone, to the Asbury Park inspired and can’t-get-this-song-out-of-my-head lead single, You Must Be Crazy, to the epic title track that is simply a work of art, this album is something special.  The only downside to this is that it’s just an EP, I just want more.  Listening to this feels like an old glove or talking to an great friend or even cherishing a great memory.  It is something that you want to embrace and not let go.

Embracing Light is set for release December 3, 2013 and is something you must get right away.  Thanks Jake for this wonderful collection of music and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the journey goes.

Click here to check out his appearance on The Hampton Roads Show.


Jake Clemons - Embracing Light EP – 2013   *****




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