Nicole visits AVID class at Bayside Middle School

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Some local sixth graders are dreaming big and already preparing for  future careers- even though they’re only 11 years old!

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I was honored to visit Mrs. Garcia’s AVID class at Bayside Middle School in Virginia Beach on October 9. AVID stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination”.  It’s a program that provides college and career readiness to students who may have disadvantages.   I spoke to them about my schooling and career path. I told them they should think about a few different career options and start learning more about them by reading books or checking out social media sites and finding people who are already in that field and ask them to be their mentor.

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I also talked them about the importance of volunteering and giving back. I told them even if their lives/situations seem tough, there’s always someone who as it worse. But I encouraged them to talk about problems with family members, teachers, or school counselors. This was such a great group of kids! They had good questions about the news business and about life in general. I know they will continue to do well in school and in their careers!


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