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August 9th, 2013 at 1:23 pm by under The Hampton Roads Show, THRS Live Music

microphoneThe day has finally arrived!  FRIDAY!!  I hear the chorus of rejoice throughout the 757 and I can see you looking at the clock waiting for it to hit your exit time.  Well, while you’re waiting for that hour to hit, I’ll hand you a little musical treat to help you pass the hours by.  It’s Live Music Friday and our featured artist this week is Corbin Dallas.  A rockin’ alt-country band that formed several years ago, they have been tearing up the local scene with their great southern soul sound.  They will be one of the performers at this year’s Localpalooza in October and you can catch them tomorrow night at Winston’s Cafe in Chesapeake.  As promised, here’s their entire two song performance.

FM99 played a blast from the past this afternoon.  ’Heroine’ from Sea Of Souls was blaring through the airwaves and was quickly started making the social media rounds.  The legendary band owned the local rock scene for the ’90′s and early 2000′s and I have been hearing rumors that a one-off reunion show with as many SOS lineups as possible is in the works.  Nothing concrete to confirm but if it happens you will hear it here first.

UPDATE: Sea Of Souls with Andrew McNeely (Bass, Vocals), Noel Winslow (Guitar), John O’Neil (Guitar) and Steve Archer (Drums, Vocals) will perform LIVE at The NorVA Friday, Sept. 20.  

Speaking of FM99, they are hosting Pillbuster’s CD release show tomorrow night at the Jewish Mother Hilltop.  Tickets are just $10 and I’m hearing that it’s close to selling out, so get there early.

That’s it for me.  Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you next week.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC!




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  1. Pamela Huss says:

    I am so proud of Jeremy and his Band They sound wonderful!

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