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August 4th, 2013 at 7:53 pm by under Interns

These past two weeks have been very busy! I have been working all day spending time in news and promotions and it has been so exciting. My time in news continues to teach me new things everyday.

Throughout the past two weeks in news I have been able to shadow very talented reporters. I have followed Anne, Lauren, and Jason on many stories. They are all so amazing at what they do! They help me with shooting standups, read packages that I write, and the photographers help me to edit my stories. I was even able to follow Jason on a breaking news call! It turned out that the scene wasn’t serious but I got an awesome standup out of it!

I also followed Furland, a photographer, for a day. This was really fun because I was able to go with someone who acted as a one man band, which is what I would normally have to do. This day we covered a story about a murder suicide. This was a huge learning experience for me.  The police officer let us take a few video shots of the scene and then we went back to another place to interview him. The interview was tough because they really couldn’t tell us a whole lot of information but I learned how to approach those types of situations. After this story we got a call to go help cover another breaking news situation! A truck had turned over and spilled asfault across the interstate, shutting it down! I was even able to shoot a “live shot” at the scene! It was kind of nervracking because I really only had 5 minutes to do the shot so I really had to think on my feet. However, I did it! I was able to get a very unique shot for my reel and I am so excited to use it!

Working nightside has just been so much fun. I have had anough time to write and edit packages for my reel and have had great feedback from reporters to help me improve. I was also able to do a mock news show one night with another intern, Taylor. This was so awesome because it gave us a chance to anchor. The interns also got together to produce and perform a Hampton Roads Show! This was a very fun experience! It was really neat to be on the other side of the set!

Before going to news in the afternoon, I have been spending my mornings in promotions. It really is cool to see our promotions department in action! I came at a perfect time because I was able to help with getting things ready for the Face of Fox43 live show and also help with promotion shoots for the new morning news promotion commercials- They really do so much! I was also able to write a press release for the department, which is something I have never done before!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I have learned through this internship. I can’t believe that it will be over in less than a week. But like all good things, it must come to an end sometime. However, I will make use of every last minute during my last few days at WAVY and take in all the information I can! I know I will learn so much even in my last few days!(:

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