Nice & Dry In July. NOAA Upgrades!

July 30th, 2013 at 7:50 am by under Weather

We have another unusually dry/cool airmass which has worked into Hampton Roads again.  A cold front moved through the region yesterday and dried us out.  We had a few showers around Virginia Beach at midday.  Then we had scattered storms over North Carolina in the afternoon along the front.  The rest of the region dried out nicely.  So then last night the temps dropped to the mid-upper 60s with some 70s near the shore.  Skies were beautiful this morning.

Tower Cam

Tower Cam

Today the front will sit to our south.  High pressure will build in.  We’ll have mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 80s.  A few upper 80s inland.  We will be nice and dry through the afternoon.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

Tomorrow the high will slide east and we will get more of a southerly flow.  The high should keep the rain to our south and west until late in the day.  Then we may sneak in a few showers and storms (slight chance), but  I’m thinking that most of it will wait till the evening.  On Thursday an area of low pressure will ride up the front and give us some scattered showers and storms.

In the tropics things are fairly quiet now.  Flossie didn’t pack too much of a punch over Hawaii.  They did have some power outages, but I have not seen any big reports of damage.  It really fizzled out last night as it moved over the island chain.

The remnants of Dorian are still just that…remnants.  It looks like a disorganized cluster of storms southeast of the Bahamas, and it is less likely to regenerate now according to the National Hurricane Center.  We’ll keep watching it.  It doesn’t look like it will bring much up here in terms of waves.  At least not according to the latest Wavewatch model that I looked at.  Maybe a slight increase by the weekend.  We’ll see.

More in the way of news…The National Weather Service (A branch of NOAA) has recently increased their computing capacity.  This will help with the speed and resolution of some computer models.  It looks like it will also help with hurricane forecasting.  There is still a future plan to improve the computer power to upgrade the GFS model.  There has been recent debates about how it handles weather systems compared to the higher powered European model. Here is the story: NWS upgrade

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler


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