Hotter & Drier Week Ahead!

July 14th, 2013 at 9:07 pm by under Weather

We are going to crank up the heat over the next several days, so I hope your air conditioner is working properly. An upper level ridge (area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere) has moved into the Northeast.



Remember winds turn clockwise around an area of high pressure. When you have high pressure in control, you have sinking air. Air warms as it sinks, leading to hot and dry days. That is why it is hard to get rain when high pressure is in control. You need rising air for showers and storms to develop. Notice the areas directly underneath the high pressure are completely dry and cloud-free. However, the areas on the outskirts of the ridge have seen more clouds and a few showers. The area of high pressure is not as strong along the edges, which is why we typically see showers and storms fire up along the outer edge of the ridge.

This area of high pressure is expected to strengthen and expand westward through the work week.

High Pressure in Control

High Pressure in Control Monday-Wednesday

We will be on the edge of this upper level ridge Tuesday and Wednesday, so we can’t rule out the chance for an isolated shower or storm to develop. Most areas will likely stay dry.

High Weakens

High Moves West Thursday

The area of high pressure will move westward and weaken by Thursday, allowing a slightly better chance for showers and storms to develop across Hampton Roads.

Overall, this week is looking much drier compared to last week. Highs on Monday will be near 90° with heat index values ranging from 94°-98°. Remember that heat is the #1 weather related killer in the U.S. Make sure you know how to stay safe in the heat! Here are a few heat tips to remember.

Heat Tips

Heat Tips

If you want more tips, be sure to read Meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler’s blog on how to stay safe in the heat.

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona


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