More Local Wetness…Blah Blah Blah!

July 11th, 2013 at 9:22 am by under Weather

The blah blah part of the title comes from a real dis-like of the recent weather.  (last weekend was the exception). I’m tired of this pattern.  I now officially hate stationary fronts by the way.  We don’t have one here yet, but it’s coming like a stork dropping off a baby.  More on that in a moment.  Today we have a higher chance for rain and storms as a cold front approaches from the northwest.  There were quite a bit of storms along this front in the Midwest yesterday.  Many of them settled down last night, but a few showers remained this morning.



Ahead of the front today we will see storms fire up in a broken pattern from Alabama to New York.  These storms will steadily creep closer to the area through the afternoon.   We will have plenty of heat and humidity creating some instability in the region.

Today's Weather

Today’s Weather

We will see quite a bit of clouds around today, so that should limit any major heating.  Also lapse rates (the rate of cooling in the atmosphere) won’t be too high.  As I mentioned there will still be plenty of instability, but I don’t see a lot of upper level wind support.  That usually means that there will be some strong thunderstorms with a lot of heavy rain and lightning, but I think the chance for severe weather will stay low.  Let’s hope so.  So far we are not in a slight risk for severe weather.  We do have a good chance for heavy rain showers today.  On the whole the area could see another half inch to an inch of rain. But if you get under some of the downpours, then you could get up to 2″ or more.  That’s for the next 24 hours.

Tonight the front will come through the region.  Heavy rain will occur again in some areas. Our Future Trak computer model shows heavy rain for tomorrow morning between about 4 and 9am.  This could really mess up the morning commute tomorrow if that happens.  Especially if it rains a lot today.

Future Trak Friday Morning

Future Trak Friday Morning

Tomorrow the front will hang up over the area and cause showers for at least the first half of the day.  Some scattered showers may come back in the afternoon, but the rain chance is not as high then.

Tomorrow's Forecast

Tomorrow’s Forecast

This stationary front will try to drift west over the weekend.  It may become a weak warm front, but the models are having a really tough time as to how fast it moves west.  So for now I’ve had to put in some scattered showers and storms for both days. However, I’m hoping that we dry up a bit for Sunday.  At least that’s how it looked for a while when I got in this morning.  Stay tuned!

In other weather news…Chantal is no longer a tropical system.  I hate to say I told you so, but I really didn’t think that storm would do anything.  So sure enough…

Chantal Dissipates

Chantal Dissipates

The Global models never really had it doing much.  That’s why I was reluctant to show the yellow “cone of uncertainty” that took it into the Bahamas yesterday.  Anyway, it’s great news for the Caribbean.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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