Next up: Web Desk

July 2nd, 2013 at 2:24 pm by under Interns

Since I have three weeks scheduled in the News/web department we decided to split it half and half. This past week with the web desk I learned a lot! The first thing I got to do was sit in on the 9:30 meeting. They use these meetings for producers, anchors, drivers and other members of the news crew to discuss what has been going on and what they’re working on. The drivers and anchors get assigned their projects or pitch new ideas for projects and everyone agrees on the most important stories. It is important for everyone to be on the same page so all of the information gets put into the days budget. I sat next to Rachel for most of the week and she seems so passionate about the station. She sends tweets, updates the Facebook page, website, and writes and posts stories to the web. She also makes sure the news casts are streamed live to the website. During the week I worked on a Fourth of July calendar that displays information about fireworks in the viewing area. I was taught how to post AP stories to the web as well as write my own stories. The two stories I wrote for were “Boat capsizes near Bonner Bridge in NC” and “New driver safety laws.” I was very enthusiastic about these stories because on the website I was given credit. I also learned how to cut video for the stories on the website. This was an easy yet important task. I helped Ginger cut videos for the 90 on Friday and I was able to watch the videos I cut once they were uploaded onto the website. I like this side of the station because they can look at their stats and see what people are searching for and give feedback to everyone else in the news department. They can also see how people are getting to the site, Facebook, twitter etc, which is also a cool aspect. The tasks that the girls at the web desk do are very tedious but without them the station would have no social networking, which in today’s world is a very important aspect for an organization to have.

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