Earler Storms Today

June 27th, 2013 at 8:57 am by under Weather

Yesterday there were some showers and storms that formed over parts of the Midwest.  We monitored them as they had the potential to dive southeast and move into our area.  This is common for this time of year.  Those types of storms are called MCS (Mesoscale Convective Systems), but you can think of them as a Mid-sized Cluster of Storms.   It is an organized group of thunderstorms that move and develop together.  Most of yesterday was nice and sunny.  The storms redeveloped along the Appalachians in the afternoon then headed east.  As the storms moved into Hampton Roads in the evening, they basically fell apart.  This was due to the loss of daytime heating.  Also, there really wasn’t any upper level wind support to keep them going.  So between 7 and 9pm some folks had rain.  Others missed it completely.  Here was the view on our satellite/radar around 9pm.

Satellite/Radar Wednesday Eve.

Satellite/Radar Wednesday Eve.

Doris my weather watcher and on the Eastern Shore and Donna in southern Virginia Beach both saw no rain.  Jan in Reedville had only a brief shower.  Scott in Yorktown only had 0.09″.  Now those storms set up near Pittsburgh and Lexington yesterday morning.  Today there are more storms in those areas, but they are farther to the southeast.

Satellite/Radar (AM)

Satellite/Radar (AM)

Because of this I think the storms will move in sooner today.  This will be during the late afternoon and early evening.  We could even see some strong/severe storms as they will be able to work with the heating of the day as well as the humidity.  Strong damaging winds would be the main threat.  Heavy rain and lightning would be likely in any storms as well.  Most of our area is in a slight risk for severe weather.

Future Trak (5pm)

Future Trak (5pm)

These should die down in the overnight.  Then we will probably see a similar setup tomorrow.

Over the weekend a weak cool front will come in and stall out over the region.  This will enhance our chance for rain.  While I don’t expect rain the entire time, rain and storms will be more frequent and more widespread.  I had the rain chances at 50% on Saturday and 60% on Sunday.  I will probably increase the chances for both days to 60-70% for the midday show.  This will be tough for folks that want to head to the Jazz Festival in Hampton this weekend.

As far as temperatures go.  We hit the low 90s yesterday except in Norfolk.  That’s where we got up to 95 degrees.  Today we will see more low/mid 90s with heat indices between 95-100. At least the southwest breeze has kept up.  Tomorrow will still be warm with highs near 90.  Then highs will be in the 80s over the weekend.  This will be due to the extra clouds and chance for rain.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Not Jeremy Wheeler says:

    Earler Storms Today? What the hell is that?

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Hello viewer. That is an Attention grabber with a little mix of words. Kind of like “Not Jeremy Wheeler” (which is creative by the way). It does refer to the fact that we were expecting storms earlier in the day compared to the previous day. Looks like that forecast panned out. : ) Have a good one! Jeremy

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