The Fun Has Just Begun

June 23rd, 2013 at 6:59 pm by under Interns

The first thing I want to say is thank you WAVY for giving me the opportunity to intern at your station! My first three weeks were absolutely wonderful in every way. Working with the production staff was an incredible honor and I appreciate all that they have taught me. From the first day I knew I was going to have a blast because I learned that a production team member, Meredith, was my next-door neighbor! After that I realized that Nicole Livas attends the gym I work at and one day she even surprised me by stopping in to say hello! I’m not sure if she knows this but that made me feel very special. The rest of the production team has been helpful above and beyond what I could have expected. They were so willing to help me and answer any questions that I had. During my time in the production department I learned all about the TD and audio boards, the robotic cameras, the DEKO/chyron system, and the prompter. During my three weeks in production I went from running prompter as a nervous wreck with help by my side to actually being on the production schedule to run prompter by myself! I became comfortable running prompter I even volunteered to run it while they shot “Rhonda Round Town.” My last day running prompter for the 90-minute news was kind of sad. I felt like I had a purpose and was needed for the newscast to run as it should. I feel honored that the production team had faith and trusted that I could run prompter alone. Although I only worked during the 90 I feel as if other newscasts run about the same way. Anytime there is bad weather and extra coverage is needed the production team needs to be fully staffed to cut into shows and air the news. I had the opportunity to work during Tropical Storm Andrea and that was pretty hectic. The whole 90 minute newscast was weather updates and coverage of the storm. It was a very intense and hectic time in the control room. Overall I enjoyed my experience with the production team and appreciate their attempt to teach me everything they know in three short weeks! I am looking forward to my next department and I am loving every minute of this internship and its only just begun!

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