A Whirlwind Of A Week

June 21st, 2013 at 7:34 pm by under Interns

This last week working with The Hampton Roads Show has been a whirlwind of excitement! For the first few days this week I was in the booth watching how the show was directed and paying attention to what Susan did during the show. Being in the booth is stressful and takes a lot of work… not to mention they had just switched to a new system. It was pretty overwhelming and definitely helped me appreciate everyone in the booth even more.

After working in the booth I got to help Susan with the show for the next day. I helped to write teases, intros, and put in interview questions. I’m learning to become more creative with my writing. All the producers I have met are so good at thinking of creative things on the spot that make stories seem so interesting! I have enjoyed being able to help write for the shows because I know that writing is so important in this industry and I want all the practice I can get.

Once we hit half way through the week I got to floor direct all by myself! Stephanie was out for the morning so there was nobody to help me floor direct if I really messed up. Who would have thought that I would have been so excited though! I was not nearly as nervous as I would have been weeks before. The headset is not nearly as intimidating and I have learned that I actually enjoy floor directing! The show was a pretty easy and relaxed one so it did run smoothly which also made me proud(: Then, after the show I got to help with the Face of Fox top 20 auditions. It was so interesting to see how Stephanie kept everything she does so organized (binders) and how she kept up with all the work! Time management is seriously key. No to mention there were so many exciting personalities in one room!

Then Friday came… my last day on rotation with The Hampton Roads Show. I was able to help floor direct again and the show was interesting. After the show is what was really exciting though! After we finished the show we got to go on a shoot at Ocean Breeze Waterpark! Once again, Ariane keeps saying “it isn’t always this fun” but I still don’t believe her. The shoots went so well and everyone thought of some really creative ideas! I have observed many creative ideas for shooting stories while on these shoots that I really think will help me in making my own stories more creative.

While I am very sad to be leaving The Hampton Roads Show, I am super excited to see what production has in store for me!

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