Heavy Rain Today And T.D. 2

June 18th, 2013 at 8:52 am by under Weather

Yesterday we had some scattered showers and storms as expected.  Some of the rain was heavy at times.  My weather watcher Greg in Currituck NC had 0.4″ of rain.  Norfolk International only had 0.08″.  Donna in southern Virginia Beach had 0.2″.  We’ll see the chance for heavy downpours again today as there is ample/deep moisture in place.  Also, there is a cold front to the north of us that will move closer to the region.  We started this morning with scattered showers already kicking off by 7am.



There were a lot of showers and storms to our west along an area of low pressure over Tennessee.  These were moving quickly to the east.  So the chance for rain has increased quite a bit since yesterday due to these increasing factors.  High temperatures will be in the mid 80s today and it will be soupy.  The cold front will stay north of our region this afternoon.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

Rain chances will increase to 50% by noon, and 70% thr0ugh the afternoon.  By tonight the front will start moving through.  Also, the energy from the storms over Tennessee will be arriving.  So there will be another bout of heavy rain tonight as those two features coincide.  Probably between 9pm and 1am.  That is when our Future Trak model brings it in.

Future Trak (Midnight)

Future Trak (Midnight)

By tomorrow things will change.  The front will be mostly through the region, but it may linger into northeast North Carolina.  Winds will turn northeast and will run about 10-15mph.  Temps will start in the low 70s, but will only top off in the upper 70s with a few 80s over North Carolina.  We’ll see some scattered showers in the morning and midday.  Most of that will dissipate by the afternoon.  A few showers and storms may linger over North Carolina though closer to that front.

Tomorrow's Forecast

Tomorrow’s Forecast

After that we are looking at some great weather for Thursday and Friday.  Highs will be in the low 80s and humidity will be low as well.  I’m still going for a dry forecast into next weekend.  Highs will be in the mid 80s.  Lows mostly in the 60s.

In the tropics there is one lone entity at this time.  Tropical depression 2 formed yesterday near the coast of Belize.  It’s funny because NHC had it as a 30% chance for formation in the morning.  So I didn’t mention it.  Then all of a sudden it became a depression.  It is now moving over land to the west.  It may grind down into nothingness today. The track is a little farther south.  So it looks like it will stay over land for a longer period of time.   If it survives then it will probably keep moving west as a depression.  It will likely die out over the higher elevations of central Mexico.

Tropical Depression 2

Tropical Depression 2

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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