True Blood Premiere

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Season 6: Who are you, Really?

Spoiler Alert:

Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood kicked off Sunday night with the rise of “Billith”. You remember last season ended with Bill drinking the entire vile of Lilith’s blood. Well, the blood has given him cray cray (translation = Crazy) powers. Sookie actually stakes Bill which should kill him, and Bill pulls it out like a splinter and lives!

Ladies, Joe Manganiello, aka Alcide looks gorgeous as usual.

He goes running with the pack which always means theres a naked scene. These dogs don’t wear clothes! Alcide becomes packmaster and ends up sharing himself with two female dogs, Danielle and his old flame, Rikki, who reminds Alcide she’ll share but she is his main “female dog.”

If you want to read more about the episode, click on this link.

More Deets on True Blood Premiere

Joining the cast: Jurnee Smollett-Bell
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