Ready, Set, Edit!

June 12th, 2013 at 8:26 pm by under Interns

For the past week and a half I have been helping floor direct THRS. It is so much fun and very fast paced. I am learning how to be quicker at the job the more I do it! The show has definitely taught me to always be at least three steps ahead and always know what is going on at that exact time. I have become extremely more comfortable with floor directing compared to my first day. I do not feel nearly as intimidated by doing it by myself anymore.

After floor directing THRS today I was able to learn yet another thing or two at WAVY…editing! Now, editing is something that I am pretty familiar with. At school I had to use FinalCut Pro to edit packages, vo’s, sot’s, and even a documentary. However, the editing software was slightly different and the looks of their products was so clean and unique. I sat in and watched Pat do some editing while he explained different things to me and I asked questions and tried to remember it all. His editing skills are phenomenal. He taught me so many tricks to editing that were so helpful. Not only did he talk to me about it all but he also let me try it on my own! Having the hands on experience really helped me to grasp everything we had been talking about. I felt very accomplished after helping start a package and I look forward to learning even more!

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