“It Isn’t Always Like This”

June 12th, 2013 at 8:10 pm by under Interns

The past weekend working with THRS was so much fun! I was able to accompany Ariane on another shoot. We went to different museums all over the area! I got to see how the camera set up shots and watched Pat take different types of video. I also learned a lot just from watching how Ariane interacted with each of the clients and the way she interviewed them. I also enjoyed meeting all the different people and hearing what they had to say! It’s funny because people keep telling me that the job isn’t always that fun but boy I have not encountered anything I haven’t enjoyed, especially on shoots!

After doing that shoot I was able to go with Chris and Craig on their shoot the next day. It’s very interesting to see how their different personalities work with different people. I enjoyed watching Chris do interviews as well and observing how he helped to make the clients comfortable and the questions he asked. I was also able to talk to and meet many people this day as well which is always fun! I enjoyed seeing how the different groups worked with each other!

This same weekend I helped with Harborfest! It was my first time going and it was a very neat experience. Hearing people compliment the station and thanking everyone at WAVY for their work was amazing. It really showed me how much the news industry truly means to the people. The weekend was unbelievably fun. It truly did not feel like work because I enjoyed it so much!

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