Andrea Evening Update

June 7th, 2013 at 6:26 pm by under Weather

For some of us this has been a fairly quiet storm. Other areas have seen a true Tropical Storm. First of all Andrea has become post-tropical. Dry and some cooler air has infiltrated inside the center of the storm to slightly weaken it.

Andrea Weakens

Andrea Weakens

Around Williamsburg there has been some very heavy rainfall. As of 6pm over 7 inches of rain has fallen in Williamsburg. Around 5″ of rain fell in and around West Point, and close to 3.5″ for Gloucester.

This storm will continue to quickly move north tonight. As it moves out of Hampton Roads the threats will diminish for our area. Tomorrow we will be looking at a dry day in the morning with a few scattered storms in the afternoon/evening.

Possible PM Storms Saturday.

Possible PM Storms Saturday.


Surf Update:

I am a bit late to give you a heads up, but tomorrow (Saturday) is looking like a great day to catch some waves. The swell left behind from Andrea will mean chest high sets for the Oceanfront (Jetty and North End) for tomorrow morning. We should also have a decent offshore SW wind tomorrow at 5-15mph. In the evening we may see a light NE wind develop, but the waves should still be a solid 2-3ft+ tomorrow. On Sunday the swell will diminish quickly and will likely be 1-2ft in the afternoon. I’ll be out there Saturday night somewhere between the North End and the Jetty, see you out in the surf!

High Rip Current Risk & Swell Saturday

High Rip Current Risk & Swell Saturday

Stay safe tonight, and remember if you see a flooded roadway turn around and find an alternate route.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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  1. 1981EMT_Va says:

    Well, Post-Tropic System Andrea is a real dud for the southeastern Virginia region. Very little wind, very little rain and no storms for the city of Suffolk. Authorities make such a hype of the Hampton Roads area with ‘Tornado Watches’, but they know very well that there are actually NO thunderstorms to tap into the warm front to create tornadoes. The Weather Channel doppler radar clearly indicated that the storms did not exist and could not exist because of the cool, dry air infiltrating the system, yet they still gave Torcon values of 4/10. Tornado watch for the Hampton Roads area? Psssh, what a waste of time and energy. How about making hype for a storm system that actually will do what the local and national authorities predict it will do.. Even the projected path shifted far more west (inland) from the original path (tracing the coastline) yet nobody mentioned it.

    Disappointed in Suffolk~

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