Big Storms Yesterday…Looking Forward To The Weekend!

May 24th, 2013 at 8:14 am by under Weather

Yesterday was wet!  In fact it was very wet in some areas.  The rain created flooding up towards James City county and southern Gloucester county during the evening.  We had a lot of ponding on the roadways in Chesapeake and part of Virginia Beach during the morning and midday.  Here was one photo of the flooding in Williamsburg from Thursday evening:

Williamsburg Flooding

Williamsburg Flooding

Rain totals in that area were over 5 inches.  Very impressive. However, there were stations not far from there that recorded much less rain.

Rain Totals Yesterday

Rain Totals Yesterday

On top of that, there was a tornado warning for York county around 7:00pm.  There was some rotation and a funnel cloud was reported.  However, I haven’t seen any reports of damage.  There was a report of a wind gust to over 50mph in that area though.  Here was the radar at that time which shows a big notch in the rain.

Notch On The Radar

Notch On The Radar

Around the Southeast, we typically don’t see a classic hook echo during a tornado as we usually have a lot of rain surrounding the storm.  We call that a High Precipitation (HP) supercell.  So we usually see more of a notch than a hook. There have been exceptions like the Hampton tornado from last year.

Today we will see some showers, but they will be much more scattered and lighter in nature.  This is due to two cold fronts moving through the region.  The first front is moving through this morning.  It has already caused a few showers.  Through the day we’ll have partly to mostly cloudy skies with a 20-30% chance for showers.  Highs will be in the in the low 70s, but temps will drop late this afternoon to the 60s.  Winds will pick up out of the northwest gusting to 30mph.  That will be along the 2nd cold front.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

Tonight skies will start to clear.  Clouds may hang near the coast.  Where there is clearing, the temps will drop to the low 50s.  Tomorrow high pressure builds in at the surface, but there will be an upper level trough that will hang back for a bit along the coast.  This could give us some lingering clouds in the morning.  Drier weather should push in though and clear us out by the afternoon.  High temperatures will only be near 70 degrees tomorrow.  That’s a big cool for late May, but at least the humidity will be gone.  It will be very dry and breezy.  Winds will be northwest at 10-15mph with gusts up to 25mph.

Dry, Cool, & Breezy Saturday

Dry, Cool, & Breezy Saturday

Sunday and Monday are looking good.  It will be a little cool Sunday morning, but otherwise temps should be nice.  Highs will be in the low/mid 70s Sunday…upper 70s on Monday.  Skies will be mostly to partly sunny.  If we’re lucky, then maybe we’ll warm up to near 80 on Monday.  That would still be with low humidity.

We will develop some more rain Tuesday into Wednesday.

Ok…Yes the National Hurricane Center has put out there seasonal forecast.  In the past I have been very critical of these as I don’t see the value in them.  I even think they have some negative effects as people hear that we will have a set number of hurricanes, and then we either don’t reach that number or the storms stay offshore.  Instead of posting my rant blog about it at this time, I will leave it at that for now.  Rather I’ll keep the focus on the nice upcoming weekend.  Feel free to leave some feedback though. Let me know if that seasonal forecast helps you in any way.  I really would love to hear it, and there is no sarcasm.  Otherwise have a great weekend!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

2 Responses to “Big Storms Yesterday…Looking Forward To The Weekend!”

  1. Christy says:

    Hello Jeremy,
    I really enjoy the blogs on here. As for the hurricane forcast, I think it a good tool for most people, to help be aware what the potential is for that season. Like most things, great if it was 100% accurate but it gives some idea how the season may be.

  2. Scott says:

    Jeremy, thanks for the blog! I use your forecasts to try and plan out kayak fishing ventures, and with this long weekend, they are more important than ever. I got caught a bit exposed this morning (Sat AM) by some gale winds, but that was because I didn’t take the time to look at the predicted winds for the day. Everything turned out ok, but I’ll be paying close attention to the winds in addition to the predicted precip when I get out on the Bay.


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