Action-Packed Weekend

May 19th, 2013 at 10:22 pm by under Weather

It has been a very busy weekend across Hampton Roads with all of the outdoor events that took place across the region. It has also been a busy weather weekend across the Central Plains. Strong to severe thunderstorms developed across the middle of the country yesterday, dropping tornadoes in Nebraska and Kansas. Another round of strong to severe storms developed this afternoon across the same areas, producing additional tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Severe Weather

Severe Weather in the Central Plains

I captured this satellite/radar image around 8 PM, where tornado warnings were still in effect across parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa. Check out the 24-hour storm reports.

24-Hour Storm Reports

24-Hour Storm Reports

There is a legend at the top of the graphic. The red dots indicate all of the tornado reports over the past 24 hours. Major tornado damage was reported east of Oklahoma City. Homes were demolished and people were ejected from their cars. Fatalities and numerous injuries have been reported. Debris was thrown miles ahead of the storm due to the very strong upper levels winds in the atmosphere. Luckily for us, this strong storm system will weaken significantly as it brings a cold front our way by the end of the week.

Scattered showers will continue to push through Hampton Roads tonight, but the activity should quiet down after midnight.


9:10 PM Satellite/Radar

A stray shower will be possible Monday morning with much better chances for showers and storms during the afternoon hours. These showers and storms will be hit or miss, so some folks will see the rain while others will not. These showers/storms tend to fire up during the peak heating hours late in the day. We will have plenty of moisture in place. Dew points are in the mid/upper 60s! Dew points are an indication of how much moisture is in the air. When these numbers are in the mid/upper 60s, like they are now, it will feel extremely humid outside.


Dew points

It is hard to pinpoint exactly where the rain will develop because we will not have any surface features or boundaries that will spark off the showers and storms in one particular area. With cold air aloft, warm air at the surface and lots of moisture in place, showers and storms could pop up anywhere in Hampton Roads. Here are your Monday rain chances:

Monday Rain Chances

Monday Rain Chances

Don’t expect Monday to be a wash-out. Rain will be very scattered during the afternoon and evening hours. Best advice is to keep your umbrella on stand-by the next couple of days.

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona





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