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May 17th, 2013 at 8:49 am by under Weather

There’s a lot happening out there in Hampton Roads this weekend. This is the time of year for outdoor events all over Hampton Roads.  It can get very busy at times.  Promoters and vendors sit on pins and needles when there is rain in the forecast.  Luckily this year we are not expecting the big and bad thunderstorms like we’ve had in recent years.  Speaking of bad storms…we had one yesterday on the Middle Peninsula.  The winds really picked up and we had gusts of 40mph reported.  There was some tree damage in King and Queen county.

Storm Last Night

Storm Last Night

My weather watcher Barry in Gloucester had his deck umbrella blow off and go into his yard.  There were also some scattered power outages (briefly).  Today a weak boundary (cool front) is moving in from the north.  Yesterday’s strong breeze was from an outflow boundary coming off of the storms.  This cool front will move in and stall out over our inland and southern sections.  So that is where we will see a few showers popping up today.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

I don’t expect any rain near the shore, and only a slim chance for a stray shower in the metro.  So we have good weather if you are headed to the Greek Festival today in Norfolk.  Tonight a batch of showers and storms will form along the front and then move into Hampton Roads.  There may even be a few strong storms in the area.  This will continue into tomorrow morning.  The high resolution models (including Future Trak) are in agreement on rain showers in the morning and lesser chances in the afternoon.

Future Trak

Future Trak Saturday morning


Here’s the view from our model in the afternoon.


Future Trak Saturday afternoon.

The GFS model still has rain in the afternoon, but I’m hoping that the lower resolution is just connecting the dots and overdoing it.  Now I say that, but I actually need some rain in my yard.  I know though that If we miss the Saturday morning rain somehow, then we still have a decent shot at rain Sunday and Monday.  The models have been varying on the coverage for those days, but I think we have at least a 50% shot for both of them.

Rain Chances

Rain Chances

These rain chances will impact the Beer festival, the Chesapeake Jubilee, and the Stockley Gardens arts festival in Norfolk. Oh and the Potato Festival in North Carolina as well as the Touch a Truck event on the Peninsula.

As far as temps go…today we will see a little cool down with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.  Remember yesterday we were in the low 90s.  Winds will be northeast at 10mph.  Tomorrow the cooler weather will settle in a little more.  So highs will be in the mid 70s with easterly winds at 10mph.

Tomorrow's Forecast

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Rain will continue on Monday, but will taper off by Tuesday.  At least we don’t see any huge cool downs over the next 7 days.  We’ll probably be tweaking the rain chances as we go into the weekend.  Meteorologists Don Slater, Jeff Edmondson, and Tiffany Savona will have updates that you will want to catch between tonight and tomorrow.  Either way I hope you have a good weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy wheeler


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  1. Paul says:

    very informative. I’m glad there isn’t expecting any thunder or rain on the Beer festival, because I was preparing to have the best day on this week. The cool temperature is not bad, even better to have a walk and don’t get tired. What about next week? Will it be rainy?

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