Iron Man 3 takes off (the suit)

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ironman3-posterThe third installment of Iron Man has arrived…but an argument can be made for this being the fourth considering last summer’s The Avengers. But nevertheless…. Robert Downey Jr. Returns as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Fresh from The Avengers domination (both of their enemies and at the box office).

We find Tony Stark having anxiety attacks and not sleeping.  He is working tirelessly on new suits that can be summoned remotely and forgetting to keep the home fires burning with Pepper (Gwenyth Paltrow).  Also Don Cheadle is back as Stark’s friend Rhodes doing his best in his red white and blue armor to defend the US intents.

Soon enough multiple enemies are after them.  The Mandarin (Ben Kingsly) is some kind of terrorist targeting US interests and destroying them and Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and Rebecca Hall (as a former one-night stand of Tony’s) are out to get Stark because he dismissed their theories of regeneration in 1999.  The story is a bit far fetched, but interestingly enough all the enemies appear to be tied together, event though you never quite know how.

The ultimate battles set Iron Man up for the loss of his suit. Stark spends about the middle third of the film sans armor and surviving on instinct.  Atone point he has to rely on a kid for help.  This was my favorite section of the film, because Stark had to face that sometimes you need help, and sometimes that help comes from a little kid.

Some of the ensuing battle scenes are one dimensional even in 3-D.  I felt the plot was a bit messy in places, but the witty dialogue from Director and co-writer Shane Black along with co-writer Drew Pearce was still fresh tripping off the tongue of Robert Downey, Jr.  Downey is Stark and Iron Man and we no longer wonder where one ends and the other begins.

Be sure to stay for the Easter egg in the credits… It’s worth the wait and hints at things to come.


Rated PG-13 for for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence throughout, and brief suggestive content.

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