Cloudy, Rainy, and Cool…For a Week!

May 5th, 2013 at 9:02 am by under Weather

Well, here we go…I hope your umbrella is ready for a workout this week.

Tower cam at 6:15am

Tower cam at 6:15am

This might be the last time we see a sunrise until Friday!

Drizzle Possible Today

Drizzle Possible Today

Ahead of the large storm system we are seeing increasing clouds. We may see a few rain drops of rainfall today, mostly drizzle, across Tidewater. You have probably also noticed the persistent northeast winds too, those will stay up again today with a solid 10-20mph wind. Tomorrow we will look forward to the next storm system bringing in the rain.

Rain on the way...

Rain on the way…

This is a slow moving storm, meaning it is going to take its time getting here…and leaving our area. It looks like we will see the rain from this move in tomorrow afternoon and it will likely continue until Thursday. Temperatures will still remain cool with this storm thanks to the clouds and the persistent onshore flow.

Long Range Future Trak

Long Range Future Trak

Our longer range model is still bringing in 1-2″ of rain by Thursday morning.

After the storm, Friday is looking dry with highs returning back to the 70s.

Stay dry this week!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


3 Responses to “Cloudy, Rainy, and Cool…For a Week!”

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  2. Toni Bembridge says:

    Why have the weather patterns changed so drastically?
    Why has the weather been so unseasonal and wet in Hampton Roads.
    Why has it been so difficult to forecast the weather. Example, today it was supposen to drizzle, but did not at all.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      We’ve had a blocking pattern that hasn’t changed Toni. That has allowed cool air to blow in off the Atlantic for several days. That has been pulling in a lot of moisture lately. Now a very slow moving system is moving towards us now from the west. . Yesterday we were expecting some rain in the afternoon, but it didn’t come in until the evening. It’s been frustrating, but we’re going to carefully track the system over the next couple of days. You take care. Jeremy

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