Drying Out…It’s About Time!

May 2nd, 2013 at 7:44 am by under Weather

Many folks have been sitting, waiting, and wishing for some sunshine.  They’ll get their wish today.  We have had a lot of wet weather lately, but luckily the rain has been light and spread out over time.  We have added up about an inch to an inch and a half over the last 4 days.  A little more in some cities:

Recent Rain Totals

Recent Rain Totals

Today high pressure will build in from the northeast.  This will help to break up the clouds.  It will also push the stronger winds to our south.

Today's Weather

Today’s Weather

There were some showers over the southern Outer Banks this morning.  Those should also push south.  We will still have some cool air in the region.  At least for the 2nd of May.  As the sun pops out though, I think we’ll get a chance to warm up to near 70 inland.  It will be in the low 60s near the shore with mid 60s in the heart of the metro.

There will be some nice weather in Williamsburg for the LPGA.  Highs will be in the upper 60s with partly sunny skies and a light northeast wind.

LPGA Forecast

LPGA Forecast

The weather isn’t expected to change much over the next several days.  High pressure will sit over the region and provide for fair skies and mild temps.  The models do show a little extra moisture pushing in from the Atlantic on Saturday.  That would amount to a little more clouds and some sprinkles, but it doesn’t look much like actual rain.  Stay tuned!  We will definitely have some rain early next week as an upper level system moves out of the Midwest.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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