Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Early Monday

April 21st, 2013 at 9:18 pm by under Weather

The annual Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks tonight/early Monday morning when Earth passes through the debris of Comet Thatcher.

Lyrid Meteor Shower

Lyrid Meteor Shower

On average, this meteor shower produces about 10-20 meteors per hour.  The best time to view the meteor shower is right before dawn, after the moon sets, and right before the sun rises (4:00-4:30 AM). (Credit: If you are outside when the moon is still out, it may too bright for you to see the meteors.  Get away from city lights and allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Unfortunately, the clouds will be increasing from south to north after midnight tonight. I think the clouds may be too thick and could block the view across the Southside and North Carolina. However, viewing conditions will improve the farther north you go. Areas from the Peninsula northward will see less cloud cover overnight. If you go outside to check out the meteor shower, let us know if you see any! Good luck!

Now more on the weather…the cool and breezy conditions will stick around on Monday. An area of low pressure will end up off the coast of North Carolina tomorrow afternoon. A few on and off showers will be possible tomorrow, especially for areas closer to the coast.

Monday Rain Chances

Monday Rain Chances

Any rain that falls will be very light. Rainfall totals will likely be about 0.1″ or less. This low will produce a strong onshore flow for all of Hampton Roads. Our Future Trak model has wind speeds between 15-20mph tomorrow afternoon.

Wind Forecast

We could see gusts up to 30mph at times with 35mph gusts along the coast. High temperatures will only reach the mid to upper 50s Monday afternoon and that strong breeze off the water will make it feel even cooler. Grab the light jacket and the umbrella before heading off to work Monday morning.

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona



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  1. Leanna says:

    I got to see an amazing sit last night….the meteor shower was beautiful. I had woken up at 4:00am to see them and watched till 4:30. I didn’t see much because of the clouds but I got to see two of the meteors.

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