Cold Weather Pattern

March 26th, 2013 at 7:57 am by under Weather

You know you are in a cold weather pattern when your high temperature for the day is the same as the average low temperature.  That was the case yesterday when Norfolk International Airport hit 43 degrees.  I feel bad for any kids that are off this week for Spring Break.  We had ours last week, and the weather kept us inside most of the time.  However, this cold weather pattern will break down a little bit.  At least as we go into next weekend.  Today will be chilly with highs in the upper 40s.  Winds will be northwest at about 10mph, but it won’t be as windy as yesterday afternoon.  That will help.  We will increase the clouds with a few sprinkles or light showers this afternoon.  The cold weather is causing a large dip in the jetstream.  This will gradually shift northward over the next few days.

Weather Pattern

Weather Pattern

By next weekend we’ll see highs in the mid 50s (Saturday) and low 60s (Sunday).  Other than the spotty showers today and a stray shower tomorrow, we won’t see any rain again until Sunday night.

Despite the cold weather pattern, there are still recent talks about Global Warming.  One recent headline is about the Arctic Sea ice.  It looks like we’ve reached the annual maximum extent.  However, it was the 6th lowest amount of sea ice on the satellite record. (Sea Ice Article from NSIDC).  On top of that NOAA issued a recent statement saying that globally the earth tied 2003 as the 9th warmest February on record.  It’s hard to imagine all of that with the cold weather across much of the U.S., but you have to keep in mind the bigger picture.  There have been studies into whether or not the Arctic Sea ice is tied to many of the blocking patterns that we have seen recently.  Sea Ice and weather patterns. Blocking weather patterns are stagnant patterns that allow for warm or cold air masses to hang around for a while.  Sound familiar?

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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