Ok Snow-Lovers…Can We Have A Little Spring?

March 25th, 2013 at 8:45 am by under Weather

Folks that have been praying for snow all Winter long have had their chance.  We had some snow this year.  Now it’s time for the warm-weather lovers to do their warm weather dance.  We had snow yesterday despite temperatures above freezing.  In fact, my weather watcher Pam had temperatures in the upper 40s Sunday afternoon before the snow started.  It’s tough to call whether or not the snow will stick when you have that setup, but the snow was heavy enough to overcome the above freezing temperatures.

Today we have a somewhat similar setup.  There is very cold air aloft and it will get dragged down to the surface as it did this morning.  We had a changeover to snow from west to east through the morning commute.

Satellite/Radar This Morning

Satellite/Radar This Morning

Snow will stack up again as it did yesterday.  Mostly from the Peninsula northward.  I’m expecting mostly rain for the Southside and North Carolina.  On top of the snow yesterday we will see another dusting -2″ from the Peninsula to the Northern Neck to the Eastern Shore.  Some of this includes what has already fallen this morning.  It is in addition to yesterday’s snow.

Additional Snow Forecast

Additional Snow Forecast

This may even accumulate on some of the secondary roads if it hasn’t already.  Later today the snow will try to turn back into a mix or scattered rain showers.  The area of low pressure that is offshore will intensify, but it will move away quickly.  The wrap around moisture will cause more precipitation through this evening.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

Where it does change back over to rain or a mix, the snow should get tamped down like it did yesterday evening.

Tomorrow an upper level low will sit over us giving us more cool and wet weather.  We will see some scattered sprinkles or light showers from late morning through the evening.  However, I’m not expecting any Wintry weather for Tuesday.  Highs will be in the upper 40s.

We’ll dry out and warm up later this week.  We’ll see highs in the low 50s by Thursday.  We’ll have upper 50s by Sunday.  Next weekend looks dry at this time, but I won’t put stock in that just yet with the way the weather patterns have been.

Speaking of weather patterns…  We are under a cold weather pattern for a little while longer.  The North Atlantic Oscillation has a lot of control over our weather.  That is simply (maybe too simply) the strength of the semi-permanent Icelandic Low and an area of high pressure over the central Atlantic.  It is in the negative phase right now which means there is a weaker low and high.  This generally allows colder air to come down from Canada.  I found a great website from the State Climate Office of North Carolina.  It shows a lot about this feature, but it also says that there is a difference where somtimes the 2 features set up a little farther west.  I think that is what we have right now.  Here is the site: North Atlantic Oscillation explainer.   Hopefully, this pattern shifts to warmer temperatures soon.  If they do, then you can bet that the severe weather season will ramp up considerably.  This would be due to some strong upper level cold pools that would likely linger into the warmer months.  Still…I’m sure there would be a couple of nice days in-between storms.  Remember though we have had snow here even in April.  2007 comes to mind.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Jim says:

    …thinking of Spring snow….I remember in first week of April 1989 while looking at cars in Chesapeake, I had to dust off snow to look at the window sticker. Yikes! I’m more than ready for warmer temps.

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