Tidal Flood Threat Increasing

March 6th, 2013 at 7:20 pm by under Weather

Well…the wind has really picked up across the region.  Winds are sustained out of the northwest between 20-35mph and we have seen wind gusts in excess of 50mph. The winds are going to stay very strong tonight. As this area of low pressure strengthens offshore, we will see the water pile up and tides continue to rise. High tide occurred between 3:30-4:40PM this afternoon. Water levels were already well above their forecast height this afternoon. This prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Coastal Flood Warning for all of the areas shaded in green until 7AM Friday.

Coastal Flood Warning in effect until 7AM on Friday

Tides will be the highest on Thursday morning. High tide Thursday morning will be before sunrise around 4-5AM. The water levels for Sewells Point are listed below. Keep in mind that Sewells Point is a good indicator for all of Hampton Roads. The minor flood threshold at Sewells Point is 4.5′ and tides will be above that Thursday, Friday and Saturday during times of high tide.

Sewells Point Tides

If you saw any flooding today, expect the flooding tomorrow morning to be just as high or even higher. Computer models underestimated the height earlier this afternoon, so we think that the tides are going to be higher than our model data by tomorrow morning. Sewells Point could potentially see moderate flooding with water levels getting close to 5.5′-6′ early Thursday morning. However, there is one model predicting water levels up to 6.5′ at Sewells Point tomorrow morning. Kiptopeke, along the Eastern Shore, is expected to see moderate flooding with water levels between 5′-5.5′  So if you are in an area that typically floods, take precautions and don’t be caught off guard.

Future Trak@ 7AM

As you can see on the Future Trak at 7am tomorrow we are still going to keep the strong northwest winds at 15-25mph sustained with gusts at 35mph. Wind speeds will gradually come down by the evening but stay between 10-20mph through the evening hours. Meteorologist Don Slater will have an updated forecast with more details on the potential for tidal flooding at 11PM.

-Meteorologists Tiffany Savona & Jeff Edmondson


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  1. Amy Gamiel says:

    No mention of Dare County or the Outer Banks? Not even pictured on your map…here or on the 6 o’clock news. What’s up with that, Don?

  2. Andy says:

    Is tomorrow’s high tide still anticipated to be the worst one?

    Thanks for all you guys do! Trying to figure it all out on my own would be a real pain!

    1. Andy says:

      Sorry – that question was answered in the report. Please delete my previous post!

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