Storm Has Arrived!

March 6th, 2013 at 6:36 am by under Weather

This is just a quick preview of the Mid-Atlantic storm. I’ll post a much bigger blog out later this morning around 9am.   The storm has arrived with the area of low pressure over west-central Virginia.  We’ve had rain showers in the region with heavy snow in western and northern Virginia.   So far it is running as predicted with perhaps a little more snow in some of those areas.


The winds have been very strong in the northern half of the viewing area.  The rest of the region has been in a lull due to the low moving basically right over us.  (remember the center is in western Virginia, but the low is broad and growing).  This is why I don’t think we’ll see any tidal flooding today.  Winds will increase to gusts of 35mph later this afternoon out of the southwest.   This afternoon/evening the low will move offshore and the winds will turn more out of the north/northwest.  Some colder air will drop down from the north, but temperatures still look like they will be above freezing.  So the metro area will likely NOT see any accumulations.  Maybe a quick dusting around midnight before it melts.  Some light accumulations are possible north/west of the metro.  With the highest accumulations staying north of Richmond.

Tomorrow the winds will pick up again.  We will dry out with north/northwest winds gusting to 40mph.  So we may see some minor tidal flooding from Thursday into Friday. Some ocean overwash is possible along the Outer Banks during that time.

I’ll have a lot more details in the blog later this morning. I just wanted to get something out early to give a brief update.
Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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