A Special Honor for a Special Lady

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A special honor for Virginia Beach’s former mayor and I was honored to be a part of it.
The Diocese of Richmond and Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia presented its Bishop’s Humanitarian Award to Meyera Oberndorf on March 4, 2013.

According to the program, “The award honors those whose service exemplifies the ideal that society is worth improving and that sharing and caring are part of a well-lived life”.  Mayor Oberndorf certainly fits the description.

Her daughters, friends, and colleagues attended the luncheon at Beth Sholom Village.
The event was originally planned for last fall, but her husband Roger passed away around that time.
Oberndorf is now battling Alzheimer’s disease, but I can tell you- she’s as witty as ever. Speakers included Rabbi Israel Zoberman, The Reverend James E. Parke, Mary Russo, Joel Rubin and others.

All praised her for her work before during and after her term to help the community- particularly children and families. As always, she was very gracious and shared stories about her family and how they supported her through her busy days as mayor.

My mom Becky, dad Henry, Meyera and me!

So, how do I know “Auntie Meyera” so well?
She and my grandfather John Perry served on Virginia Beach city council together in the late 1980′s.  Her daughters Heidi and Marcie were in school with me at Kempsville, too.

Mayor Oberndorf at my high school graduation (That’s my Nana on my left)

In fact, here’s a picture of her at my high school graduation.  Small world, huh? ;-)

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